Practical business use for Linkedin: Women’s Forum 2012


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Beyond simply looking up contacts, how LinkedIn can be used to recruit and generate business for companies.

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Practical business use for Linkedin: Women’s Forum 2012

  1. 1. Prac%cal  business  use  for  LinkedIn   «  How  LinkedIn  can  be  used  to  recruit  and   generate  business  for  companies?  »  
  2. 2. Who  am  I?   CEO  and  founder  of  the  social  bureau,  a   London/Paris  based,  social  business  consul<ng   agency.  Our  mission  is  to  work  with   organisa<ons  to  move  business  in  the  new   paradigm  of  customer,  partner,  employee   par<cipa<on.   •  @delphineRB   •   •  ]  Before  WW  social  media  director  at  IBM  for  4  years.  Hold  a  track  record  of  improving  cri<cal  business  outcomes  exploi<ng  new  market  opportuni<es  created  by  the  adop<on  of  social  media.  •  Held  a  serie  of  increasingly  responsible  posi<ons  within  IBM  Corporate   Communica<ons,  Marke<ng  and  Sales   @delphineRB  
  3. 3. Social  media  landscape   @delphineRB  
  4. 4. WHAT  IS  LINKEDIN?   @delphineRB  
  5. 5. The  biggest  professional  network   +80M +44M AMERIQUE DU NORD EMEA +25M ASIE PACIFIQUE +14M AMERIQUE DU SUD+175M   Members   +2   Members / Second +100M   Unique  Visitors/  month   @delphineRB  
  6. 6. A  global  presence  in  Europe   M+  UK +9M +3M NL +2M DACH +4M FRANCE +3M ITALY +3M SPAIN+4M  Members   x2   Subscribers number +34M   Members  in  Europe   @delphineRB  
  7. 7. 2New subscribers" 40% Of LinkedIn 175 Millions ofevery second members subscribers " subscribed in 2011 worldwide @delphineRB  
  8. 8. The  use  of  LinkedIn   @delphineRB  
  9. 9. More  than  a  career  site   85%Pages vues en moyenne lors de l utilisation de la section Profils of LinkedIn visitors use other products than job offers Recherche Page Groupes Accueil 54 % Offres " d’emploi Carnet Inbox d’adresses of members uses LinkedIn for being informed on business news and looking for trends Pages Entreprise % de visiteurs utilisant la section lorsqu ils sont en ligne 64 % of users notice that LinkedIn has significantly contributed to the success of a professional project" Source : LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, France, Août 2011 @delphineRB  
  10. 10. 100%  professional  context   @delphineRB  
  11. 11. 3  reasons  to  be  on  LinkedIn   Be visible and" promote our imageBuild a network Reinforce andand extend our share our influence expertise Everywhere ! @delphineRB  
  12. 12. Business  model   Turnover Annual share* growthRecruitment  solu%onsFor    recruiters  who  whish  to  have  access  to  the  largest     53% 107%professionals  live-­‐box  worldwideMarke%ng  solu%onsFor  brands  which  want  to  promote  their  products  and   28% 64%services  among  a  ultra-­‐qualified  audience  while  keeping  a  maximum  coveragePremium  membershipFor  advanced  users  who  have  specific  needs:  prospec<ng  business,   19% 82%recruitment,  fundraising @delphineRB  
  13. 13. A  high-­‐level  audience   Distribution of members by hierarchical levels56,4% 43,6% Owner   5%   Partner   1%   CxO   2%   VP   2%   Distribu%on  by  age     Director   11%   Manager   21%   18  –  34  ans   26%   Senior   28%   35  –  49  ans     37%   Entry  Level   29%   50  –  64  ans   26%   Intern   1%   65  ans  et  plus   11%   @delphineRB  
  14. 14. A  place  to  exchange  between  Business  decision  makers   DSI   Purchase  influencer   912  K   95  K   218   Affinity  with  Internet  users  who   Professionals  with  a  hierarchical   purchase  authorization  for  their   Professionals  employed  in  a   level  manager  or  more  in  IT   business   managerial  role  or  more   functions   Targeting  criteria:     Function     Seniority     Education     Sector     Business  size     Geographical  area     Group  membership   @delphineRB  
  15. 15. LinkedIn  for  business   Recruit   Communicate   Sale  Recruitment  of  the  best   Communica<on,   Connec<ons  and   talents   reputa<on,  performance   contacts   @delphineRB  
  16. 16. Recruit  the  best  talents   Cultivating its employer brandSourcing PublishingReduce the delays and the recruitment costs @delphineRB  
  17. 17. Some  added  solu<ons     @delphineRB  
  18. 18. Social  strategy:  create,  communicate,   engage   Create one Animate the business page community or one group Amplify the message Recruit followers Engage the conversation Follow   Community   Share   Viral   Network   @delphineRB  
  19. 19. Followers:  an  ac<ve  popula<on  40x Members who follow one company 3x Members who follow one company are« like » and comment 40 times more the 3 times more likely to buy products andcontent present on LinkedIn services of the company   @delphineRB  
  20. 20. Private  and  public  life  83%  Separate  our  professional  network  from  our  personal  one   2x A  trust  level    twice  higher  on  LinkedIn   informa<on   @delphineRB  
  21. 21. How  to  build  a  profile?   @delphineRB  
  22. 22. Increase  your  visibility  with  a  picture   @delphineRB  
  23. 23. Detail  your  experiences  and  educa<on   @delphineRB  
  24. 24. Sale  yourself!  Take  care  over  your  slogan   and  your  resume   @delphineRB  
  25. 25. Share  informa<on  with  your  network   @delphineRB  
  26. 26. Ask  for  recommenda<ons  and  highlight   your  skills  and  exper<se     @delphineRB  
  27. 27. Use  applica<ons  and  add  your  website   @delphineRB  
  28. 28. Have  the  good  reflexes  for  networking  Activate your2nd degreenetworkDetermine yourconnectionobjectivesWrite apersonalizedmessage Build regularly your network and join groups! @delphineRB  
  29. 29. Best  prac%ces   @delphineRB  
  30. 30. IBM   @delphineRB  
  31. 31. IBM:  case  study   @delphineRB  
  32. 32. IBM:  case  study  Engagement:  Experts  build  rela<onships  with  key  influencers  &  cons<tuencies  throught  shared  interest   @delphineRB  
  33. 33. IBM:  case  study  Connect  with  experts  through  LinkedIn  Improve  outreach  effec<veness  Increase  awareness  and  midshare  Buid  a  network  of  advocates   @delphineRB  
  34. 34. IBM:  case  study  IBM  supports  open  dialogue  and  the  exchange  of  ideas:  To  learn,  to  contribute    Be  who  you  are    Speak  in  the  first  person    Use  a  disclaimer    Respect  your  audience      Add  value    Dont  pick  fights    Be  the  first  to  respond  to  your   own  mistakes.      Use  your  best  judgment.    Dont  forget  your  day  job.   @delphineRB  
  35. 35. @delphinerb   IBM  Social  footprint   Internal   External   300,000+  • Blogs - 17,000 blogs• SocialBlue – 70K members 25,000+  • WikiCentral –1 million daily page views 100,000+  • InnovationJam – 4 Jams, 200,000  +   500,000 participants• Media Library – 14 million 370,000+   downloads @delphineRB  
  36. 36. @delphinerb  Employee-­‐generated  brand  interac<ons  are   growing  exponen<ally   @delphineRB  
  37. 37. Orange   @delphineRB  
  38. 38. Orange  Orange  has  39  763  followers  on  its  enterprise  page  It  is  for  all  Orange  employees,  but  also  for  those  who  are  interested  in  Orange  for  their  professional  project  This  page  highlights  the  different  jobs  of  the  group  in  the  heart  of  digital  Selec<on  of  job  offers  Give  the  opportunity  to  share  on  these  jobs  with  men  and    women  who  perform  them   @delphineRB  
  39. 39. Orange  Orange  just  launched  this  summer  «  Orange  Worldwide  »  It  is  an  open  account  for  all  members  Objec<ves:  exchange  on  Orange  Group  news  but  also  help  raising  awareness  of  related  topics  to  new  technologies  and  future  prac<ces   @delphineRB  
  40. 40. AMEX   @delphineRB  
  41. 41. AMEX  •   Amex  decided  to  target  more  business  consumers,  bring  in  and  engage  a  new  set  of  poten<al  customers  that  would  help  build  brand  loyalty.  Amex  choose  LinkedIn  to  do  so.    •   They  developed  an  app  for  ‘Everything  You  Do’,  which  allowed  people  to  nominate  administrators  in  their  companies,  for  the  chance  to  win  a  gin  card  courtesy  of  Amex.    •   The  app  worked  through  vo<ng,  with  the  person  with  the  most  votes  winning  $2500,  while  smaller  daily  winners  were  also  selected.  The  campaign  was  also  adver<sed  through  banner  ads  on  the  LinkedIn  network.     @delphineRB  
  42. 42. Questions? Delphine Remy-Boutang +44 7720 414 493 +33 6 31 65 69 43 @delphineRB @thesocialbureau @delphineRB