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Using Facebook for Business


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A useful guide for businesses about how to use Facebook for promotion, customer engagement, and building influence. Learn more about Dell Social Media here:

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Using Facebook for Business

  1. 1. Using Facebook for BusinessEmmet Porter & Connie
  2. 2. www.DellTrainingCenter.comFacebook : Some basic information• Largest global social network• One billion monthly activeusers as of October2012. (Source: Facebook, 2012)• 600 million monthly activeusers who used Facebookmobile products in September2012. (Source: Facebook, 2012)
  3. 3. www.DellTrainingCenter.comWhy have a company page?Facebook Users can ‘like’ your BusinessWhen people ―like‖ your Page they effectively opt-in to see your updates and messages.Target Specific UsersTarget your page posts by location and language sothe most relevant people see them in their news feeds.Your posts will still be visible to anyone who visits yourpage, even if they are outside of your target audience.Pages Look GoodCompany Pages show messages with visual contentin an appealing way by using large images..
  4. 4. Setting up a Facebook Company page.Setting up a Facebook is simple. Before publishing the page ensurethat you have included the following:• Logo and cover photo• Relevant admins are added• Information area is populated with a link to your businesswebsite• Use apps to integrate appropriate content feeds e.g. Twitter,Youtube or bespoke apps• Ensure you have identified and published key milestones• Customise the URL of the
  5. 5. Engaging UsersFocus on increasing ―likes‖ over time by ensuring that you keep thepage fresh, interesting and up to date. ―Likes‖ drive traffic on Facebookso you need as many people as possible to ―like‖ your page.www.DellTrainingCenter.comHere are eight ways to promote your newcompany page:• Put your company page URL in your e-mailsignature• Invite e-mail contacts via Facebook (needsto connect with your e-mail service)• Add a Like box on your web page• Put a Facebook widget on your blog orwebsite• Put a link on your personal Facebook profileand get your team to do the same!• Ask existing fans to invite their friends• Promote your page on Twitter• Invest in Facebook ads
  6. 6. Engaging Userswww.DellTrainingCenter.comOnce someone ―Likes‖ your Page, they‖re giving you a powerful formof permission. They‖re saying they want to connect with you onFacebook. This gives you an opportunity to then keep in touch withthat individual and also get exposure to their Facebook contacts.Getting liked is just the start. You need toengage with your followers by :Sharing ContentParticipating in conversationsEncouraging them to spread theword about your business
  7. 7. Using Facebook: Top 10• Feature an exclusive offer. One of the best ways to see results from your Page is tofrequently run special offers specifically for your Facebook fans.• Ask questions. One of the best ways to engage your Facebook fans is to ask themsimple, open-ended questions that allow them to share their views.• Use Facebooks Questions feature to poll your fans. This is an easy way for people tosee how their answers or votes stack up with others.• Share other peoples content. While its great to post your own content, its perfectlyacceptable to post links to articles, photos, or videos you find interesting or informative.• What’s new? Is there something exciting happening at your business or organization? Ifpossible share the news in a quick video – multimedia content is especially popular.• Respond to comments. Don‖t ignore people who are commenting. Make sure youthank them for their messages —even if they are negative —and answer any questionsthey may have.• Share motivational/ inspirational quotes or statements. These are always good for a“Like” or a share. Theyre also a good way to see what beliefs you share with your fans.• Share photos and videos. The most shared (viral) content on Facebook comes in theform of photos and videos. Be sure to add those to your content mix.• Run a "Fan of the Week" feature. This is a great way to say ―thanks‖ by putting thespotlight on your fans.• Just say thanks every now and then. Simple, yet powerful. Show your fans that youappreciate their attention.
  8. 8. Monitor your pageIt‖s really important to monitor updates on your Facebook page and torespond to posts and engage with your followers on Facebook. Checkyour page daily and use the notification features in the admin panel toget Facebook to notify you when someone likes or post or commentson your page.People tend to speak their mind on Facebook so it‖s a useful place topick up any positive or negative sentiment relations to your companyor brand. Remember these pointers:• Respond to them quickly.• Don‖t overact to negative comments.• If you have identified a particular user who is being particularlyobjectionable you can ban them via the permissions panel.• You can also block certain words automatically using
  9. 9. Building influence and reaching outwww.DellTrainingCenter.comTo keep your followers engaged share updates, questions, photos,links and other content on your Page regularly.Some other things you can do include:UpdatePollsStarred postPinned PostsUse updates to tell your followers about new stuff.Use polls to encourage participation.Starred posts are shown at a larger size – they spantwo columns instead of just one.Make sure people notice your most important contentby pinning posts to the top of your page. Pinned postsremain at the top of the page for a week.
  10. 10. Paid Promotion on Facebookwww.DellTrainingCenter.comThere are two key ways you can pay to promote yourpage on Facebook:Promoted posts are a good way to ensurethat your messages are seen. Promotedposts are paid for and ensure that themessage appears in the user‖s feed. They areparticularly useful when you have some bignews to share.The great thing about Facebook advertising isthat it is possible to target people based on anumber of characteristics. For example, youcan target people of a certain demographic,who live in a particular area, and have likedcertain pages.
  11. 11. Ready to learn more?You can find a complete course covering these topics atthe Dell Training Center: DellTrainingCenter.comWe also have courses on:• Introducing Social Media for Business• Twitter for Business• LinkedIn for Business• Blogs for BusinessDell also has a Social Media Toolkit which includes bestpractices and case