Jones Walker introducesinnovative IT servicesfor clients with virtual                                                    •...
Rapid growth tends to force drastic changes in the way                         companies manage their IT operations. Consi...
was better. So we made the decision          hurricane,” says Chick. “The replicationto transition to Dell servers, and th...
traditional desktops to virtualized                         virtual desktop image, which takes aclients would provide the ...
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Jones Walker Case Study: Innovative IT Services for Clients with Virtual Infrastructure


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Jones Walker introduces innovative IT services for clients with virtual infrastructure using VMware on Dell servers with Intel processors

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Jones Walker Case Study: Innovative IT Services for Clients with Virtual Infrastructure

  1. 1. Jones Walker introducesinnovative IT servicesfor clients with virtual •  Backup/Recovery/Archiving •  Desktop/Laptop Refreshinfrastructure using •  Desktop Computing •  Flexible Computing •  Green ComputingVMware on Dell servers •  Mobility •  Services •  Storagewith Intel processors •  Virtualization—Client •  Virtualization—Server “Virtualization has helped us meet our internal needs with all the extra benefits that are well known. But the most important benefit is that it helps us serve our clients better by providing them with reliable and state of the art IT services.” Ruark Chick, CIO, Jones Walker Customer Profile Company: Jones Walker Industry: Law   Benefits Country: United States •  Able to offer new IT services to clients due to  ability to create virtual infrastructures quickly Employees: 624 •  Reclaiming data center rack space with  Web: server virtualization •  Projected decrease in hardware costs,  power and cooling needs Business Need  •  3-year payback on virtual desktop investment The law firm needed to keep up with rapid growth and focus on delivering •  Near-zero recovery point and recovery  innovative IT services to clients while strengthening disaster recovery. time objectives Solution  •  80% less time to deploy a new image with  virtual desktops, accelerating operating  Jones Walker virtualized servers and desktops to respond faster to system migrations the needs of users and clients. The company’s servers and desktops •  Improved security and data protection by  are virtualized using VMware vSphere on Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers hosting desktop images and data in data center with Intel® Xeon® and Atom™ processors, a virtual desktop solution •  Reduced downtime for support staff with VMware View and Dell OptiPlex™ flex clients, Dell PowerVault™ •  Able to avoid bringing on additional  iSCSI SAN arrays and EMC SANs sourced through Dell. contract staff for desktop support •  One-half FTE saved with Dell customer service
  2. 2. Rapid growth tends to force drastic changes in the way companies manage their IT operations. Consider Jones Walker, the oldest law firm in New Orleans and now, due to 40 percent growth in the past 10 years, one of the largest law firms in the Gulf South. Jones Walker recently merged with law firms in Lafayette, Louisiana and Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama, giving it a presence in Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, District of Columbia and Texas. The firm now has 13 sites, including 12 offices with a total of 300 attorneys and 324 support staff, as well as a “lights-out” co-location facility in Miamisburg, Ohio, with no employees. The growth has put pressure on CIO out, I think this will be a better fit for Ruark Chick to develop the capacity to your business,’” Chick says. “So he“When somebody respond to a staggeringly large variety of unique scenarios and user needs. put a seed unit in front of us, and my entire staff and I were extremely goes to run a “I came from a banking operation impressed. The equipment was where we’d roll out one standard wonderful, very reliable and the cost report using a image that met everyone’s needs,” says business intelligence Chick. “That just doesn’t work here. Every project, every client, every case Technology at Work application, I need we take on is different and demanding. Services For example, we had one case where to know that it will we had to put up an environment very Dell™ Consulting Services – Microsoft Exchange migration run smoothly and quickly to enable our client to browse through documents. In our former Dell Support Services run fast. The Intel environment, we could not have established a network and allocated Hardware processors in our disk space and server resources Dell Latitude™ E4300 laptops with Dell servers really quickly enough to meet that need.” Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors Jones Walker has come to rely on a perform—they have virtualized infrastructure to meet the Dell OptiPlex™ FX160 desktops with Intel Atom™ processors been rock solid.” growing demands on IT resources. “Virtualization has changed the whole Dell PowerEdge™ R710 servers with Intel Xeon® processorsRuark Chick, paradigm of how we manage changes,” 5600 seriesCIO, Jones Walker says Chick. “Virtualization makes it very easy and fast to roll out changes. Dell PowerVault™ MD3000i Virtualization has also helped us to SAN arrays protect our clients’ information in EMC Celerra NS40 SANs the event of a major hurricane like Katrina. Our business runs on email Software and documents, and in the event of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 a natural disaster, we have to make sure that our email still works and our Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 clients’ documents are still available.” database VMware View 4.0 Saving hardware, saving power Jones Walker’s foray into virtualization VMware vSphere 4.0 began with a trial of a Dell server. Windows Server® 2008 Formerly an HP shop, the firm hadn’t Windows® XP Embedded thought of switching until its Dell representative suggested that it try Dell. Windows 7 “He said, ‘You should try this server
  3. 3. was better. So we made the decision hurricane,” says Chick. “The replicationto transition to Dell servers, and that’s is live, so that our recovery pointwhen we started to virtualize.” objective is close to zero. Our recovery time objective is close to zero as well.The firm now uses Dell PowerEdge It might take a half-hour to rebuild a R710 servers with Intel Xeon processors database, but our clients would be up 5600 series at its main data center and running with almost no delay.” in New Orleans, a secondary site in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the The EMC storage enables the company“lights-out” facility in Miamisburg. Jones to add additional disk space on the Walker’s servers are now more than fly. “Frequently the client doesn’t 90 percent virtualized, including some know how much disk space they need of its Microsoft Exchange servers and when they request an IT service,” says Microsoft SQL Server 2008 databases. Chick. “We can meet whatever need Most of the firm’s servers now run they have with no downtime. We can Windows Server 2008. deploy virtual servers in a fraction of the time it took to stand up physical“Virtualization has helped us meet servers. Virtualization allows us to roll our internal needs with all the extra out resources in a hurry and roll them benefits that are well known,” says back just as fast, if necessary.” Chick. “We’ve reduced the number of physical servers, which lets us reclaim Reducing downtime, easing  rack space in our data centers. We’ve reduced our power and cooling costs. management of distributed PCs “All the IT projects I With so many locations to manage, We have internal green initiatives, the IT team wanted a way to efficiently work on ultimately and virtualization meets those needs nicely. The cost reduction in physical deploy and maintain desktop systems come down to how for non-mobile support staff. Reducing equipment and management and the quick deployment aspects just downtime was critical to optimize the firm can better efficiency. The company also wanted make sense for our business. But to migrate from Windows XP to serve our clients, the most important benefit is that it helps us serve our clients better by Windows 7 and needed to accomplish and I truly feel that this with as little disruption to the providing them with reliable and state of the art IT services. We can deploy organization as possible. Dell’s corporate extranets rapidly, and we can deploy Jones Walker engaged Dell Consulting culture places that technologies and infrastructures for Services to help meet these goals. clients to use that add tremendous “Dell has made great strides in staffing same value on value for them.” itself with service professionals who are committed to their clients, and customer service.”The powerful Intel Xeon processors we feel like the Dell consultants are Ruark Chick,provide optimal performance for these part of our team,” says Chick. “All the CIO, Jones Walkercustomer environments, as well as IT projects I work on ultimately comeinternal applications. “When somebody down to how the firm can better servegoes to run a report using a business our clients, and I truly feel that Dell’sintelligence application, I need to know corporate culture places that samethat it will run smoothly and run fast,” value on customer service. We choosesays Chick. “The Intel processors in our to supplement our staff with DellDell servers really perform—they have Services when we have requirementsbeen rock solid.” for a project that go beyond ourMeeting near-zero   core skill sets. I don’t want to throwrecovery objectives our IT staff into something new that they’d have to learn on the fly, while At its larger offices in New Orleans maintaining the systems we need to and Baton Rouge, as well as the maintain—that’s a recipe for disaster. Miamisburg co-location site, the firm I want to bring in the experts for the virtualizes its storage on EMC Celerra core knowledge, and then let my team NS40 SANs purchased through Dell. maintain the solution after the project“We have three-way replication of the is complete.” storage between our New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Miamisburg sites, so The Dell consultants recommended that our data and applications are well a desktop virtualization solution, protected against outages due to a explaining that transitioning from
  4. 4. traditional desktops to virtualized virtual desktop image, which takes aclients would provide the firm with couple of minutes, versus taking 10 togreater control over its remote 15 minutes per machine to image themsystems, allow a cost-effective ‘rip individually. Also, our expected uptimeand replace’ model for systems has greatly increased by removing theneeding repairs and greatly simplify operating system and data from thethe upcoming transition to Windows end user’s desktop.”7. In addition, since the virtual desktop Chick expects a three-year paybackimages and data are not stored locally for the desktop virtualization project.on client machines, the company When the virtual desktops have been inwould be able to hold all its data in place for three years, he can continuethe data center, greatly improving to keep them in service and scale thesecurity and minimizing the risk of solution just by adding more CPU andpainful data losses. more RAM to the servers. “We will avoidThe office expansion in Lafayette having to bring in additional contractprovided the ideal opportunity to staff for desktop support, which alsodeploy the desktop virtualization contributes to the projected return onsolution using Dell OptiPlex FX160 investment for desktop virtualization,”flex clients with Intel Atom processors. Chick notes.The client machines have no spinning The firm’s attorneys, most of whomhard drives—just a small solid-state are highly mobile, will not yet transitiondrive running Windows XP Embedded. to the virtual desktops, and currentlyDell PowerEdge R710 servers run use Dell Latitude E4300 laptops withVMware View desktop virtualization Intel Core 2 Duo, and Dell PowerVault MD3000iSAN arrays host the virtual desktop data. Saving one-half an FTE with  The firm is now deploying the solution Dell service and supportto support staff at the rest of its offices. To ensure a seamless migration fromA faster migration to Windows 7 Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, Jones Walker is once again using DellThe results so far have been impressive. Consulting Services. “Dell Services also“Desktop deployments have been helped us in three of our mergers,” says simplified since we control the complete Chick. “We’re very satisfied with the way system image in our main data center,” Dell has managed these engagements. says Chick. “We also estimate that our We also buy all our Microsoft and transition time to Windows 7 will be VMware licenses through Dell. The way reduced, since we can migrate our Dell supports us with customer service virtual desktops simply by updating the takes the place of one-half a full-time golden image, which Dell helped us employee. Dell offers solutions that build. Our time to update each PC will really empower us, and Dell advises us decrease by at least 80 percent, since on directions to move on technology.” all we have to do is reboot to a newView all Dell case studies at: and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© May 2011. Intel, Intel Atom, Intel Core and Intel Xeon are either trademarks or registered trademarks of IntelCorporation in the United States or other countries. Microsoft, SQL Server, Windows and Windows Server areregistered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This case study isfor informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.Reference number: 10009034