How Dell is Using Social Media to Deepen Relationships and Build Trust


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Liz Brown Bullock, Director of Social Media and Community, Dell, presents how Dell has used social media to build trust and deepen customer relationships by listening, engaging and acting. Presentation at Marketing Science Institute Board of Trustees Meeting April 2013 with the topic, Building Trust in a Digital Age. Learn more about Dell Social Media here:

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How Dell is Using Social Media to Deepen Relationships and Build Trust

  1. 1. How Dell is using social media todeepen relationships & build trustLiz Bullock, Director Social Media & MarketingLiz Brown Bullock (LinkedIn)@lizbbullock#MSITMtg
  2. 2. Global MarketingPower of social media:More than ever – a company’sbrand is influenced by whatconsumers are saying about thebrandHow companiesmarket, sell to andsupport theircustomers ischanging…25% of search resultsfor the world’s top20 largest brands arelinks to user-generated content(Socialnomics, ’09)A professor orperson like you istrusted 2x as muchas a chief executiveor governmentofficial(Edelman Trust Barometer, ‘13)Confidential290% trust recommendations frompeople they know. 70% trustconsumer opinions posted online.14% trust advertising (Nielsen, 2009)
  3. 3. Global MarketingEngage or Die…Customers expect more.• In 5 years trust attributes have shiftedfrom operational excellence to moreengaging, external facing behaviors– Listens to customer needs andfeedback– Takes responsible actions to addressan issue or crisisTops down message won’t cut it aloneanymore.• Action consumers, social activists,employees involved in real-time,peer to peer dialoguesConfidential3 4/18/2013 • Edelman Trust Barometer 2013
  4. 4. Global MarketingDell’s SocialMediaJourney4 Confidential 4/18/2013
  5. 5. Global MarketingJanuary2008Dell alignsorganizationfor successAugust 2006Blog outreachexpanded beyondtech SupportDecember 2006Ratings andreviews launchedon Dell.comJuly 2006Direct2Dell launchedToday Direct2Dell exists inEnglish, Spanish, Norwegian,Japanese and Chinese.February 2006Michael Dell askedWhy don’t we reach out and helpbloggers with tech support issues?January 2007StudioDell launchedDell’s video and podcast site, withhelpful tips and tricks. Eventuallyexpanding this into the YouTubechannel making sharing easier.February 2007IdeaStorm launchedA voting based site allowingcustomers and others tosubmit ideas for Dell.June 2007Dell joined TwitterEmployeeStormlaunchedInternal Blogs Launchedfor Employees.October 2007Michael Dell quoted in BusinessWeekIn response to Jeff Jarvis question aroundwhether companies want to be part of theonline conversation: ”My argument is youabsolutely do. You can learn from them. Youcan improve your reaction time. And you canbe a better company by listening and beinginvolved in that conversation.”November 2007DellShareslaunchedThe first investorrelations blog by apublic company.March 2008Accepted Solutionslaunched on CommunityDell France begins OnlineCommunity OutreachMay 2008Dell Outlet achieved$0.5M in sales via TwitterApril 2008Inside IT launchedBlog focused on businesscustomers, and CloudComputing.June 2008ChannelbloglaunchedJanuary 2009Dell Organizesinto fourcustomerfocusedbusiness unitsSpring 2009Members ofCommunityandConversationsdeployedwithin each ofthe new DellBusiness unitsJune 2009$2M+ Salesvia Twitter2009Dell TechCenterJune 2009Global Twitterrevenues of$6.5 MDecember2009HuffingtonPost BlogMarch2010DelljoinsSinaWeiboinChina2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Altimeterrecognized Dellwith “OpenLeadership Awardfor Innovation andExecution”Social Media &CommunityUniversity (SMaC U)launched5,000 teammembers trained byend of yearB2B pages onFacebookDellnamedthe No.1 mostsocialbrand6 Awards for theSocial Media ListeningCommand CenterJune 2010CAP Days launchedIn-person events for vocalonline customersDecember 2010Social MediaListeningCommandCenter launchedSeven years journey of embedding social to be a betterbusiness52012
  6. 6. Global MarketingListen, Engage, ActConfidential6 4/18/2013CustomerListen to customer conversations across onlineCustomer Needs Brand ReputationIdeas• Tech & care support• Sales support• IdeaStorm• Collaboration• Providing communities• Thank you & delight• Employee advocacySales MarketingProductGroupHR Online
  7. 7. Global Marketing7 ConfidentialListening to Be A Better Business,across the Business
  8. 8. Global MarketingDell’s CAP Days & Social Think TanksCustomers giving feedback on Dell’s business Dell facilitating topic-based discussions &brainstorms with influencers not customersOutside In Inside OutCustomerFeedbackCustomerFeedbackCustomerFeedbackCustomerFeedbackInfluencerDialogueInfluencerDialogueInfluencerDialogueInfluencerDialogue
  9. 9. Global MarketingIdeaStorm & Storm SessionsLaunched in 2007 to provide customers withavenue to share ideas on products, servicesand operations• 60,000+ User Accounts• 18,000+ Ideas• 739,000+ Votes• 97,000+ Comments• 520 Ideas ImplementedMost recently supported new productlaunch (Project Sputnik) to address newtarget audience (developers)• Ideastorm members 50% higher inrevenue vs. non members• Purchase Frequency 33% higherConfidential9 4/18/2013
  10. 10. Global MarketingCustomer ExperienceSocial Outreach team formed in 2006• Tech support experts were then hand-selected for their tech problem-solvingexpertise and superior interpersonalskills• On average team addresses 3,000 postsa week in 11 languages– 98% resolution rate– 45% ranters to ravers conversion– Team proactively developing helpfulcontent based listening andengagementsConfidential10 4/18/2013
  11. 11. Global MarketingThanking Customers #DellLoveSurprise & delight our customers to create memorable experiences• Weekly videos created to thank customers• Ability to answer questions or offer Product Recommendations• 200+ videos created to date with 4MM+ reach• 4/18/2013“By creating this video to thank me, Dell hassuccessfully evangelized itself … I will go onand on about this incident anytimesomeone talks to me about Dell or seeksmy advice while buying a computer. And soI act as an evangelist for Dell which canpossibly get them more business.”– Social Paparazzi,
  12. 12. Global MarketingDrive culturalchange:Training,enablement &customer-connection12 Confidential 4/18/2013
  13. 13. Global Marketing13 ConfidentialEmpowering employees: Social Media & CommunityUniversity4/18/2013PolicyPrinciplesGovernanceTraining & Tools
  14. 14. Global MarketingSocialSME (Subject Matter Experts)Train SME’s to be social thoughtleaders, develop key influencer andcustomer relationships and thrive inrelevant online communitiesValue: Impact Dell’s share of voice,sentiment, SEO, solutions andultimately salesIndividual scorecards: Revenue,share of voice, earned media value,SEO and engagementConfidential14 4/18/2013 Credibility Sees Dramatic Changes: Edelman Trust Barometer 2012
  15. 15. Global MarketingClosing with final thoughts…• #1 Trust is not a commodity. It cannot be bought, it must be earned• #2 Embrace all channels of communication both offline and online andactively listen• #3 Provide opportunities for your consumers, advocates and employees toco-create and be part of your process• #4 Engagement and Integrity are critical for success in building Trust• #5 Train your employees – and even offer a class on listening for insightsand how to bring into the businessConfidential15 4/18/2013
  16. 16. Global MarketingConfidential16 4/18/2013
  17. 17. Global Marketing17 ConfidentialThank YouQ&A