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Outsourcing in Greece

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Outsourcing in Greece

  1. 1. Σ YSTEMS Outsourcing in Greece Delta Pi SystemsThessaloniki, Greece, 18 November 2011
  2. 2. Why outsource to Greece ◮ Greece is a country with a strong base of education. ◮ Excellent mathematics, science, and engineering schools and highly skilled professionals are found here. ◮ This is the best place for the high-end, and complex projects. Σ YSTEMS
  3. 3. What can Delta Pi Systems offer? Σ YSTEMS
  4. 4. Deliver every week September Mo Tu We Th Fr Functioning process or system Deliver something worthwhile every week Σ YSTEMS
  5. 5. Solutions by Scientific Field Σ YSTEMS
  6. 6. Solutions by Programming Language Σ YSTEMS
  7. 7. Enterprise Intelligence Data Analysis and Minig Statistics Σ YSTEMS
  8. 8. Enterprise Intelligence (cont.) Our open source services and solutions also include: ◮ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ◮ Human Resource Management (HRM) ◮ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ◮ Advanced Planning and Sceduling Σ YSTEMS
  9. 9. Software Engineering and Software Development Software Engineering Σ YSTEMS
  10. 10. Delta Pi Systems can offer integratedsolutions. Σ YSTEMS
  11. 11. Contact us Delta Pi Systems Thessaloniki, Greece Σ YSTEMS