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Digital Maturity. What Is It. How Do We Get There.


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A high-level view to what marketing organizations and agencies should consider using digital strategy to drive their business.

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Digital Maturity. What Is It. How Do We Get There.

  1. 1. Hello, let’s talk about digital maturity.
  2. 2. 1. How is it defined? 2. What does it look like? 3. An example.
  3. 3. EngineDigital What digital maturity isn’t. • Category complacency • Technological opportunism • Social media internships
  4. 4. EngineDigital What drives digital maturity? • Leadership traits • Organizational intent • Business insight & focus
  5. 5. EngineDigital Digital leadership traits. • Intensity of commitment • Strong communicator • Digital DNA
  6. 6. EngineDigital Organizational Intent. • Collective behaviour • Documented strategy • Balanced funding
  7. 7. EngineDigital Business insight & focus. • Market/big data collection • Web/mobile/social analytics • Customer feedback
  8. 8. Typical barriers for digital maturity • Organizational culture • Expense vs. investment • Resource prioritization • Short-term vs. long view • ROI clarity
  9. 9. Digital maturity payoff • 26% more profitable • 12% higher market valuation • 9% more revenue generation Source: MIT Center for Digital Business
  10. 10. EngineDigital Basic Tactical Optimized Automated Engaged Digital Transformation.
  11. 11. An example of digital maturation. • Technology firms • Banking organizations • Insurance companies • Travel/hospitality groups • Telecom providers
  12. 12. EngineDigital Nike digital sport. Advertising Product innovationMobile ecosystemCustom web
  13. 13. EngineDigital Digital maturity agency model • Redefining value • Restructuring the service mix • Focused on emerging needs
  14. 14. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you design and build our website? Respond With: Scope & Budget
  15. 15. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you define what our website should be? Respond With: Content Strategy & Approach
  16. 16. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you help define our online strategy? Respond With: User-Centered Strategic Plan
  17. 17. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner What other digital experiences should we consider? Respond With: Digital Roadmap Strategy
  18. 18. EngineDigital Strategy partner Vendor partner Can you identify new business opportunities in the digital landscape? Respond With: Digital Business Transformation Strategy
  19. 19. More than a mindset. Top down vision. Drives the business. Resource appropriately. Continue to evolve.
  20. 20. Thank you. And please, no more QR codes. Dean Elissat VP Client Engagement