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Esri Web Applications February11 2011


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GIS seminar presentation, Feb 11 by esri

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Esri Web Applications February11 2011

  1. 1. The Practical Aspects of Web GIS using ArcGIS Server David Crosby – Esri Jeff Smith – Esri Garima Vyas - Esri
  2. 2. Goals• Esri product history and history of web GIS• Esri model for GIS on the web• What are web services?• REST and SOAP• Esri APIs• Samples and Demonstration
  3. 3. Web GIS – Principles and Applications • Esri Press book by Pinde Fu and Jiulin Sun • Published November 2010 • Available at
  4. 4. Esri Web Product History • ArcView IMS Late • MapObjects IMS 1990’s • ArcIMS – early 2000 (SDE and Shapefiles) - The START of Esri web collaboration with IMS services • ArcGIS Server – around 2005 • Grown parallel to technology • ArcIMS Used ActiveX, Cold Fusion, servlets • ArcGIS Server takes advantage of SOAP, REST
  5. 5. Web GIS • Historically, GIS was mainframes, then servers and desktops – this was expensive! • The web is an ideal platform for GIS • The web allows for collaboration - Data, maps, models, computing power!
  6. 6. Mashups • Discover and search online • Mix content from different sources – through SERVICES! • Not available? Make your own content and add to others to create value-added applications • Most important thing is make data available for others
  7. 7. 1. Web Services – the Esri Approach Source: Web Applications, Principles and Applications, Esri Press 2010
  8. 8. What are web services? A method of communication between two electronic devices exposed over the Internet Clients consume remote objects and functionality Examples: - Data Providers: Yellow pages, search engine - Service Providers: Credit card authentication - GIS: map, locator, geodata, feature…services
  9. 9. How do web services work?  Two primary architectures: SOAP and REST  Requests and responses are made via HTTP protocol  Example of a typical request/response HTTP Request Web Service Web Service Client HTTP Response
  10. 10. What is SOAP? Simple Object Access Protocol XML-based protocol for accessing a web service Language and platform independent Messages are negotiated and transmitted via HTTP Used in Web ADF in Server Manager web applications
  11. 11. Sample SOAP Message HTTP Protocol SOAP Document POST /InStock HTTP/1.1 Host: HEADER (Optional) Content-Type: application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8Delivery Info. Content-Length: nnn <?xml version="1.0"?> <soap:Envelope BODY xmlns:soap="" soap:encodingStyle=" Method Parameters encoding"> <soap:Body xmlns:m=""> <m:GetStockPrice> <m:StockName>IBM</m:StockName> </m:GetStockPrice> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope>
  12. 12. What is REST?  REpresentational State Transfer  Not a language, rather a design pattern  Services are exposed as resources  Resources are available on the web over HTTP  Client addresses resources via a URL
  13. 13. REST principles  Addressable resources are referenced via a URL (usually referred to as the noun)  Representations of these resources are returned in various formats, e.g. json, html, xml, etc.  Resources have operations such as PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE (usually referred to as verbs)
  14. 14. ArcGIS Server REST API  Web interface to ArcGIS Server services  Resources and operations exposed via URLs  Server catalog is a well-known endpoint  A simple view of your ArcGIS Server - .NET = http://<host>/arcgis/rest/services - Java = http://<host>:8399/arcgis/rest/services
  15. 15. ArcGIS Server REST API example• Examples ESRI_StatesCitiesRivers_USA/MapServer/export?bbox=-125,6.9,- 66.1,66.8
  16. 16. SOAP and REST Requests SOAP Request: <?xml version="1.0"?> <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" soap:encodingStyle=""> <soap:body pb=""> <pb:GetUserDetails> <pb:UserID>12345</pb:UserID> </pb:GetUserDetails> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> REST Request:
  17. 17. SOAP vs. REST?  REST is lightweight whereas SOAP has more XML markup  REST potentially easier to implement  REST is generally more agile with development  REST does not require toolkits to build  SOAP adheres to rigid type checking  *Ultimately, they are both web services and that is what counts!
  18. 18. ArcGIS APIs• Web APIs - ArcGIS API for JavaScript - ArcGIS API for Flex - ArcGIS API for Silverlight• Device APIs - ArcGIS Mobile SDK – Windows Mobile Phones and Pocket PCs. - ArcGIS API for iOS - ArcGIS API for Windows Phone 7 (newer technology) - ArcGIS API for Android
  19. 19. Web Application Examples • ArcGIS Javascript API - Summit Map (2009 ESRI Mashup Challenge Winner) • ArcGIS Flex API - DTSAgile Exec Mashup (2010 ESRI Mashup Challenge winner) • ArcGIS Silverlight API - Silverlight Showcase
  20. 20. Web Application Demo ArcGIS Viewer for Flex
  21. 21. Thank you! Questions?