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Avoiding a F2P Flop: The Analytics Approach

Have you ever wondered how some F2P games do so much better than others, despite their similarities?

With only 1-2% of players spending, and less than 15% still be active after one week, the majority of F2P games fail.

So, you need to know how to get ahead.

Analytics can reveal where your game is going wrong and can get you back on the path to success.

deltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson will show you how to avoid a F2P flop in these webinar slides.

You will find a recording of this webinar on our deltaDNA YouTube channel:


• Why game personalization matters to LTV and engagement
• How to use tools to personalize your game
• How to drive bottom line commercial success

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Avoiding a F2P Flop: The Analytics Approach

  1. 1. ©deltaDNA
  2. 2. ©deltaDNA Ltd. Today’s Speaker Mark Robinson CEO & co-founder deltaDNA @delta_DNA /company/deltaDNA /deltaDNA
  3. 3. ©deltaDNA CPI vs. LTV
  4. 4. ©deltaDNA Day One Retention Rates • On average less than 40% of players return to a free-to-play game after just one session • 44% have 60 – 80% of players not returning after one session Many games live with low retention rates and therefore poor lifetime value The Harsh Economics of F2P
  5. 5. ©deltaDNA The Harsh Economics of F2P Conversion from Player to Payer
  6. 6. ©deltaDNA Why players leave your game 6 Appointment Setting Monetization Blockers Game Blockers Rewarding 1st 60 Seconds Game Complexity Game Difficulty Repeat Play Tasks Tutorial
  7. 7. ©deltaDNA Move the dial 7 Technical Issues Too Easy Didn’t Understand Tutorial Ran Out Of Resources Too Difficult Good Momentum Long 1st Session Return For 2nd Session
  8. 8. ©deltaDNA Key Player Behavior Drivers 8 NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE THE SAME
  9. 9. ©deltaDNA The deltaDNA platform tools
  10. 10. ©deltaDNA What is Analytics For?
  11. 11. ©deltaDNA ● Use 3D Segmentation to define player target lists ● Use LTV Predictor tool to calculate average revenue per install for a range of player demographics and acquisition channels ● With as little as 4 days of data you will gain >90% accuracy ● Focus on valuable engaged players instead of volume Manage the Whole Economy Learn which clusters of players offer the best lifetime value: analyze behavioral traits to optimize acquisition strategy
  12. 12. ©deltaDNA Case Study: Segmentation Example
  13. 13. ©deltaDNA ● 350% increase in engaged users (playing for more than 10 days in a row) ● 20% improvement in players returning ● Item sales in the in-game store increased by six times ● 5x increase in number of transactions ● 8x increase in transaction value Case Study: Use Engagement Tools to Optimize Retention & Engagement
  14. 14. ©deltaDNA Optimize the Player Life Cycle For gaming companies, deltaDNA is the number one tool. It has a lot more potential than other analytics tools we’ve used in the past; for example in A/B testing, push notifications and engagement tools. Alan Sumina CEO of Nanobit
  15. 15. ©deltaDNA Q&A