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Engaging in Conversations about your Brand


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A guide to engaging in conversations about your brand. Jason Duty - Social Outreach Services at Dell, discusses best practices and tips for building, joining, and engaging in social communities for a brand.

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Engaging in Conversations about your Brand

  1. 1. Engaging inConversationsabout Your BrandJason DutyDell Inc
  2. 2. It’s Not the Wild West; It’s the Blob Learning Objectives for this session • Getting Started • Assessing Engagement Opportunities • Best Practices2 Confidential Global Marketing
  3. 3. Getting Started3 Confidential Global Marketing
  4. 4. First, Read the Thread: Understanding Contextand Rules of the Road Image courtesy of elitistjerks.comTips & Best Practices for Getting Started• “Listen” (read) & understand context and community including TOS/TOU• Remember that real conversations are two-way (at a minimum)• When building/joining communities, find the most valuable ones• Think before you post, but always be yourself• Remember: The internet never forgets4 Confidential Global Marketing
  5. 5. Big Brother is Watching: Disclosure• Transparency is important• FCC requires disclosure of an author’s affiliation with a brand when discussing the brand• Include disclosure in your Twitter profile.• Disclose in each post for other platforms Image courtesy of michaellouiscalvillo.com5 Confidential Global Marketing
  6. 6. Engaging6 Confidential Global Marketing
  7. 7. Holy %$@#! Someone Just Mentioned UsHow to assess and evaluate engaging in a conversation Misguide Unhappy Positive Question Trolls Agreeable, Poster seeks Rants, ridicule or d Negative Factual errors in customer truthful post additional info demands the post experience Reach Monitor Fix the Restore Offer Avoid facts Call in your out responding and customer Engage w/ Answers look for Respond with factual supportpositive posters comments resources information Response Final Evaluation Consideration: Base response on present -InfluenceResponding info, site influence and -Timeliness customer prominence -Transparency -Tone -Sourcing Media and Community Social
  8. 8. They Don’t Hate You, They Just Need a Hug:Capitalizing on Turn-around Opportunities• When there’s been a mistake, problem, etc, surprise a customer with something unexpectedly awesome8 Confidential Global Marketing
  9. 9. Other Best Practices9 Confidential Global Marketing
  10. 10. It’s About the People• Interact with customers in existing discussions & sometimes create your own• When customers comment, acknowledge them• Reward an individual for participation by publically thanking them• Resist the temptation to flood your brand’s wall, feed, etc. with transactional messages• Share posts/links you find interesting10 Confidential Global Marketing
  11. 11. The Robots Will Kill Us All• If you haven’t been asked already, at some point you will…• “Is this a real person?”• Tips to avoid – Be personable – Avoid using scripts / marketing language – Mix biz and common interests posts – Use multi-media Image courtesy of theoldrobots.com11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. 12. Questions?12 Confidential Global Marketing