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Digital Maturity - A Client & Agency Perspective

Digital Maturity. What is it? Are you there yet?
Believe it or not, many corporate organizations (and some communications agencies) have not yet reached digital maturity. Many lag behind the general public’s ability to adapt to the new digital marketplace. This session provides you an insight into key markers of what a digitally mature organization looks and acts like.

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Digital Maturity - A Client & Agency Perspective

  1. 1. Digital Maturity. What Is it. Are We There Yet?
  2. 2. 1. How might it be defined? 2. What does it look like? 3. Why is it important? • Not  the  only  de+inition.  My  perspective;  from  experience. • Two  views  of  website  (client/service  provider). • How  to  leverage  insight  in  your  own  business
  3. 3. About us. • • • • • • • Vancouver, BC, Canada Office in NYC Founded in 2002 Independently owned Senior leadership focused Team staffing of twenty five Client base across North America 3 • Role  focused  on  prospecting  new  business;  growing  existing   business. • Lots  of  conversations  across  the  client  organization;  senior  level   importance.
  4. 4. What digital maturity isn’t. Category complacency Technological opportunism Social media internships Engine Digital • • • • Category  complacency  -­‐  Not  about  what  your  competitors  are  doing.   Consider  all  digital   experiences  by  your  customers.   • Technological  opportunism  -­‐  Not  about  building  it  because  you  can.   Fit  the  need.   • Social  media  internships  -­‐  Thoughtful  digital  staff  resourcing   approach.  
  5. 5. Drivers of digital maturity. Engine Digital • • • Leadership traits Organizational intent Business insight & focus
  6. 6. Digital leadership traits. Intensity of commitment Strong communicator Digital DNA Engine Digital • • • • Intensity  of  commitment  -­‐  different  approach  OK.  Believe  in  the  value   of  digital.    Not  always  from  top. • Strong  communicator-­‐  have  inBluence  across  all  levels  of  the   organization.   • Digital  DNA-­‐  understand  digital  well  enough  to  educate  or  inspire.  
  7. 7. Organizational Intent. Collective behavior Documented strategy Balanced funding Engine Digital • • • • Collective  behaviour  -­‐  involved  IT,  legal,  marketing,  operations,   Binance  and  HR.   • • Documented  strategy  -­‐  plan  ahead.  Documentation  to  drive  buy-­‐in.   Balanced  funding  -­‐  capital  expenditure  dollars,  marketing  budget   allocation  etc.  
  8. 8. Business insight & focus. Market/big data collection Web/mobile/social analytics Customer feedback Engine Digital • • • • Market/big  data  collection  -­‐  audit  everything.  But  choose  relevant   information.   • Web/mobile/social  analytics  -­‐  look  back  far  enough  to  uncover   patterns.   • Customer  feedback  -­‐  don’t  forget  the  human  element.  
  9. 9. Typical barriers for digital maturity • • • • • Organizational culture Expense vs. investment Resource prioritization Short-term vs. long view ROI clarity • Organizational  culture  -­‐  Bind  your  digital  allies.   • Expense  vs.  investment  -­‐  business  tool;  earn  revenue,  manage  costs.   • Resource  prioritization  -­‐  short,  medium,  long  term  needs  approach.   • Short-­‐term  vs.  long  view  –  consider  immediate  return  versus  future  gains.   • ROI  clarity  -­‐  deBine  the  potential  outcomes  (KPIs  and  KBIs);  business  case   development.  
  10. 10. Digital maturity payoff • • 26% more profitable 12% higher market valuation • 9% more revenue generation Source: MIT Center for Digital Business
  11. 11. Digital Maturity Model - Web Client Digital Business Transformation The aim is to obtain a clear understanding of your organization, and identify where and how digital can be transformational in your business.
  12. 12. Engine Digital • • Website  -­‐  not  integrated  with  internal  systems. Success  -­‐  simply  measured  by  trafBic  count.
  13. 13. Engine Digital • Website  -­‐  integrated  with  internal  systems;  starting  to  capture  user   data. • Success  -­‐  lead  generation/qualiBication.
  14. 14. Engine Digital • • Website  -­‐  cross  platform  experience;  user  journey  engagement. Success  -­‐  leads  converted  into  Birst  time  purchasers.
  15. 15. Engine Digital • • Website  -­‐  fully  integrated  internal  systems  across  departments. Success  -­‐  customer  retention;  repeat  purchase.
  16. 16. Engine Digital • Website  -­‐  becomes  an  engagement  platform;  provides  high  level  of   value. • Success  -­‐  lifetime  value  customer.
  17. 17. Sectors of digital maturity. • • • • • Banking organizations Insurance companies Travel/hospitality groups One  thing  in  common;  customer  driven  change. Commodity  offering  differentiated  by  digital.
  18. 18. Engine Digital Nike digital maturation. Advertising Custom web Mobile ecosystem Product innovation
  19. 19. Digital Maturity Model Digital Agency Agency Evolution Redefining the value we bring to our client partners, and structuring the agency service mix to best fulfil their emerging needs.
  20. 20. Digital maturity agency model Redefining value Restructuring the service mix Focused on emerging needs Engine Digital • • • • Rede+ining  value  -­‐  change  the  nature  of  conversations.  Right  people  to   have  conversations  with.   • Restructuring  the  service  mix  -­‐  blend  digital  “natives”  with  business   experience  leads.   • Focused  on  emerging  needs  -­‐  continue  to  act  on  behalf  of  the   consumer;  they’re  the  ones   changing  the  landscape.  
  21. 21. Can you design and build our website? Respond With: Engine Digital Scope & Budget Vendor partner Level  1  Engagement -­‐  Spectrum  of  engagement  and  reliance. -­‐  Faced  with  pre-­‐determined  role  and  outputs.   Strategy partner
  22. 22. Can you define what our website should be? Respond With: Engine Digital Content Strategy & Approach Vendor partner Level  2  Engagement -­‐  Deepen  the  conversation  with  your  client.   -­‐  Expand  contact  base  to  other  departments.   -­‐  Seek  out  the  problem/opportunity.   Strategy partner
  23. 23. Strategy partner Engine Digital Can you help define our online strategy? Respond With: User-Centered Strategic Plan Vendor partner Level  3  Engagement -­‐  Look  across  all  web/mobile/social  touchpoints. -­‐  Answer  business  goals  across  operations,  HR,  marketing  etc.   -­‐  Keep  the  user  in  the  center.  
  24. 24. Strategy partner Engine Digital What other digital experiences should we consider? Respond With: Digital Roadmap Strategy Vendor partner Level  4  Engagement -­‐  Focus  on  broad  business  issues,  now  and  in  future. -­‐  Product  or  service  roadmap  combined  with  user  journey  model.   -­‐  OfBline  integration  opportunities?  
  25. 25. Strategy partner Engine Digital Can you identify new business opportunities in the digital landscape? Respond With: Digital Business Transformation Strategy Vendor partner Level  5  Engagement -­‐  Deep  dive  into  the  organization’s  future  business  model. -­‐  Digital  across  all  departments,  and  lots  of  C-­‐level  conversations.   -­‐  Revenue  growth,  proBitability,  operational  efBiciencies.  
  26. 26. Engine Digital
  27. 27. • What type of working relationship do you Final thoughts. have. • Are the right questions being asked (early, and often). • Who are the decision makers and advocates.
  28. 28. Thank you. Dean Elissat VP Client Engagement @delissat