E-RAINBOW     DELTA TAU DELTA INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY                                                SPRING 2012Celebrati...
LETTER                  FROM THE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT                     “Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoe...
The Rainbow                             CONTENTS                   THE RAINBOW | VOLUME 136, NO. 2 | SPRING 2012PUBLISHERJ...
FRATERNITY SNAPSHOTS                          Pictures From Around the Fraternity                          Right: Delta Ep...
Order of the C-- gives back                                                      Foundation    The Order of the C-- is the...
FRATERNITY HEADLINES                             2012 Division Confere                             Celebrate Fraternity a ...
ences                                                                                                 2012                ...
FRATERNITY HEADLINES                            When we looked at division conference                 The last change was ...
Delts ShareFraternity Honors Peterson, Leland                                                                             ...
FRATERNITY AWARDS                                                   Multiple chapters and                                 ...
2011 Court of Honor                                 Delta Omicron, Westminster College                                    ...
FRATERNITY AWARDSEpsilon Eta, Texas A & M-Commerce             Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma        Zeta, Case Weste...
Epsilon Beta, Texas Christian University    Chapters Recognized for                        Gamma Kappa, University of Miss...
Outstanding Implemen-                    Top in Division                                      tation of The Road          ...
Outstanding Community Service                       Patrick Cox (Gamma Eta, George WashingtonTheta Chi, Muhlenberg College...
Most Improved Chapter                      Most Improved Chapters                     Excellence in Chapter OperationsThet...
Join us for the Lone Star Karnea           to celebrate aLegacy of Leadership       August 1-5, 2012        Austin, Texas ...
The RainbowDelta Tau Delta Fraternity10000 Allisonville RoadFishers, IN 46038-2008MOVING? | email addresschange@delts.orgT...
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The Rainbow, Spring 2012


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Delta Tau Delta's magazine, The Rainbow.

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The Rainbow, Spring 2012

  1. 1. E-RAINBOW DELTA TAU DELTA INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY SPRING 2012CelebratingFraternity andBrotherhood
  2. 2. LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT “Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure.” — From the Book of Sirach Funerals, as difficult as they At the funeral of Trish Dowell, her hus- may be, are nevertheless uplifting band, Tony Dowell, spoke eloquently about to the human spirit. their 24 years together. Their love affair In a recent 24-hour period I started late in their college years at a Delt attended funerals for people who, party with her sorority. Those listening to the in the hearts of their sorrowed remembrance included several men who families and friends, were taken came of age in the Delt chapter when Tony far too early – a 22-year-old un- was a two-term president. They were at the dergraduate Delt and the 45- same party, and they came to the wedding year-old wife of a dear Delt friend which followed just a year later. Now at mid- of more than 25 years. The stu- dle age, they traveled from across the Mid- dent passed away suddenly; the west to be with their friend again. One of the mother of four was taken after a men interrupted his family’s spring break painful 10-month battle with trip, flying on short notice from Florida to In- colon cancer. diana, to attend. Bonds made as young men carry forward through life. Both funerals were well-at- tended and included numerous The widower’s remarks came after his children, ages 13 to 19, gave their own By Jim Russell Delts. More than 30 undergradu- (Purdue University, 1975) ates drove three hours from their poignant comments about their mother, a vi- Executive Vice President campus at mid-week to attend brant woman who fought mightily despite a the funeral of their brother. Ob- grim diagnosis. Tony concluded his remarks serving them comfort his family and each by reassuring their children in a most public other was gratifying and truly spoke of words way. “There’s a reason we have two eyes,” he Delts know well: “goodness of heart . . . gen- said. “If one gets poked out, you can still see. erosity . . . thoughtfulness of others.” I will be that eye.” As with Delt Ritual, the various rituals of As with that father whose life has our life provide meaning. Attending funerals changed forever, we have the opportunity to and comforting the afflicted is a learned be- depend on each other as brothers to cele- havior. Funerals, while never easy, also serve brate successes and to help us navigate life’s to jar us from our daily routines. Often, they challenges. That extends far beyond our time cause us to take stock of our own lives. Dur- in college together. Having been to many ing the celebration of Daniel Bauder’s life, the Delt funerals, from students to national pres- priest shared in his homily, “This is an alarm idents, it’s clear we treasure and cling to clock, a wake-up call to what is most impor- these friendships. Delta Tau Delta truly tant in our life . . . our family, our friends, liv- serves as an abiding influence in our lives. ing life joyfully.” Brotherhood sustains us.2 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  3. 3. The Rainbow CONTENTS THE RAINBOW | VOLUME 136, NO. 2 | SPRING 2012PUBLISHERJim Russell 4 Fraternity Snapshots Insert topics he 5 Foundation UpdatesEDITORBrook PritchettInternational Officers Insert reAlan G. Brackett PresidentTravis O. Rockey Vice President and Ritualist 6 2012 Division Conferences Celebrate FraternityJody B. Danneman Second Vice PresidentJames W. Garboden Treasurer Insert reSteven A. Paquette SecretaryScott A. Heydt Director of Academic Affairs 10 Fraternity AwardsAnthony Albanese Eastern Division PresidentThomas F. Calhoon II Northern Division PresidentLee Grace Southern Division PresidentBill Richardson Western Pacific Division President Insert reJoshua Schneider Western Plains Division PresidentCentral OfficeDIRECTORS On the Cover...Jim Russell Executive Vice PresidentAlan Selking Director of Business AffairsBrett Benson Director of Alumni AffairsJack Kreman Director of OperationsAndy Longo Director of Fraternity ProgramsBrook Pritchett Director of CommunicationsEllen Shertzer Director of Leadership DevelopmentDavid Sirey Director of Chapter Services Brothers attending the Eastern Division Conference inMike Slaughter Director of Growth Hershey, Pa., enjoy a night of bowling, pizza, arcadeADMINISTRATIONJennifer Fitzgerald Administrative Assistant games and brotherhood.Vicky Halsey Executive AssistantCandice McQuitty Accounts ReceivableVeronica McSorley Administrative Assistant for ExpansionLesa Purcell Administrative ManagerTheresa Robinson Administrative Assistant MAGAZINE MISSIONKathy Sargent Administrative Assistant for Member RecordsWendy Weeks Accounting Manager p Inform members of the events, activities and concerns of interest to members of the Fraternity.2011-12 CHAPTER CONSULTANTS p Attract and involve members of the Fraternity via appropriate coverage, informa-Tim Gaffney Jake Johnson tion and opinion stories. p Educate present and potential members on pertinent issues, persons, events andMatt Muñoz Doug RussellMatt Stein Ken TubbsShane Vaughn Kyle Yarawsky ideas so that members may be aware of and appreciate their heritage as Delts. p Serve as an instrument of public relations for the Fraternity by presenting anEducational Foundation image of the Fraternity commensurate with its quality and stature.EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION BOARD CHAIRMAN p Entertain readers with its information and quality writing and editing, so that it is aKenneth J. Kies pleasure to read and share with others.EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION BOARD LIFE DIRECTORSCharles E. Bancroft Richards D. Barger H O W T O C O N TA C TJohn A. Brock David L. NagelCarter Wilmot Contact The Rainbow staff via email at rainbow@delts.org or by calling 317-284-0203.EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION BOARD DIRECTORSMurray Blackwelder Alan Brackett Dennis BrawfordJody Danneman Russell Douglass Daniel Earley SUBMISSIONSMatthew Frazier James Garboden John Gleeson Letters to the editor, chapter reports, alumni notes, alumni chapter reports, newsKent Hance Scott Heydt David Hughes stories, photographs, manuscripts, subscriptions and death notices for publicationOrland K. Johnson Donald Kress Steve PaquetteTravis Rockey Keith Steiner Norval B. Stephens should be sent to Brook Pritchett, Director of Communications,Peter Urbanowicz Jidge Verity Scott Wittman 10000 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN 46038-2008.EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION STAFFMaurie Phelan Interim President ADDRESS CHANGESCarla Parent Executive Assistant Visit www.delts.org/info or call 317-284-0203. Mail address changes to 10000Cherie Baer Administrative Assistant Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN 46038-2008.Cathy Owens Gift AdministratorPam Reidy Controller : www.delts.org
  4. 4. FRATERNITY SNAPSHOTS Pictures From Around the Fraternity Right: Delta Epsilon Chapter at University of Kentucky was awarded Most Improved Chapter 2012 during the Interfraternity Council’s recent awards ceremony. Below left: The men of Delta Kappa Chapter at Duke University formed a team for Relay for Life and raised $500 for the race that took place on April 7. Below right: Kyle Schute (Babson University, 2012) recently participated in the Boston Marathon and finished with a time of 5:31. Brothers were at the 14.5 mile marker to help him refuel with coconut water and electrolytes.4 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  5. 5. Order of the C-- gives back Foundation The Order of the C-- is the exclu- Membership is open to all Delts and Hostssive insider’s club of the Educational requires a minimum donation of FloridaFoundation. Members of the Order of $1,000 each year to the Annul Fund.the C-- are focused on a powerful The donor gifts received through Ralliesvision that supports the educational March 31, 2012 for the 2011-2012programs that have made Delta Tau fiscal year are: The Delt alumni-spon-Delta competitive and successful. sored Florida Rallies were held in various locations in the month of March.Charles E. Bancroft John M. Genovese James B. RussellRichards D. Barger John Gleeson Stephen Sanger March 2, 2012, in TampaMurray M. Blackwelder John Goethe William J. Sheoris sponsored by Mike Han-Blanchard Valley Re- Lee Grace Linden Shepard son (South Florida, 1977)gional Health Center James Guerdon D Robert SmedleyWilliam A. Boettger Henry Haller The Luke & KristinRobert L. Boord Robert C. Hartung Smith Family Fund March 6, 2012, in Boca Raton sponsored byAlan G. Brackett Edwin L. Heminger Edward St John Richard Stark (IowaJohn Braitmayer Frederick W. Hibbert James Staes State, 1971)Dennis A. Brawford Charles Hillman Keith J. SteinerJohn Brock Robert J. Hoshaw Norval B. StephensEric J. Buss Robert Hull Frank Stiglin March 8, 2012, in Vero Beach sponsored byRyan D. Caldwell Terry L. Hunsucker John Streit David Stone (DePauw,Thomas F. Calhoon Orland K. Johnson Harry Stuchell 1957)Anthony Caputo Rory Jones William TilleyRobert F. Charles Jerome R. Kerkman Frederick TuckerCraig W. Coburn Kenneth J. Kies Franklin P. Turner March 13, 2012, in Naples sponsored byBryant B. Cohen Stephen E. Kimpel E P. Urbanowicz Mark English (DePauw,Dwight Conover Robert E. King Clark W. Valentine 1964)Gerald K. Cornelius Charles King Gene L. VanCurenRobert L. Cornell William Knapp Jidge Verity The rallies were great op-Lynn Cowden Gerald Kolschowsky Paul N. Ware portunities to socializeGeorge M. Derrick Donald G. Kress Adrian C. Wilmot and hear about how theDelta Psi Building Com- James M. Krueger T. S. Wittman Fraternity is growing andpany Daniel Lemaitre experiencing some of theJaison D. Desai Richard S. Lenox best of times. Fun wasDaniel M. DiLella Dwight B. Massey If you would like to be- had by all.Steven B. Dillaway J Douglas McKay come a member of theF Russell Douglass Cecil R. Miller Order of the C--, pleaseGrady W. Drake Raymond OLoughlin visit our websiteDaniel Earley Steven A. Paquette www.deltfoundation.orgMark E. English Mark R. Peters and click on DonateWalter Evans Joseph H. Peters Now.Arthur Favre Bruce PetersonElliott C. Fenton William C. PickensKenneth A. File Paul F. RadcliffeJames Fisher Jacob P. RingerLance Ford Travis O. Rockey THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 5
  6. 6. FRATERNITY HEADLINES 2012 Division Confere Celebrate Fraternity a The 2012 Delta Tau Delta Division Conference Season concluded in late February after months of preparation and weeks of celebration by Delts from across the country. This year’s division conferences saw a record number of under-A special thank you to allof the undergraduates, graduates, alumni and volunteers, more than 1,200 total, comealumni, volunteers andstaff that helped make together in the name of brotherhood to learn the values associ-the 2012 DivisionConference season one ated with being a Delt while emphasizing the conference’s theme,of the best yet! Mark The Inspiration of Maturity.your calendars for the2013 season.Western Plains DivisionJanuary 31-February 2Sheraton Oklahoma CityHotelOklahoma City, Okla.Eastern DivisionFebruary 7-10Four Points SheratonMeriden, Conn.Northern DivisionFebruary 8-10Hilton Columbus Down-townColumbusWestern Pacific DivisionFebruary 14-17Imperial PalaceLas Vegas, Nev. Above: The men of Delta Delta Chapter at the University of Tennessee celebrate the chapter’s first Hugh Shields Award during the SouthernSouthern Division Division Conference.February 21-24Wyndam Orlando Resort Right: During the Eastern Division Conference, brothers take a break fromOrlando, Fla. educational activities to enjoy some bowling and brotherhood. Far right: International President Alan Brackett inducts Josh Schneider as Western Plains Division president to serve a term through February 2013.6 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  7. 7. ences 2012 At a Glance p The Northern Divisionand Brotherhood Conference, held in Indianapolis, Ind., had 325 undergradu- ates and 50 alumni in attendance. p The Eastern Division Josh Schneider named Western New Look to Conferences Plains Division President The division conference curriculum Conference, held in A highlight during the Western Plains had a makeover this year. The redesign Hershey, Pa., had Division Conference included the swear- included three areas: developing tracks 128 undergraduates ing in of new Western Plains Division for certain officers and leadership skill- and 34 alumni in President Josh Schneider (Texas State building, rewriting the breakout sessions, attendance. and inviting more campus-based student University, 1998) by International Presi- affairs professionals to participate in the p The Western Plains dent Alan Brackett after former division president Bob Marwill (University of conferences as facilitators. The feedback Division Conference, Texas, 1959) stepped down from his posi- has been very positive and the Fraternity held in Lincoln, Neb., tion to focus on his role as Karnea local staff is already working on ways the con- had 232 undergradu- committee chairman. Schneider will ferences can be further enhanced next ates and 25 alumni in serve as division president through the year. attendance. February 2013 term. Every chapter leader needs training p The Southern Division In addition to the many officer posi- to be successful in his position. The Conference, held in tions he held as an undergraduate at Zeta question is – how should each officer be Knoxville, Tenn., had Delta, Schneider has served as a chapter trained? We posed that question to 303 undergraduates advisor at Theta Delta Chapter at Baylor students and alumni and, based on their and 36 alumni in University as well as a division vice presi- feedback, it was clear that five officers attendance. dent and a house corporation needed face-to-face training. Those posi- p The Western Pacific president. tions were president, treasurer, recruit- ment, new member educator and Guide. Division Conference, held in Palm Springs, Calif., had 118 under- graduates and 22 alumni in attendance. THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 7
  8. 8. FRATERNITY HEADLINES When we looked at division conference The last change was the facilitation of attendance from the past three years, we the tracks. For the past several years, the realized these officers were not always Fraternity has invited campus profession- represented and educational program- als and interfraternal colleagues to the ming was not always offered for that posi- Presidents and Advisors Retreat and tion. So the decision was made in June Bethany Leadership Academy. At those 2011 to change the format from all break- events, we have had great success with out sessions to half breakout session and strong and seasoned facilitators as they half track programming for the five offi- brought energy, perspective and partner- cers mentioned above, plus a leadership ships that were valuable for the students track. and the Fraternity. At the 2012 Division In addition to developing the tracks, Conferences, all of the tracks, except the the breakout sessions were all rewritten Guide track, were facilitated by a Delt and by alumni and volunteers. The breakout a non-Delt. sessions covered topics Undergraduate members continue to from strategic planning tell us they want opportunities to learn to civic engagement. from each other, more interactive learn- Each conference also ing and less lectures. The Fraternity staff offered sessions and volunteers continue to take that facilitated by local feedback and cutting-edge education experts on resume writ- techniques to make division conferences ing, interview skills, eti- relevant and valuable experiences for quette, proper dress undergraduates. and financial planning. Top: Men at the Western Pacific Division Confer- ence take a few minutes to discuss best practices during a break in speakers. Above: Matt Mattson of Phired Up Productions leads a session on Social Excellence for the men of the Eastern Division Conference. Right: Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (Indiana University, 1976) joined his brothers of the North- ern Division Conference and welcomed them to the city on opening night.8 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  9. 9. Delts ShareFraternity Honors Peterson, Leland Conference Steven W. Leland, University of Southern Distinguished Service Chapter Jan. 28 in Indi- Action withCalifornia 1985, was honored with the Frater- anapolis during the Northern Division Con-nity’s Bridgebuilder Award Feb. 25 during the ference. TwitterWestern Pacific Conference. He was cited for Peterson is the immediate past presidenthis steadfast work as a long-time house cor- of the Northern Division. He has been an ac-poration officer at UCLA. tive Delt volunteer throughout his alumni life During the 2012 A former Delt chapter leadership con- and continues as advisor for the Beta Gamma Division Conferencesultant, Leland has served as house corpora- Chapter at the University of Wisconsin, a role season, attendeestion treasurer at UCLA since 1999 when the he has served since 2003. Professionally, Pe-Delta Iota Chapter was inactive. When the terson is the chief information officer at Uline were encouraged toFraternity returned to UCLA in 2002, his Shipping Supplies in suburban Chicago. share their experi-board leadership in maintaining a superior The Distinguished Service Chapter ences and eventsproperty has provided the new chapter a began in 1930 as the Court of Honor. Men with members acrossstrong housing position in re-establishing the who have been Delt alumni for more than 20 the country via Twit-Delt campus presence. years and who have contributed significantly ter. By using the Professionally, Leland is a marketing di- to the Fraternity and served Delta Tau Deltarector for Accenture in Los Angeles. beyond their own chapter are eligible for hashtag #Delts2012, The John W. Nichols Bridge Builder membership. members near andAward was established by the Arch Chapter in Brother Peterson is the 422nd recipient far were able to ben-2004 to recognize and honor those faithful of the DSC. Of those men, only 101 are still efit from the experi-local volunteers whose unselfish service as living. His citation reads as follows: ences of attendees.house corporation personnel provides not “For five decades this son of Wisconsinonly a safe Shelter for today’s student, but a has faithfully shared his talents with the Deltsvaluable link from one Delt generation to the p @DTD_ZZ: Phe- of his home state, division and the Fraternitynext. at large. nomenal chapter The criteria for the John W. Nichols Serving in a variety of roles -- chapter ad- meeting! TheBridge Builder Award is to recognize signifi- visor, division vice president, house corpora- GREAT Southerncant alumni involvement over three or more tion officer and as president of the Northern Division confer-years rendering outstanding service to the es- Division from 2007 to 2011 -- Bruce has of-tablishment, development, or enhancement ence has sparked fered practical, everyday service along withof a house corporation. The number of wisdom both sensible and priceless. a fire for our mem-awards is limited to 10 per year. bers. In doing so, he has embodied our ideal Bruce Peterson, University of Wisconsin- of living a selfless and noble life.” p @travisjculver: SoMilwaukee, 1976, was cited into the proud of the @ChapmanDelts for the 4th year running as a Hugh Shields chapter. Honored to be part of this brother- hood. p @jkreman: Seeing Tennessee winning its first Hugh Shields ever!Above: Past Northern Division Presi- #chillsdent Bruce Peterson was presentedwith a citation into the DistinguishedService Chapter.Right: Steven Leland receives a Bridge-builder Award from Second Vice Presi-dent, Jody Danneman during theWestern Pacific Division Conference. THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 9
  10. 10. FRATERNITY AWARDS Multiple chapters and individuals receive awards The division conferences allowed members of the Fraternity to come together to celebrate those who help contribute to the Delt cause. Both chapters and individuals were honored for their dedication and service to the Fraternity. The following awards were presented during the 2012 Division Conferences. Highlights of the awards presentations in- The following 11 chapters were named cluded the 47th year of presenting the Hugh “first among equals.” Ten awards are pre- Shields Award to the top chapters in the Fra- sented annually, however 11 were presented ternity. The Hugh Shields Award is consider during the 2012 Division Conference season the Fraternity’s highest chapter distinction. due to a tie. Notable recipients included Iota Epsilon Zeta, Case Western Reserve University Chapter at Chapman University and Epsilon Beta Zeta, Butler University Omega Chapter at Georgia Southern Univer- Beta Omicron, Cornell University sity receiving their fourth consecutive Hugh Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Below: The men of Case Shields Awards and Delta Delta Chapter at Gamma Rho, University of Oregon Western Reserve Univer- University of Tennessee receiving its first Hugh Delta Delta, University of Tennessee sity’s Zeta Chapter display Shields in the history of the chapter, coming Delta Omicron, Westminster Collegetheir seventh Hugh Shields just three years after being rechartered in April Epsilon Upsilon, Marietta College flag. 2009. Epsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana University Gamma Pi Chapter at Iowa State Univer-Below Right: Beta Omicron Epsilon Omega, Georgia Southern sity earned its 22nd Hugh Shields Award, more Delts from Cornell Univer- University than any other chapter since the award was Iota Epsilon, Chapman University sity with their first Hugh Shields flag since 1996. first given in 1966.10 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  11. 11. 2011 Court of Honor Delta Omicron, Westminster College Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston StateChapters UniversityThe Court of Honor typically recognizes the top Epsilon Upsilon, Marietta College20 chapters each year as reviewed through the Zeta Beta, La Grange CollegeFraternity Accreditation and Awards Report Theta Epsilon, American University(FAAR). Theta Psi, Albertson College of IdahoZeta, Case Western Reserve University Iota Delta, Quincy UniversityBeta Zeta, Butler University Iota Epsilon, Chapman UniversityBeta Omicron, Cornell UniversityBeta Tau, University of Nebraska Chapters recognized for beingGamma Kappa, University of MissouriGamma Pi, Iowa State University above the AMA/AFAGamma Rho, University of Oregon The Fraternity recognizes those chapters orGamma Tau, University of Kansas colonies that have aggregate grade point aver-Gamma Upsilon, Miami University ages above the All-Men’s Average and All-Frater-Delta Delta, University of Tennessee nity Average.Delta Omicron, Westminster College Alpha, Allegheny CollegeEpsilon Upsilon, Marietta College Zeta, Case Western Reserve UniversityEpsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Kappa, Hillsdale College University Tau, Pennsylvania State UniversityEpsilon Omega, Georgia Southern Beta Zeta, Butler University University Beta Upsilon, University of IllinoisZeta Beta, LaGrange College Gamma Kappa, University of MissouriZeta Delta, Texas State University Gamma Pi, Iowa State UniversityZeta Chi, University of Southern Gamma Rho, University of Oregon Mississippi Gamma Upsilon, Miami UniversityIota Epsilon, Chapman University Delta Gamma, University ofIota Iota, John Carroll University South Dakota Delta Delta, University of Tennessee Below: International Presi-First on Campus Delta Zeta, University of Florida dent Alan Brackett pres- Delta Kappa, Duke University ents a fourth consecutiveRecognition Delta Mu, University of Idaho Hugh Shields flag to Geor-Twelve chapters or colonies held the highest Delta Omicron, Westminster College gia Southern University atgrade point average among the fraternities on Delta Pi, University of Southern the Southern Division Con-their respective campuses for the spring 2011 se- California ferencemester. Delta Phi, Florida State UniversityAlpha, Allegheny College Epsilon Gamma, Washington State Below Left: Delta OmicronKappa, Hillsdale College University Chapter at WestminsterGamma Rho, University of Oregon Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State College pose with theirDelta Gamma, University of University Hugh Shields flag. South Dakota THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 11
  12. 12. FRATERNITY AWARDSEpsilon Eta, Texas A & M-Commerce Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma Zeta, Case Western ReserveEpsilon Mu, Ball State University Delta Iota, UCLA Theta, Bethany CollegeEpsilon Omicron, Colorado State Delta Omicron, Westminster College Kappa, Hillsdale College University Delta Tau, Bowling Green State Mu, Ohio Wesleyan UniversityEpsilon Upsilon, Marietta College University Tau, Pennsylvania State UniversityEpsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute University University Chi, Kenyon CollegeEpsilon Omega, Georgia Southern Epsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Omega, University of Pennsylvania University University Beta Alpha, Indiana UniversityZeta Theta, Villanova University Zeta Omicron, University of Beta Beta, DePauw UniversityZeta Lambda, Western Illinois University Central Florida Beta Gamma, University of WisconsinZeta Rho, Eastern Illinois University Zeta Omega, Bradley University Beta Delta, University of GeorgiaZeta Tau, University of North Carolina- Theta Gamma, Arizona State University Beta Zeta, Butler University Wilmington Iota Beta, Wittenberg University Beta Eta, University of MinnesotaZeta Psi, Stephen F. Austin University Iota Epsilon, Chapman University Beta Theta, University of the SouthIota Delta, Quincy University Iota Theta, Kennesaw State University Beta Mu, Tufts UniversityIota Epsilon, Chapman University Iota Kappa, Appalachian State University Beta Nu, Massachusetts Institute ofIota Theta, Kennesaw State University Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University TechnologyIota Kappa, Appalachian State University Iota Nu, Florida Atlantic University Beta Xi, Tulane UniversityIota Mu, Quinnipiac University Beta Omicron, Cornell UniversityEau Claire CC, University of Wisconsin- Beta Rho, Stanford University Eau Claire Recruitment Goals Met with Beta Tau, University of NebraskaGrand Valley State University CC, Grand 80% Retention Beta Upsilon, University of Illinois Valley State University Beta Phi, Ohio State University Chapters in this category met their re- Beta Omega, University of California cruitment goals and also achieved 80% Gamma Beta, Illinois Institute ofDivision Scholarship Award retention. Technology Alpha, Allegheny College Gamma Eta, George WashingtonThe Western Plains Division was awarded Epsilon, Albion College Universitythe Division Scholarship Award for hav- Theta, Bethany College Gamma Theta, Baker Universitying the highest percentage of chapters Kappa, Hillsdale College Gamma Iota, University of Texasabove the All-Mens Average among the Beta Zeta, Butler University Gamma Kappa, University of MissouriFraternity’s five divisions. This is the Beta Tau, University of Nebraska Gamma Lambda, Purdue Universityfourth time that Western Plains has Gamma Lambda, Purdue University Gamma Mu, University of Washingtonearned this distinction since the Frater- Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Gamma Nu, University of Mainenity moved from four to five divisions in Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma Gamma Omicron, Syracuse University1995. Delta Omicron, Westminster College Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State Gamma Sigma, University of PittsburghVenable Award University Gamma Tau, University of Kansas Epsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Gamma Upsilon, Miami University (OH)The award, named in honor of former Di- University Gamma Psi, Georgia Institute ofrector of Academic Affairs John Venable, is Zeta Omicron, University of Central Technologygiven to the chapter with the biggest in- Florida Delta Alpha, University of Oklahomacrease in its grade point average. Zeta Omega, Bradley University Delta Beta, Carnegie Mellon UniversityIota Theta at Kennesaw State University Theta Gamma, Arizona State University Delta Delta, University of Tennesseereceived this year’s Venable Award. Iota Beta, Wittenberg University Delta Epsilon, University of Kentucky Iota Epsilon, Chapman University Delta Zeta, University of FloridaChapters Recognized For Iota Theta, Kennesaw State University Delta Eta, University of Alabama Iota Kappa, Appalachian State University Delta Kappa, Duke UniversityMeeting Recruitment Goals Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University Delta Mu, University of IdahoEach year chapters are asked to set goals Iota Nu, Florida Atlantic University Delta Nu, Lawrence Universityfor the number of men they anticipate Delta Xi, University of North Dakotapledging during the academic year. Delta Omicron, Westminster CollegeAlpha, Allegheny College Retention Recognition Delta Pi, University of SouthernEpsilon, Albion College CaliforniaTheta, Bethany College These chapters retained and initiated at Delta Phi, Florida State UniversityKappa, Hillsdale College least 80% of 2011 fall new members. Delta Chi, Oklahoma State UniversityBeta Zeta, Butler University Alpha, Allegheny College Delta Psi, University of California-SantaBeta Tau, University of Nebraska Gamma, Washington & Jefferson College BarbaraGamma Lambda, Purdue University Delta, University of Michigan Delta Omega, Kent State UniversityGamma Pi, Iowa State University Epsilon, Albion College Epsilon Alpha, Auburn University12 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  13. 13. Epsilon Beta, Texas Christian University Chapters Recognized for Gamma Kappa, University of MissouriEpsilon Gamma, Washington State Gamma Mu, University of Washington University 25% Growth Gamma Nu, University of MaineEpsilon Delta, Texas Tech University It is the goal of Delta Tau Delta to contin- Gamma Xi, University of CincinnatiEpsilon Epsilon, University of Arizona uously grow the Fraternity by identifying Gamma Pi, Iowa State UniversityEpsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State and recruiting men who will be our next Gamma Rho, University of Oregon University generation of leaders. Chapters that in- Gamma Sigma, University of PittsburghEpsilon Iota A, Kettering University creased their recruitment efforts in 2011 Gamma Tau, University of KansasEpsilon Iota B, Kettering University by at least 25% from 2010 were recog- Gamma Upsilon, Miami University (OH)Epsilon Nu, Missouri University of nized. Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma Science & Technology Theta, Bethany College Delta Beta, Carnegie Mellon UniversityEpsilon Xi, Western Kentucky University Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Delta Delta, University of TennesseeEpsilon Omicron, Colorado State Omega, University of Pennsylvania Delta Zeta, University of Florida University Beta Mu, Tufts University Delta Iota, UCLAEpsilon Upsilon, Marietta College Beta Omicron, Cornell University Delta Kappa, Duke UniversityEpsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Beta Rho, Stanford University Delta Omicron, Westminster College University Gamma Theta, Baker University Delta Omega, Kent State UniversityEpsilon Omega, Georgia Southern Uni- Gamma Sigma, University of Pittsburgh Epsilon Alpha, Auburn University versity Gamma Chi, Kansas State University Epsilon Delta, Texas Tech UniversityZeta Beta, LaGrange College Delta Beta, Carnegie Mellon University Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston StateZeta Delta, Texas State University Delta Delta, University of Tennessee UniversityZeta Zeta, Morehead State University Delta Nu, Lawrence University Epsilon Eta, Texas A&M-CommerceZeta Theta, Villanova University Delta Tau, Bowling Green State Epsilon Iota A, Kettering UniversityZeta Lambda, Western Illinois University University Epsilon Iota B, Kettering UniversityZeta Omicron, University of Central Epsilon Delta, Texas Tech University Epsilon Mu, Ball State University Florida Epsilon Epsilon, University of Arizona Epsilon Nu, Missouri University ofZeta Pi, Indiana University of Epsilon Eta, Texas A&M University Science & Technology Pennsylvania Theta Gamma, Arizona State University Epsilon Omicron, Colorado StateZeta Rho, Eastern Illinois University Iota Epsilon, Chapman University UniversityZeta Sigma, Texas A&M University Iota Theta, Kennesaw State University Epsilon Upsilon, Marietta CollegeZeta Tau, University of North Carolina- Iota Nu, Florida Atlantic University Epsilon Phi, Southeastern Louisiana Wilmington Zeta Zeta, Morehead State University Epsilon Omega, Georgia SouthernZeta Chi, Southern Mississippi Univer- Zeta Pi, Indiana University of University sity Pennsylvania Zeta Beta, LaGrange CollegeZeta Psi, Stephen F. Austin Zeta Rho, Eastern Illinois University Zeta Delta, Texas State UniversityZeta Omega, Bradley University Sacred Heart CC, Sacred Heart University Zeta Lambda, Western Illinois UniversityTheta Gamma, Arizona State University Zeta Sigma, Texas A&M UniversityTheta Delta, Baylor University Zeta Tau, University of North Carolina-Theta Epsilon, American University Adopt-a-School Efforts WilmingtonTheta Eta, University of South Carolina Zeta Chi, University of Southern Adopt-a-School is the Fraternity’s na-Theta Kappa, University of California- Mississippi tional community service project. It en- Riverside Theta Delta, Baylor University courages our undergraduates to offerTheta Xi, Easter Michigan University Theta Zeta, University of San Diego their talents to elementary schools in theirTheta Omicron, University of Northern Theta Eta, University of South Carolina area in whatever capacity they can. Many Colorado Theta Lambda, University of California- chapters did an exemplary job with theirTheta Chi, Muhlenberg College Riverside Adopt-a-School program during theTheta Psi, University of Idaho Theta Xi, Eastern Michigan University 2010-2011 school year.Iota Alpha, DePaul University Theta Omicron, University of Northern Alpha, Allegheny CollegeIota Beta, Wittenberg Colorado Delta, University of MichiganIota Delta, Quincy University Theta Psi, Albertson College of Idaho Epsilon, Albion CollegeIota Epsilon, Chapman University Iota Epsilon, Chapman University Zeta, Case Western Reserve UniversityIota Zeta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Iota Theta, Kennesaw State University Kappa, Hillsdale CollegeIota Theta, Kennesaw State University Iota Iota, John Carroll University Mu, Ohio Wesleyan UniversityIota Iota, John Carroll University Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIota Kappa, Appalachian State University Iota Xi, Florida Institute of Technology Chi, Kenyon CollegeIota Lambda, University of Lambda North Dakota State CC, North Dakota Beta Alpha, Indiana UniversityIota Mu, Quinnipiac University State University Beta Delta, University of GeorgiaIota Nu, Florida Atlantic University Pepperdine CC, Pepperdine University Beta Zeta, Butler UniversityIota Xi, Florida Institute of Technology Beta Omicron, Cornell UniversityIota Omicron, Babson College Beta Tau, University of NebraskaIota Pi, University of Vermont Gamma Theta, Baker University THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 13
  14. 14. Outstanding Implemen- Top in Division tation of The Road Academically Recognition of chapters that em- Eastern: Beta Mu, Tufts University (3.33) brace and implement chapter-initi- Northern: Zeta, Case Western Reserve ated Road programs/programming. University (3.39) Epsilon, Albion College Southern: Delta Kappa, Duke University (3.53) Beta Zeta, Butler University Beta Nu, Massachusetts Institute Western Pacific: Beta Rho, Stanford University of Technology (3.73) Beta Phi, Ohio State University Western Plains: Delta Omicron, Westminster Gamma Eta, George Washington College (3.43) University Gamma Kappa, University of Missouri Eastern Division Gamma Rho, University of Recognitions Oregon Eastern Division President Anthony Albanese Gamma Chi CC, Kansas State cited many chapters and individuals for a range University of achievements during the conference banquet. Delta Epsilon, University of Kentucky Outstanding President Epsilon Iota-A, Kettering Raghav Phadke (Beta Omicron, Cornell University University) Epsilon Iota-B, Kettering University Epsilon Xi, Western Kentucky University Outstanding Treasurer Epsilon Upsilon, Marietta CollegeNorthern Division Ryan Parent (Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University) Zeta Zeta, Morehead UniversityPresident Tom Calhoon Zeta Psi, Stephen F. Austin Universitypresents Gamma Beta Chapter Advisor of the Year Theta Gamma, Arizona State Universitywith its award for Nick Frollini (Delta Beta, Carnegie Mellon Theta Mu CC, Clemson UniversityOutstanding Ritual University) Theta Xi, Eastern Michigan UniversityPerformance. Iota Epsilon, Chapman University Most Improved Chapter Iota Iota, John Carroll University Theta Tau, Moravian College IFC president Recognitions Outstanding Philanthropy Theta Tau, Moravian College The following men were leaders on their respec- tive campuses. Each was either recently elected Outstanding Hospitality as president of his Greek system’s Interfraternity Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University Council (IFC) or finished his term in office. Marcus Johnson (Theta, Bethany College) Campus Involvement Ryan Cahall (Epsilon Upsilon, Marietta College) Iota Mu, Quinnipiac University Andrew Sullivan (Epsilon Iota-A, Kettering Uni- Rush Recruitment and Retention versity) Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Eric Sweet (Epsilon Omega, Georgia Southern University) Shelter Maintenance and Cleanliness Dan Lewin (Iota Lambda, University of Tampa) Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Joshua Parks (Epsilon Nu, Missouri University of Science & Technology) Outstanding Ritual Alpha, Allegheny College Benjamin J. Laufer (Beta Rho, Stanford Univer- sity) Outstanding Academic Programming Beau Slater (Delta Tau, Bowling Green State Alpha, Allegheny College University) Outstanding Brotherhood Rho, Stevens Institute of Technology14 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  15. 15. Outstanding Community Service Patrick Cox (Gamma Eta, George WashingtonTheta Chi, Muhlenberg College University)Outstanding Member Education Outstanding Chapter TreasurerBeta Nu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robert Schultz (Iota Kappa, Appalachian State University)Outstanding Recruitment PlanningUpsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Outstanding Brotherhood Zeta Beta, La Grange CollegeNorthern Division Outstanding Community ServiceRecognitions Iota Zeta, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & StateNorthern Division President Tom UniversityCalhoon cited the following chapters and indi-viduals for a range of achievements during the Outstanding Member Educationconference banquet. Delta Zeta, University of FloridaConsultant Hospitality Outstanding Consultant HospitalityBeta Gamma, University of Wisconsin Delta Delta, University of TennesseeShowcasing the Delt Spirit Outstanding Academic ProgrammingEpsilon Iota-B, Kettering University Zeta Beta, La Grange CollegeExcellence in Alumni Advising Outstanding Recruitment PlanningBryan Fore (Theta Xi, Eastern Michigan Delta Epsilon, University of KentuckyUniversity) Horizon Award (Most Improved Chapter)Outstanding Chapter President Beta Delta, University of GeorgiaRobbie Erickson (Zeta Omega, BradleyUniversity) Outstanding Campus Involvement Theta Epsilon, American Univer-Most Improved Chapter sityZeta, Case Western University Outstanding Chapter AdvisorOutstanding Alumni Service John Cox (Delta Epsilon, Univer-Scott Sinner (Delta Xi, University of North sity of Kentucky)Dakota) Outstanding Alumni ServiceSpecial Website Programming Kyle Keefe (Zeta Omicron, Uni-Beta Zeta, Butler University versity of Central Florida)Participation in Campus Organizations Western PacificNorth Dakota State CC, North Dakota StateUniversity Division Recognitions Western Pacific Division Presi-Shelter Pride dent Bill Richardson, IV, citedBeta Beta, DePauw University the following chapters and in- dividuals for a range ofRitual Performance and Education achievements during the con-Gamma Beta, Illinois Institute of Technology ference banquet. The James Bowersox AwardSouthern Division for Exceptional Service as anRecognitions Alumni AdvisorSouthern Division President Lee Grace cited the Thomas Pitchford (Epsilon Phi,following chapters and individuals for a range of Southeastern Louisiana University) International President Alan Brackettachievements during the conference banquet. Outstanding Chapter Leadership presented Bob Marwill with a procla- Joe Wetzel (Theta Zeta, University of mation for his service as WesternOutstanding Chapter President San Diego) Plains Division president, 2009-Jake Wight (Iota Kappa, Appalachian State 2012.University) THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012 | 15
  16. 16. Most Improved Chapter Most Improved Chapters Excellence in Chapter OperationsTheta Zeta, University of San Diego Epsilon Beta, Texas Christian University Beta Tau, University of Nebraska Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State Univer-Consultant Hospitality sity Excellence in Community ServiceIota Epsilon, Chapman University Epsilon Omicron, Colorado State Outstanding Chapter President UniversityOutstanding Brotherhood Evaristo Flores (Zeta Delta, Texas StateTheta Gamma, Arizona State University University) Excellence in Alumni Programming Michael Greaves (Delta Omicron, Beta Tau, University of NebraskaShowcasing the Delt Spirit Westminster College) Gamma Kappa, University of MissouriGamma Rho, University of Oregon Nathan Hammond (Delta Chi, Epsilon Delta, Texas Tech University Oklahoma State University)Outstanding Philanthropy Outstanding Member EducationGamma Mu, University of Washington Consultant Hospitality Award Programming Theta Kappa, University of Nebraska- Gamma Kappa, University of MissouriExcellence in Programming KearneyGamma Rho, University of Oregon Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Outstanding New Member Education ProgrammingOutstanding Shelter Presentation Excellence in Philanthropy Programming Gamma Pi, Iowa State UniversityEpsilon Epsilon, University of Arizona Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston State University Outstanding TreasurerOutstanding Ritual Education Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma Andrew Patton (Epsilon Beta, TexasGamma Rho, University of Oregon Christian University) Excellence in Ritual EducationOutstanding Recruitment Programming Excellence in Campus InvolvementGamma Rho, University of Oregon Zeta Delta, Texas State University Theta Omicron, University of NorthernOutstanding New Member Education Excellence in Recruitment Programming ColoradoGamma Rho, University of Oregon Delta Alpha, University of Oklahoma Theta Delta, Baylor University Epsilon Beta, Texas Christian UniversityOutstanding Risk Management Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Rite of IrisTheta Gamma, Arizona State University Delta Omicron, Westminster College Excellence in IFC & StudentThe John “Jack” Myles Award for Out- Government Awardstanding Treasurer Epsilon Zeta, Sam Houston StateGeoffrey Plourde (Pepperdine CC, Pep- Universityperdine University) Excellence as VolunteerOutstanding Campus Involvement AlumnusIota Epsilon, Chapman University Terry Hunsucker, Wetsern Plains Division Vice PresidentJohn Bickerstaff Founders AwardTim Cullen (Pepperdine CC, Pepperdine Excellence in RecordsUniversity) TrackingTim Pritchard (Delta Psi, University of Gamma Tau, University of KansasCalifornia-Santa Barbara) Excellence in Academic ProgrammingWestern Plains Division Delta Omicron, WestminsterRecognitions CollegeWestern Plains Division President Bob Delta Gamma, University ofMarwill cited the following chapters and South Dakotaindividuals for a range of achievementsduring the conference banquet. Excellence in Financial OperationsExcellence as Chapter Advisor Gamma Pi, Iowa StateJustin Manning (Delta Alpha, University Universityof Oklahoma) Zeta Delta, Texas State University Chapter Leadership ConsultantRitual Performance Outstanding Alumni Newsletter Kyle Yarawsky presents Gamma RhoZeta Delta, Texas State University Gamma Pi, Iowa State University Chapter with Outstanding Implementa- Gamma Iota, University of Texas tion of The Road at the Western Pacific Division Conference.16 | THE RAINBOW p SPRING 2012
  17. 17. Join us for the Lone Star Karnea to celebrate aLegacy of Leadership August 1-5, 2012 Austin, Texas visit www.delts.org/karnea and register today!
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