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Social Media Privacy Concerns


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Brief presentation highlighting the use of social media by college students and those entering the workforce. Looking at the privacy concerns and how to combat their fears.
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Social Media Privacy Concerns

  1. 1. Social Media MarketingUsing Social Media to Kill but not be Killed
  2. 2. * Involved in technology marketing since 1991* Program Manager for EDS/HP and later Reynolds and Reynolds* CEO of Cyberportal Technologies LLC in 1999 rebranded as Bash Foo in 2009* Inbound Marketing Professional* Radio and TV Show Host* Publisher of one of America’s Top 200 Citizen News Sites* Recognized Social Media Strategist and Speaker* Maintain hundreds of social accounts in USA/Canada and Europe Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. * Why Use Social Media Tools?* How to Get a J.O.B. using Social Media* How to Never get Hired thanks to Social Media* Privacy Settings* Geolocation and über-sharing Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing
  5. 5. *3 out of 4 Americans use social media*2/3rds of the internetworked world uses social media*5,000,000,000 minutes spent on fb each day*1,000,000,000 messages/photos/news shared each week on fb*More time spent on fb than any other site each day (22min/per person) And... “55% of HR professionals rate word of mouth as the best source of candidates” - HRNext And... “I’ll be stunned if 50% of candidate referrals aren’t coming through online communities in the next five years” Social Media Marketing - Taleo
  6. 6. * 85% of all HR managers use social media to support at least part of the recruitment process* 70% of companies surveyed shared that they will spend less on recruiters, job boards and on-campus visits this year than last* 75% of companies surveyed shared that they will spend more on direct referrals and social media* 66% of companies surveyed shared that they have hired an applicant through social media* Twitter is the 3rd largest job board in the world* Source: Jobvites, Inc. 2011 Social Media Marketing
  7. 7. Social Media may bring thejudging and discrimination earlier on in the recruitment process, without much basis for it, and so will invariably become a major issue for employers and recruiters. Social Media Marketing
  8. 8. * Social media allows employers to “see past” the fake and get to know who you are and who you choose to be outside of work* Could lead to surface-level discrimination* Could lead to defamation lawsuits, getting fired, going to jail* Employers see “all of you” * Good High School + Great GPA + Excellent College + Bachelors Degree + College Reference + mostly nude photos at kegstand = #employmentfail
  9. 9. * Privacy and Social Sharing are juxtaposed in life* You understand the importance of “being out there” but then also know the risks of “being out there” to your employment/future.* Some folks create multiple profiles, fake identities, or simply just don’t participate for fear of the damage letting others inside your bubble may cause.* There are some ways to prevent others from viewing your personal life using privacy controls, however much is left in the hands of those you call “friends”. Social Media Marketing
  10. 10. * Typically, geolocation apps do two things: * They report your location to other users and; * they associate real-world locations (such as restaurants and events) to your location.* Geolocation apps that run on mobile devices provide a richer experience than those that run on desktop PCs because the relevant data you send and receive changes as your location changes.* Facebook and Twitter have provided ways to selectively allow you to post your “presence data” online. You can block it posting all the time or some of the time.* Hipsters and techno-geeks believe that with the growing mountain of location and presence data, online posts will become less reliable arbiters of your privacy than hidden cameras, or someone watching when you leave your home.
  11. 11. * Choose your friends wisely.* Choose your posts wisely.* Never fear sharing yourself with others, however consider that your posts may go beyond your defined circle of friends.* Make sure you tailor your Privacy Settings accordingly.* When using “apps” understand what those apps are allowed to use and when they are allowed to share – some apps “autoshare” information on your behalf. VERY DANGEROUS* Don’t click on anything that says “you should see this video of yourself” etc.. As those are random facebook viruses that spread through the app-environment Social Media Marketing
  12. 12. * Bash Foo is a new media marketing agency, providing services from consulting to full-service operation of your digital marketing campaigns.* Web design, SEO, PPC, and social media marketingBash Foo140 E. Broadway Ave. Tipp City, OH 45371O: 478.227.4366M: 937.573.8535mike@bashfoo.com Social Media Marketing