Capture Management for Project Based Companies


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Recap of Deltek's Capture Management for Project-Based Companies Webinar. Slides prepared by Jennifer Eastman, Operations Manager, BD at URS; Jason Dombrowski, URS; and Rachel Miller, Solutions Architect at Deltek.

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Capture Management for Project Based Companies

  1. 1. Capture Management forProject Based CompaniesApril 23, 2013
  2. 2. SpeakersJennifer EastmanOperations Manager, BusinessDevelopment, URSJason DombrowskiURSRachel MillerSolutions Architect, Deltek
  3. 3. Agenda The Capture Management Advantage Case Study: URS Q & A
  4. 4. Opportunity Focus with CaptureManagement Managed pipeline Healthy pipeline – realopportunities Focus on quality opportunities Invest in the right deals – “mustwin” Increased win rate and revenue Accurate forecastingMore winsSpecific for project oriented environments
  5. 5. 360 View of the CustomerView CustomerHistory andEnterprise InsightWhile WorkingOpportunities
  6. 6. Customer Focus with CaptureManagement Enterprise collaboration between BD,Operations and ExecutiveManagement Corporate messaging – targetedpresentation Single message to the customer Identify and understand customerrequirements before RFP Strategy development before everycustomer call No ad hoc calling to strategiccustomers“GovWin allows usersto view and analyzemultiple layers ofinformationfor decisive action”“Total enterprisevisibility”
  7. 7. Knowledge Repository –Are you here today? Decentralized sources of information Can’t share opportunity, contract, contact orcustomer data Sales and BD turnover every 1-2 years takinghistory and strategy with them Lost contacts and opportunities Spend most of your free time walking the hallsor sorting through email to find keyprogram opportunity intelligence What was your strategy thelast time? Who was your team? Lessons learned?We can’t find information we need to make fast, smart business decisions:
  8. 8. Knowledge Repository with CM Centralized knowledge base 24/7 access Share opportunity, contract, contactor customer data Strategy and history are corporateassets Spend time fine-tuning intelligenceand strategy not trying to finddisparate data“Integration withCostpoint allows us(BD) to manage Bid &Proposal (B&P)spending, its like myB&P checkbook”“GovWin improves datavisibility and efficiencyacross the enterprise”
  9. 9. 5/16/2013URS Federal Services (FS)BD Tools OverviewDeltek Webinar
  10. 10. Intro2013 URS BD Tools & Processes - Deltek 10
  11. 11. | Company Confidential |AnalysisData SourcesOther Corp.SystemsSharePointBD Toolbox2013 URS BD Tools & Processes - DeltekVision 2.0 – FS(Regular & Mobile)Contracts &Task OrderBusiness Capture CenterGroup Sites Proposal Sites Support SitesOpportunityWorkflowFS ReportsDeltekCRMAnalyticsDashboardsContractsSP SitesUser InputVision 2.0(EC / IE / Flint)11Combined MetricsReport (Corporate)
  12. 12. | Company Confidential |LifecycleOpportunity ID’d(GovWin IQ, CaTOFedBiz Ops, etc)OpportunityTracked (Vision &Costpoint)Proposal Managed(SharePoint)Lessons LearnedSaved (Vision &SharePoint)Analysis(Analytics, Metrics)122013 URS BD Tools & Processes - Deltek
  13. 13. | Company Confidential |What we’re trying to achieve…Empower Users Standardization Ease of UseEmbrace New Tech &StandardsExpiration & Archiving132013 URS BD Tools & Processes - Deltek
  14. 14. | Company Confidential |Rollout? Timeline? Project Plan?Phase 1(Q3 12)•Adapted modified version of Vision for FS and went live in July 2012•Installed MODI tool for PowerPoint extractionPhase 2(Q4 12)• Upgraded to Version 7.0• Installed GovWin IQ importPhase 3(Q1/Q2 13)• Incorporated Deltek Contracts and Task Order Database (CaTo)• Launched Deltek Analytics PackageFuture• Integration with Sharepoint, CostPoint• Implementing a mobile solution142013 URS BD Tools & Processes - Deltek
  15. 15. | Company Confidential |Lessons LearnedSell executivesearly, often, &regularlyTalk to yourusers, communication is KeyLet your users knowyou’re on their sideDon’t expect miracles– people will alwaysdo the minimumTurn data intoinformationShow your usersvalue in the toolswith BD process152013 URS BD Tools & Processes - Deltek
  16. 16. Q & A16
  17. 17. Deltek Road Tour San Diego, CA - April 30 Colorado Springs, CO - May 2 Fort Worth, TX - May 7 Huntsville, AL - May 14 Tampa, FL - June 4 Philadelphia, PA - June 11 Boston, MA - June 13