The Deloitte Consumer Review
Reinventing the role of the high street
Many have declared the ‘end of the high street’ but w...
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The Deloitte Consumer Review


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The Deloitte Consumer Review: Reinventing the role of the high street. The sixth edition of The Deloitte Consumer Review series looks at the regeneration of the UK high street as it faces pressures such as a post-recession economic environment, digital acceleration and changing consumers.

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The Deloitte Consumer Review

  1. 1. The Deloitte Consumer Review Reinventing the role of the high street Many have declared the ‘end of the high street’ but we believe it will continue to be an important place where innovative, consumer-focused businesses will grow and thrive. THE HIGH STREET IS STILL THRIVING It remains the consumers’ number one choice for shops, services and leisure activities. 61% of consumers are happy with the convenience of their local high street 59% 58% 55% 52% 50% 43% do top-up grocery shopping HIGH ST. visit for banking/ financial services groceries purchase beauty and personal care products go to high street cafés visit restaurants fashion cafe beauty financial buy clothing and footwear restaurants BUT CONSUMERS WANT MORE ... ... and 73% want a say in the shops and services available on their local high street. 48% 60% WANT MORE PARKING SPACES WANT FREE PARKING 59% 44% WANT A WIDER CHOICE OF STORES WANT MORE ENTERTAINMENT 57% 46% WANT MORE INDEPENDENT SHOPS WANT MORE COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES DIGITAL SHOULD COMPLEMENT, NOT COMPETE Consumers are demanding an omnichannel experience from their high street. 45% 1 in 3 1in 10 47% want free Wi-Fi on the high street want to use a Click & Collect service consumers already order products online and collect them in store agree that empty stores would make convenient collection points for online shopping THE FUTURE? The future will see high streets tailored to the needs and aspirations of the local population. The recipe for a success contains three key elements. 1 2 CONVENIENCE EXPERIENCE The unique selling point: local and instant access to products. Create an overall high street experience that cannot be replicated online to attract and engage with consumers. 3 OMNICHANNEL Capitalise on convenience and the enhanced experience using digital technology.