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Phase 3 individual project


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Phase 3 individual project

  1. 1. PHASE 2 INDIVDUAL PROJECT Global Gadgets Imports, INC. MKTG630-100A-03 Applied Managerial Marketing Jeffery Frohwein By Delisa C. Fryer
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION This presentation will cover various elements of Direct Marketing and the Privacy Issues that GGI will address, and the benefits as well as the disadvantages of the major issues surrounding the new forms of Marketing
  3. 3. Direct Marketing and the Issues of Privacy •Drive incremental sales •Integrate digital media •Combat competition •Acquire new customers Strategy enhancment •Incremental of sales • Client supplied a 4-page insert with 19 coupons for various frozen food items • Inserts were placed in both Newspapers and GGI Shared Mail • Insert distribution based on household penetration within the targeted stores trade areas • Promotion last 8 weeks Result measuring • Cost per acquisition • Cost-per-piece • The response rate. MARKETING PROCESS
  4. 4. Conventional Channels Mail Fax Telephone Web Based All Electronic Services There are privacy invasive issues using the conventional channels The conventional channels are well understood Mail, fax, telephone email and web Arrives along with other mail Has to compete with other materials The customer can overlook and throw it away Mostly Black and White Images Customer can choose when they will receive them Disadvantage of a Fax has the possibility of getting loss or misplaced This means of communication is performed by telemarketers This either outbound telemarketing Inbounds telemarketing Web Base communication is more popular today Music and images can get a customer to return to your site The internet is the communication channel of the future The average customer only shop online during Christmas , other holidays and special occasions Electronics will only become more sophisticated in the future Look for everything to move electronically Different Forms of Communication for Direct Marketing •This will enable GGI to communicate in a colorfull fashion •Fax are •limited channel of communication •This method is a by voice only medium •GGI Web site is a channel that enable our customers to make online payments, and place orders. •Electronic Services are more popluar today, because most communication is done via email, or internet •These are well established ways
  5. 5. Channels of Communication Fax Telephone Electronic Web Email
  6. 6. Obtaining Consumer Information Development.
  7. 7. Primary issue is privacy Personalization Appropriately using Customer Data Personalize web pages Benefits of Peraonalized Strategy Accomplished Goals, without invading a customers privacy. Marketing Personalization
  8. 8. Purchases •Shoppers tend to purchase form the same places in the same manner •Shoppers seeking value these customers channel surf before making that final purchase •High involvement shoppers tend to gather information in all channels before making their final choices. Three types of Shoppers 1. Service/quality shopers 1. Price/value Shoppers 1. Affinity shoppers Marketing : Understand Customers Needs
  9. 9. Country Direct Marketing and Privacy Issues City and State Sale of product Marketing on a Global level. Marketing and Advertising on the Internet. International export of products The nationwide sale of products
  10. 10. •International Privacy Laws •Management •Merges and Acquistions Privacy laws Policy & Strategy •Personal Information •Telephone, email, address and banking information •Third party Privacy • The U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law ensuring public access to U.S. government records.. 552 Public information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records and proceedings The Freedom of Information Act Sercurity Links Changes Your Rights Data Protection Data Protection Act and The Freedom of Information Act
  11. 11. Summary • Direct Marketing and Privacy Issues • Strategy Enhancement • Measuring Results • Different Forms of Communication for Direct Marketing • Channels of Communication • How do direct marketers obtain consumer information? What are some of the issues faced in effectively and appropriately using this data? • Privacy Laws • Data Protection Act and The Freedom of Information Act
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