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Social Net Advocacy (SNA) Demo Tour


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Dell’s innovative Social Net Advocacy program allows Dell to measure brand advocacy and extract actionable insights in near real-time.

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Social Net Advocacy (SNA) Demo Tour

  1. 1. Social Net Advocacy (SNA) Demo Tour • Munish Gupta • Director, Social Media Analytics
  2. 2. Global Marketing Dashboard shows the SNA metric and customizable daily/weekly/monthly trending chart Dell SNA for Nov Detailed Post metrics WeeklySNA and Post Trend 25
  3. 3. Global Marketing Topics Tab: Provides SNA by different Topic groups – Products, Components, Customer Journey - in a sortable list Allows youto drill down into a specific product/topic Displaying SNA for all Product Categories Drill down a specific product SNA dropped by 16 pts in last week of Nov
  4. 4. Global Marketing Drill in to topics to understand change in SNA for any time period (week to week) Topics – Relatedtab shows which topics are contributing to the change
  5. 5. Global Marketing Allows you to drill down in to actual posts which are contributing to drop in SNA Customers unhappy about price for specific config of XPS 13 with ubuntu
  6. 6. Global Marketing SNA jumped right back after price correction 6
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