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Navigating the new digital divide


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Deloitte has been tracking and measuring digital influence on retail sales since 2012 and this year’s study has uncovered some new consumer behaviours:

- Digital influenced consumers buy more and spend more;
Not all retail categories are equal;
- Consumers prefer to use their own devices for assistance in store;
- Consumers are hunters, not gatherers once they arrive in-store.

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Navigating the new digital divide

  1. 1. Navigating the New Digital Divide Capitalising on digital influence in retail For the third year, Deloitte studied over 3,000 UK consumers in early 2015 to understand how their digital interactions are influencing in-store UK retail purchases. Many retailers are dramatically undersestimating the influence of digital and are caught in a divide where they are making digital investments that primarily support their eCommerce business rather than their brick-and-mortar business. @DeloitteUK Follow #DeloitteUKretail £170,000,000,000of retail sales will be influenced by digital by the end of 2015. DIGITALANDMOBILEINFLUENCEONIN-STORESALES 2012 Mobile Digital 20142012 2014 12% 28% 5% 16%
  2. 2. RETAILCATEGORIESMOSTANDLEASTINFLUENCEDBYDIGITAL 0 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 55%45%35%25%15%5% Mobile Influence Digital Influence Miscellaneous Supplies (e.g., pet, office) 31% 26% Baby/Toddler 27% 38% Automobile 26% 42% Books/Music/ Entertainment 26% 42% Furniture/Home Furnishings/Home Improvement 26% 44% Electronics 32% 52% Apparel 20% 33% Food/Beverage 10% 21% Health/Wellness/ Beauty 17% 28%
  3. 3. CONSUMERSPREFERTOUSETHEIROWNDEVICESFORASSISTANCEIN-STORE Sales associate Unmanned device Own device Get product information Check item availability Checkout/ payment Navigate to an itemLook up item price ����� ����� ����� 45% 21% 14% ����� ����� ����� 41% 28% 19% ����� ����� ����� 37% 26% 17% ����� ����� ����� 37% 31% 22% ����� ����� ����� 25% 21% 12%
  4. 4. DIGITAL&SOCIALMEDIAUSAGERESULTINHIGHERCONVERSION&SPEND In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline. So it is not about the digital business, it is just business. 34%ofconsumers say digital makes shopping in-store easier Consumers that use digital when shopping in-store convert at a 42%higher rate than those not using digital 28%of consumers who spent more as a result of using digital did so by buying a complimentary product Shoppers are 33% more likely to make a purchase the same day when they use social media to help shop either before or during their trip
  5. 5. THECONSUMER’SSHOPPINGJOURNEYISINCREASINGLYSELF-DIRECTED 77% of consumers are leading their own shopping journey (becoming aware of products through means outside of retailer or brand advertisements) 47% of consumers read product reviews online during their path to in-store purchase To improve relevance to our audience and consistency in our global research we have made some changes from our previous approach. • We conducted this research in January 2015, previous surveys had been fielded in September, this was to bring it in to line with our Global Digital Influence project. • We decided to focus more on category level sales, rather than sales through specific store types i.e. clothing not clothing retailers as this gives a broader view of the impact of digital on retail. • We have made some additional changes to the survey itself to bring it into line with surveys conducted in other markets and have refined the digital influence calculation itself.