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5 Steps to Social Media for Business


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Social media best practices, guidelines, and policies for businesses, why social media is essential for businesses today, and how to effectively integrate it with other business activities. Learn more about Dell Social Media here:

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5 Steps to Social Media for Business

  1. 1. 5 Steps toSocial Media for BusinessEmmet Porter & Connie
  2. 2. www.DellTrainingCenter.comBasics for Success in Social Media1. Purpose for using social media for business2. Importance of having guidelines and policies3. Importance of growing your social media community4. The importance of a content strategy5. Integrating social media into other business activities
  3. 3. 1. Why Social Media?Social media is being used by businesses around the world tocommunicate with customers, suppliers, partners and the media.Social media can support traditional forms of communications in awide variety of
  4. 4. Basic StatisticsFacebook – 955 million users (June 2012)YouTube – over 700 videos shared each minute (YouTube 2012)Twitter – over 140 million users (2012)• Social media fosters a genuine connection between a companyand its customers• Consumers gather 60% of information they need to make apurchase before speaking to a salesperson• Positive word of mouth can be enhanced by building relationshipswith online influencers• A fifth of journalists use Twitter for sourcing
  5. 5. Using Social Media• Be Transparent• Be a goodambassador• Follow the law• Be Respectful• If it makes youthink twice,stop!• Fix mistakes• Add value• Think of socialmedia as aconversation• Be interactiveand proactive• Don’t brag
  6. 6. 2. Guidelines and PoliciesSocial media enables us to engage in dialogue, provide and exchangeinformation, and build understanding. But like every communication channelyou must take care to use it responsibly and have a set of guidelines
  7. 7. 3. Growing Your CommunityManaging social media is like tending a garden. You can’t leave it untendedand you have to work hard to grow and maintain your social mediapresence.You also need to ensure that you have a cohesive presence across all socialmedia channels.For example: If you upload a product video to YouTube, then you shouldwrite a blog post about it, Tweet a link to it on Twitter, share it on
  8. 8. 4. Creating a Content Strategywww.DellTrainingCenter.comA comprehensive content strategy requires planning andleverages many different types of content.News &EventsExpert InsightProduct /services infoOpinion /CommentTime sensitive content based on facts, events &happeningsDeeper knowledge from industry experts & thoughtleadersTell your network about your products & servicesbut avoid the hard sell.Commentary on what others are saying. You can becontroversial but objectivity is key.
  9. 9. 5. Integration with other Business Activitieswww.DellTrainingCenter.comSocial Media works best when integrated with all otherbusiness activities.• It can tie in with other online marketing activities.• It can help promote events.• It can reduce recruitment costs through social media profiles promotingthe company as a great place to work.• It can help spread content assets, allowing them to be shared acrosssocial networks.• It can help drive traffic.• It can be used to gain feedback, as well as signal a crisis looming.
  10. 10. Ready to learn more?You can find a complete course covering these topics atthe Dell Training Center: DellTrainingCenter.comWe also have courses on:• Twitter• Facebook• LinkedIn• BlogsDell also has a Social Media Toolkit which includes bestpractices and case