Social Interneting Intro Part IV: What is The Internet?


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This is the fourth of a 4 Part series that describes a Social Internet Philosophy that can creates positive results for Small Business in the world of internet marketing.

This presentation focuses on the technologies and ideas that make up the internet.

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Social Interneting Intro Part IV: What is The Internet?

  1. 1. Intro Part II: What is this “Internet” you speak of?
  2. 2. Millions of People Use the Internet Everyday There is no getting around the idea that the internet is an important part of life People are using more and more online technologies everyday to increase the productivity of their lives Most of the general populace does not understand or is interested in knowing how the technology works As Business Owners wanting to increase profits, the idea of using a tool that you have little understanding is unnerving We need to have a basic level of understanding in order get the best out of the systems we use Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  3. 3. Social Interneting Identifies 6 “Keys of Understanding” about the Internet Web Technologies Distribution Technologies GUI Technologies Development Technologies Browsers Buzzwords Social Interneting Part II: The Internet The Internet 1/3 of Social Interneting
  4. 4. Web Technologies: How the Internet Works Conceptually “Web Technologies” are simple in design: 1) From your computer you REQUEST an item from a server 2) The server PROCESSES the request 3) The Server sends a RESPONSE back to your computer 4) Your computer TRANSFORMS the response so you can understand the information Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  5. 5. Some Web Technologies are simple to understand HTML, the language that drives the internet, can be easy to understand by knowing simple rules: 1) HTML is a tag based language. Anything important to communicate is done inside a <open> and </closing> tag. 2) Abbreviations are made to make the language compact to send & receive 3) A translation to readable format is needed to have end users understand what the information says 4) Learning some basics will give a big boost when talking with developers about what is needed for your business Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  6. 6. Why does knowing about Web Technologies Important? One location is not as important as information Information can be shared simply without duplication The REQUEST will only return information the server PROCESSes REQUESTs and RESPONSEs can be manipulated in cyberspace The End-User Experience has little to do with the retrieval of information Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  7. 7. Distribution Technologies : Providing Information Connectivity Utilizing “Distribution Technologies” gives end-users the ability to interact with your information on their terms. •Distribution Technologies are “Web Technologies” standardized by a standards organization •The most used Distribution Technology is the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed •Distribution Technologies are used primarily in Blogs and Article systems, but Distribution Technologies can be used anywhere information needs to be retrieved •Most “web enabled” devices have a way of reading Distribution Technologies, including computers, PDA’s, cell phones, mp3 players, etc Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  8. 8. Why is knowing about Distribution Technologies are important? Distribution gives end users flexibility in about getting information More than just article information can be distributed Give subscription based thoughts will create repeat consumers Getting information without a website keeps “in mind” presence Distribution can push information to other internet locations Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  9. 9. GUI Technologies: How do End Users Interact on Your Website? GUI ( Graphical User Interface) technologies is about how an end user interacts with information on your website. Standard web controls, like a textbox, will prompt for user interaction while an image or video may just display information. GUI technologies that work well in an application, such as tree lists, may not work the same in a web application. Creating custom controls can allow the end user a new way to interact with your information Creative GUI Technologies push the use of the internet forward (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, etc.) Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  10. 10. WARNING: A website is not a desktop application Just because an item works well in a desktop application does not mean that it will work well in a web application Desktop applications can have a dynamic way of moving through a process (jumping from forms to forms), the web is a very static means of moving through a process (web page) If the control of the means of process flow breaks the end user may not be able to complete tasks as effectively as designed Make sure to implement ideas that are fluid and achieve the final process instead of what is found in normal applications. Every control used properly will enhance the user experience, while every control improperly will create a negative experience. Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  11. 11. Why is knowing about GUI Technologies are important? GUI technologies allow understanding of end users activities Creating a custom GUI technology can give an edge to website Use standard controls to present information accurately Use standard controls to gather data accurately Create power end user experiences instead of stale performance Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  12. 12. Development Technologies: The Man behind the curtain Most “Development Technologies” are created for Technical individuals. However, understanding a couple key ideas can impact how information is used in two important areas 1) Apart from Server Technologies that process the request from an end user, Development Technologies can help transform that information on the end user browser for a more in-depth experience 2) Creating a plan to implement Development Technologies through an online API may give an edge over your competitors to distribute and interact with information Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  13. 13. A quick thought about API There is something powerful in the act of giving access to functionality only your business possesses to the development community at large. Certain businesses would never have exploded if it wasn’t for the joint community development efforts created by an exposed API There is HUGE power in giving the community the ability to utilize your information in any way they can imagine If you control how the information is used then the full potential of what can be accomplished may never be seen Many new “points of profit” have been achieved through the collaborative effort of API Development Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  14. 14. Why is knowing about Development Technologies are important? Development can give direction to building a better user experience Be able to explain to web developers ideas they can understand Creating an exposed API can give your business a competitive edge Development allows information & services to reach different audiences Development allows unlimited potential of information & services Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  15. 15. Browsers: Not Everyone Sees the Same Way The ways to transform the information from web sites is as varied as the people who use the internet. Not all browsers interact with information the same way. Certain browser types will render the presentation to the end user differently. This means that even though a website may look perfect in Mozilla’s FireFox, the presentation may look completely different in Apples’ Safari. Understanding that there are differences to the browsers will let the development of websites be uniform. Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  16. 16. Why is knowing about Browsers is important? Different Browsers transform information differently Different browsers utilize different add-ons to make robust experiences Understanding browsers will let you optimize for user base Browsers can direct people to “points of profit” effectively Browsers can give insight on why conversions are not on target Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  17. 17. Buzzwords: The driving force behind confusion and misunderstanding The technologies behind the internet have not really changed since the late 90’s. However … Much “news” and “buzz” has been created around terms thought to be new. Podcasts, blogs, social networks and other terms have been around since early 90’s, but have taken on new life because of buzzwords. Understanding the truth behind the buzzwords allows business owners the understanding on how to effectively build websites incorporating those terms Make sure to learn about Buzzwords that are being told “You Need to Implement”. Most modern websites already include the ideas inside of them Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  18. 18. Why is knowing about Buzzwords are important? Understanding Buzzwords allows for easier requests to developers Most Buzzwords items included in modern websites Effectively showcase your website as “buzzword” approved Effectively create buzzwords to enhance your online presence Understanding Buzzwords means understanding the technologies Social Interneting Part II: The Internet
  19. 19. Understanding the Internet Means Understanding Technology The Internet By learning about the “Key Points of Understanding” outlined in Social Interneting any individual can create a powerful comprehension of the Internet world at large. To become an expert in all of these areas means dedication of a HUGE amount of time and energy. This is not needed to be functional in the online world, but … Understanding how these technologies interact with your business will take your business to the next level in customer experience, lead generation and end product sales. Let the experts deal with the intricacies, just learn to speak their language. Social Interneting Part II: The Internet The Technology
  20. 20. Interested in Learning More? Visit To see more videos and contact a certified Social Interneting Head Coach about increasing your profits through our structured program