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  1. 1. Assalamualaikum
  2. 2. By :1.Arga Wicaksana (04)2.Delima Putri M. (05)3.Diamas Intan F. (06)4.Mega Putri P. (15)5.Tanti Olivany S. (28) Class : XI IPA 3
  3. 3. Report is a text which presents informationabout something, as it is. It is as a result ofsystematic observation and analysis.
  4. 4. Purpose / function
  5. 5. Gener ic St r uct ur e1. Title : Indicates topic of the report.2. General Classification : Stating classification of general aspect of thing; animal, public place, plant, etc which will be discussed in general.3. Description : Describing the thing which will be discussed in detail; part per part , customs or deed for living creature and usage for materials.
  6. 6. Language•The use of general nouns Features ( ex : animals, vertebrates)• The use of relating verbs ( ex : is, are, has )•The use of present tenses ( ex : All fish are vertebrates with gills for breathing)•The use of behavioral verbs ( ex : Fish live in nearly every underwater habitat,from near freezing Arctic waters to hot desert springs ; frommud ponds to the deepest ocean abyss)•The use of technical terms ( ex: Fish are an important source of protein for millions of people worldwide)
  7. 7. The kinds of the report text • Textbooks • encyclopedias • scientif ic magazines • historical • f actual reading books • magazine • etc
  8. 8. Paragraph 1 Fish is a diverse group of animals that live and breathe in water. All fish are vertebrates with gills for breathing. Most fish have fins for swimming, scales for protection, and a streamlined body for moving easily through the water.
  9. 9. Question for paragraph 11. All fish can survive at temperatures above 40°c ?2. From near-freezing arctic water, the fish will going to ?
  10. 10. Paragraph 2 Fish live in nearly every underwater habitat, from near-freezing Arctic waters to hot desert springs; from mud ponds tothe deepest ocean abyss. Antarctic ice-fish survive in water below0° C while desert pupfish of western North America live intemperatures higher than 40° C.
  11. 11. Question paragraph 23.4.
  12. 12. Paragraph 3 With approximately 25,000 recognized species, fish makeup the most diverse vertebrate group, comprising about half ofall known vertebrate species. New fish continue to bediscovered and named at the rate of 200 to 300 species peryear. With this vast number of different fishes comes adiversity of sizes and shapes, from huge whale sharks thatreach 12 m in length to the smallest infant-fish, measuringonly about 7 mm long.
  13. 13. Question for paragraph 35. what size are the longest fish in the sea ?6. experts used to name new fish at the rate of 200 to 300 species per year. True or False ?
  14. 14. Paragraph 4e gener ally st r eamlined wit h a point ed snout Fish ar andpoint ed post er ior and a br oad pr opulsive t ail. Unlike t he shapeof a human body, a f ish’s body shape is ideal f or speedingt hr ough t he wat er . This t or pedo-shaped body is t ypicalof t hef ast est -swimming f ishes, t he billf ish and t he t unas. Billf ish canswim in bur st s of over 110km/ h. Tunas ar e built f or long-dist ance endur ance as well as speed, swimming as f ast as50km/ h and migr at ing as f ar as 12,500 km in only f our mont hs.Ot her f ish come in a wide var iet y of shapes. The snakelikeeels, f lat halibut s, and boxy puf f er s ar e all slower swimmer st hat have evolved dist inct ive bodies best adapt ed t o t heirspecif ic habit at s. Unlike f ishes t hat swim t hr ough t he openwat er , t hese f ish have adapt ed t o live in caves, on t he oceanf loor , and among cor al r eef s wher e speed is less impor t ant
  15. 15. Question for paragraph 4 7. why t he f ish is ideal t o speed up t he mot ion in t he wat er ? 8.Which is par t if t he body shape of a t ypical f ish ? What does it do ?9. What ar e t he advant ages of f ish billf ish ?10. Ment ioned a var iet y of dif f er ent f or ms
  16. 16. Paragraph 5 Fish ar e an impor t ant sour ce of pr ot einf or millions of people wor ldwide. Since t heear ly 1970s, 70 t o 100 million met r ic t ons off ish ar e caught each year f or f ood. Peopleconsume about 70 per cent of f ish caught ,and near ly 30 per cent ar e used as animalf eed t hat helps pr oduce ot her f r oms of
  17. 17. Question for paragraph 5 11. A quar t er of t he t ot al pr ot ein consumed by t he wor ld’s populat ion. Tr ue or False? 12. How many per cent used as animal f eed t hat helps pr oduce ot her of pr ot ein?
  18. 18. Thank You ;) Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb