0752196 The HOMIE


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My presentation will be about the HOMIE, which is a re-designed homing device that people can use to locate their lost personal belongings immediately. This device helps avoid spending unnecessary time looking for personal belongings since many people tend to loose items on a daily basis.

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0752196 The HOMIE

  1. 1. ON/OFF
  2. 2. The reason why this product is named "The HOMIE" is because the device can act as a friend and help you search for misplaced items. This simple device is beneficial for people of all ages who are facing problems such as, short or long-term memory and tend to lose small personal belongings on a daily basis. The HOMIE kit that extends its signal as far as 100m is only $99.99, and 200m is only $169.99.
  3. 3. Small detectors will be included to attach onto any item that is prone to get lost. The sensor sends a signal back to the user in order to facilitate the ease of finding the missing item. A detector will be attached to the item and the hub will be set to connect and produce a sound or light from the missing item. The device is able to inform the user if the object is inside or outside of the house.
  4. 4. The hub can also be accessed from a cellular phone for easy access. There is a software that will need to be installed, which will make the HOMIE work as a remote control that pages lost items. The technology is designed so the user can find lost items through the sense of sound and a flashing light for dark areas. The user has a choice to find the missing object by a loud noise or a flashing light.
  5. 6. There was a survey conducted to receive feedback from people regarding their everyday lifestyle. The most common pattern found was that the people varying from the ages of 30-45 had the busiest lifestyle and lost their items regularly compared to the other ages. The results helped me gain an insight into the habits and needs of people in today’s society. Lastly, every person that was surveyed agreed that the locating device in a cordless phone is very helpful. The following are the questions that were asked in the survey: Figure 1.1 : How many small items (remote control, keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.) do you own? Figure 1.2 : Approximately how often in a week do you lose any of these items? Figure 1.3 : Approximately how much time does it take you to find a lost item? (in minutes)
  6. 7. Amount of Small Items Owned by Individuals 0 - 2 items 2 - 4 items 4 - 6 items more than 6 items Figure 1.1
  7. 8. Approximation of Items Lost Weekly Rarely Occasionally Frequently All of the above Figure 1.2
  8. 9. Amount of Time Taken to Search for Lost Item 1 - 3 minutes 4 - 6 minutes 7 - 9 minutes more than 10 minutes Figure 1.3
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