Welcome presentation spring 2014


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Welcome Entrepreneurship 1 Spring 2014 Traditional Class

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Welcome presentation spring 2014

  1. 1. Welcome to ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1 Online •Our class officially begins on Monday, January 21. •Before you begin working, you always go to the following: • LEARNING BLOCK FORUM and check out the post from your instructor, Ms. Barnhill (Ms. B). • Important information is found here daily. To Begin Working • Open the NCVPS Getting Started Module and complete the assignment. • This module is an introduction to the class. • There are 2 assignments in this section. • Two will be graded. Delores Barnhill, Instructor How to Be Successful In the Course Log into the class everyday Read the announcements Check your messages Complete some work everyday
  2. 2. What Can You Expect From Me? • I will call each of you during the first week to discuss the class. • Follow up calls will be made throughout the course • Each day I will grade all work that has been submitted and enter grades in the gradebook. Delores Barnhill, Instructor If you have a question • Send a message through the course. I will respond to all messages. • Check Blackboard IM. If I am own I can answer your questions. • On Monday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. I will be online several times a day. You can ask questions anytime. • Check out PEER TUTORS for help. • Email me at delores.barnhill@ncpublicschools.gov • You can always text me at (252) 375-4298.
  3. 3. What I Need From You? •Log into the course and work EVERY DAY! •You should plan to work 2 to 3 hours daily. Just do not get behind. Delores Barnhill, Instructor •Check the Assignment Schedule (in the Courses Resources Folder) and be sure to complete and submit work by the due dates. Complete Your I will also post in in the LEARNING FORUM on Work On Time! Mondays. Do not get •Contact me IMMEDIATELY if you have a behind!! question. Do not wait until the end of the week to tell me you were having trouble. •You can send a message through the course or text me at (252) 375-4298 I am looking forward to having a great semester. Remember I am only a phone call, message, text away.
  4. 4. IMPORTANT •GET HELP as soon as you have a problem. •COMPUTER/LOGIN PROBLEMS •Click on the HELP DESK TAB at the top of the screen and submit a new ticket Delores Barnhill, Instructor Complete Your Work On Time! Do not get behind!! •NEED TO CONTACT THE TEACHER • Send a MESSAGE through the message board in the course. • TEXT me at 252-375-4298 • CALL me at 252-916-9053. I am looking forward to having a great semester. Remember I am only a phone call, message, text away.