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Delightful presentation


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A basic slide show presented to community members who live near the new location of the Penalty Box Restaurant and the new Delightful Urban Farm.

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Delightful presentation

  1. 1. Growing Outside the BoxRevitalizing an historic industrial site to establish a new commercial and cultural hub for our citys west side and create another Windsor first
  2. 2. Welcome Bios and background Site history The Main Attraction Benefits to neighbourhood and Windsor Working together Recent developments 3 action steps
  3. 3. Van Niforos Basic Stats Owner of very successful Penalty Box restaurant for 20 years Youth sports and community supporter Commitment to family and quality local food
  4. 4. David Fields Basic Stats 20 years experience with non-profit orgs “making things happen” Organic Master Gardener Commitment to family and local food
  5. 5. Garlic from China? Tomatoes from Mexico? Need to source quality local ingredients all year 1400 pounds of tomatoes per week What does it take to grow in winter? Who is doing it? Organic growing techniques
  6. 6. Restoring and Celebrating our History
  7. 7. Historic SW&A Car Barns
  8. 8. Historic SW&A Car Barns
  9. 9. Historic SW&A Car Barns
  10. 10. Historic SW&A Car Barns
  11. 11. New ideas need old buildings
  12. 12. 20 Delight-Full Years
  13. 13. 20 Delight-Full Years 1000 meals a day 60 employees Healthy recipes from scratch using local ingredients whenever possible Bursting at the seams, need to grow!
  14. 14. Urban Agriculture
  15. 15. Urban Agriculture
  16. 16. Urban Agriculture
  17. 17. Urban Agriculture
  18. 18. Urban Agriculture
  19. 19. Urban Agriculture
  20. 20. Canadas First IntegratedRestaurant & Urban Farm
  21. 21. Growing the Penalty Box 300+ seat family restaurant in restored historic location near Windsors riverfront. Featuring restored windows, skylights, floor of period wood, modern kitchen, freshest salad bar All the classic Penalty Box fare New gluten-free and vegetarian offerings Heritage Designation & National Historic Site
  22. 22. Delightful FarmWinter Hothouse
  23. 23. Delightful Farm Site Plan
  24. 24. Delightful FarmA four season urban farm
  25. 25. Delightful Farm Aquaponics
  26. 26. Delighful FarmRooftop Orchard d
  27. 27. Penalty Box & Delightful Farm Benefits Provide new employment and training opportunities, especially for youth Help increase tourism as a culinary and green destination Attract research and development investment Reinvigorate West Side and Downtown commercial districts Increase property values
  28. 28. Penalty Box & Delightful Farm Benefits Provide some of the freshest, healthiest food in the city. A cultural hub bridging UWindsors main campus with new university and St. Clair College downtown campuses Non-profit organization established to coordinate tours and public education efforts, in collaboration with schools, community groups and others. Restore some of Windsors forgotten history
  29. 29. Penalty Box & Delightful Farm Working Together with You Help clean up and maintain Gateway Park in collaboration with neighbours, the City of Windsor, Canadian Pacific and other partners Please tell us if you are interested in helping to organize and conduct park clean up and beautification Open to other ways of working together over time
  30. 30. Recent Developments Safety work on securing steel frame to foundation complete Resources gathered for roof work Non-profit education org incorporated Many plates spinning
  31. 31. Recent Developments Proposal for 1100 University Ave building to become the new Community Museum hub will be considered by City Council Do you think this is the appropriate location for the new museum?
  32. 32. What you can do1. Please sign a letter of support of the new Penalty Box and Delightful Farm2. Stay in touch! Join our email list for updates; join the Penalty Box Facebook Page; Visit the blog delightfulfarm.wordpress.com3. Write to the Mayor and Council to voice support for the museum proposal