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DSD-NL 2017 iMOD UZF, SFR, MNW - Vermeulen, Roelofsen, Burgering, Minnema


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Presentatie door Peter Vermeulen, Frans Roelofsen, Liduin Burgering en Bennie Minnema (Deltares) voor de iMOD NL Gebruikersdag, tijdens de Deltares Software Dagen- Editie 2017. Woensdag 14 juni 2017, Delft.

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DSD-NL 2017 iMOD UZF, SFR, MNW - Vermeulen, Roelofsen, Burgering, Minnema

  1. 1. iMOD Gebruikersdag Deltares | Delft 14 Juni 29 juni 2017 Peter Vermeulen Frans Roelofsen, Liduin Burgering Bennie Minnema
  2. 2. Content 29 juni 2017 UZF SFR MNW
  3. 3. UZF – Onverzadigde zone 29 juni 2017
  4. 4. UZF – Unsaturated Zone The UZF: • Simulate water flow and storage in the unsaturated zone and to include precipitation (RCH-concept); evapotranspiration; EVT- concept 1. first unsaturated zone; 2. groundwater within EXDP). • The approach assumes that unsaturated flow occurs in response to gravity potential gradients only and ignores negative potential gradients (upward capillary flow); • the approach further assumes uniform hydraulic properties in the unsaturated zone for each vertical column of model cells*. • *MF6 support multiply k-horizons 29 juni 2017
  5. 5. UZF – Unsaturated Zone 29 juni 2017 Method of characteristics: • velocity of a wave; • the change in water content of the wave with time; • the change in water content with depth behind the wave, respectively. 1. Wetting front – leading wave 2. Drying – traling wave 3. Waves can overtake others NSTRAIL = number of trailing wave increments NSETS2= number of waves (each precipitation event generate another wave)
  6. 6. UZF – Unsaturated Zone Specific Yield (SY) is the porosity minus the residual water content Permeability – and therefore velocity – and eventually moisture content is determined by Brooks-Corey function for unsaturated permeability
  7. 7. UZF – Unsaturated Zone Grondwater level (red) Precipitation (blue) Grondwater Recharge (green) Output: • Net recharge; • Water balance for the unsaturated zone (precipitation, evapotranspiration, recharge and overland flow*; • Detailed output: Prints time, ground-water head, and thickness of unsaturated zone, and cumulative volumes of infiltration, recharge, storage, change in storage and ground-water discharge to land surface; series of depths and water contents in the unsaturated zone. * Not supported in iMOD implementation
  8. 8. UZF – Unsaturated Zone run 1 2 3 4 CB- Epsilon 2 2 2 4 EXTWC 0.01 0.10 0.01 0.01 THTI 0.15 0.15 0.01 0.15 Measurement behavior Extinction Water Content EVT Initial Water Content
  9. 9. UZF – Tutorial 29 juni 2017
  10. 10. SFR – Surface Water Routing 29 juni 2017
  11. 11. SFR Overview – Concepts LAYOUT 29 juni 2017 𝑄in = 𝑄out 𝑄 = 𝑛𝑤𝑦 5 3 𝑆 1 2 𝑦 = 𝑄𝑛 𝑤𝑆 1 2 3 5 • Exchange Groundwater • Surface overland flow • Precipitation • Evaporation • External sources Manning’s Equation w: width of the stream y: depth of water in the stream n: Manning’s roughness coefficient s: slope of stream
  12. 12. SFR Overview – Concepts LIMITATIONS 29 juni 2017  No storageterm;  No damping of waves;  Steady state for each timestep (quasi-transient approach);  Uniform flow, driven by gravity and predefined flow directions (per timestep adjustable though;  Distribution at branching must be specified:  Fixed amount taken from a stream (extraction)  Up to a specified flow rate is diverted to the stream;  Only above a specified flow rate in the stream the flow is diverted;  The diversion rate is assigned by a predefined fraction;  All flow is diverted in excess of a specified flow (flood control). 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 01 00:00 01 12:00 02 00:00 02 12:00 03 00:00 03 12:00 04 00:00 04 12:00 05 00:00 05 12:00 06 00:00 time waterlevel[m] unsteady steady
  13. 13. SFR Overview – Concepts EXCHANGE WITH GROUNDWATER 29 juni 2017 Q, q: leakage flux, exchanged amount of water c: leakage coefficient as ks / d; w: interface width as function of river stage L: length of stream h: head difference between river stage hr and groundwater level hg d: sediment layer thickness of river bed kS: hydraulic conductivity of riverbed q q1 q2 Δh Δh1 Δh2 infiltration drainage 𝑄 = 𝑘 𝑠 𝑤(ℎ 𝑟)𝐿 𝑑 Δℎ 𝑐 = 𝑘 𝑠 𝑑
  14. 14. SFR Overview – Concepts COMPUTING WATERLEVELS 1. Interpolation between given levels; 2. Manning‘s Equation with a rectangular cross-section; 3. Manning‘s Equation with a 8-point cross-section; 4. Function assuming stream depth and width can be related to streamflow by an equation; 5. Table with values of depth and width for given streamflows. 29 juni 2017
  15. 15. SFR Implementaton in iMOD DATA STORAGE 29 juni 2017 ISG-RIV ISG-SFR RIV-package SFR-package BDGRIV BDGSTR ISG-RIV Four attributes per calculation points, many calculation points per segment allowed – interpolation over the segments by iMOD Eleven attributes per calculation points, only two calculation points per segment – interpolation over the segment by the SFR package Exchange flux between surface- and groundwater Exchange flux between surface- and groundwater Stream Stages, -Depth, -Width and -Discharges
  16. 16. SFR Implementaton in iMOD DATA STORAGE 29 juni 2017 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 S7 Transient connections, riverbed width, -conductivity and -thickness, calculation options, runoff flow Connection and flow direction Cross-sections Discharge- width/depth relations
  17. 17. SFR Implementaton in iMOD CONNECTIONS 29 juni 2017 Functionality to interactively select the down- or upstream connected stream diversion Flow direction Connection S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 S7
  18. 18. SFR Implementaton in iMOD GRIDDING FOR SFR PACKAGE 29 juni 2017 Intersection with modelling raster S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 S7 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 S7 Segment is splitted into 6 reaches for the model
  19. 19. SFR Implementaton in iMOD RESULTS 29 juni 2017 Stream Depths (m) Stream Discharge (m3/sec) Transient results:  Stream Depth;  Stream Width;  Stream Stage;  Stream Discharges per segment written in ISG-file
  20. 20. SFR Implementaton in iMOD RESULTS 29 juni 2017 Select more segments, S1, S2, S6 and S8 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S8 S7 Visualize Stream Levels, Stream Depth, Stream Width or Stream Discharges over the selected segment in a profile S1 S2 S6 S8
  21. 21. SFR Implementaton in iMOD RESULTS Visualize Stream Levels, Stream Depth, Stream Width or Stream Discharges for a) the selected segments or b) all segments in the 2D plot Select any available date to display the corresponding results .. or rasterize the results to conventional IDF files
  22. 22. SFR Implementaton in iMOD RESULTS SFR Implemented in IMOD – adapted ISG file – not in RUN file only in PRJ file 29 juni 2017
  23. 23. SFR Tutorial 29 juni 2017
  24. 24. MNW – Multi-Node Well 29 juni 2017
  25. 25. MNW – Multi-Node Well The Multi-Node Well package is used to: • simulate ``long'' wells that are connected to more than one model layer; • distribute the abstraction rate vertically proportional to the transmissivity adjacent to the well screen; • when a hydraulic head gradually drops below the top of a well screen the yield of this shallow part of the well will also gradually drop – so: effective extraction can be different than entered extraction. 29 juni 2017
  26. 26. MNW – Multi-Node Well However: • differences between the volume of a cell and the volume of a well-bore; • differences between the average hydraulic properties of a cell and those immediately adjacent to a well not expected that the computed head for the node of a finite-difference cell will accurately reproduce or predict the actual head or water level in a well at that location. 29 juni 2017
  27. 27. MNW – Multi-Node Well Head losses: Solved by computing a hydraulic head in the cell such that it equals the computed hydraulic head at the well minus a head loss term*: Thiem Equation: Skin OPTION: this option allows for formation damage or skin corrections at the well 29 juni 2017 * MNW support more options that are not supported by the iMOD GUI
  28. 28. MNW – Multi-Node Well The MNW package can deal with intra borehole flow and computes a realistic head loss at the well, this makes the package mostly applicable for multi- layered unconfined systems. 29 juni 2017
  29. 29. MNW – Implemented in iMOD 29 juni 2017 MNW as IPF-file (with- or without associated TXT-files) in PRJ file not in RUN file
  30. 30. MNW – Tutorial 29 juni 2017
  31. 31. Contact 29 juni 2017