Chapter listening and note taking


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Chapter listening and note taking

  1. 1. CHAPTER SIX: LISTENING AND NOTE TAKING1. When you have no interest in class material, how does it affect you – your behavior, your grades, your connection to others, your commitment? - When you are not interesting in the class material obviously you are not going to get a good grade because you are not going to do the assignments only because you don’t have “interest”, well not everything in life is going to be easy. Those who become someone in life are hard workers they closed their mind to bad thoughts, because every material you are going to take in college is going to be a key to succeed in the future. If you have a bad behavior toward the professor for example please really don’t wasted your time going to class if you are not going to feel comfortable, at the end you are not the only one who is getting affected it also affect the other students and also the professor. If you are bored of the class drop off the class, seriously this is a higher level this is not kindergarten. I think it’s not necessary the connection to others, because not everybody thinks the same and not everybody is responsible. Some people are shy some are more open so if you combined them together maybe it could help but for my opinion I think everything has to be done by their own because nobody its going to be by your side when you are going to take the last test to get you major. But most of the people prefer to work in groups so that depends on the kind of person you are. If you don’t love to study if you are not going to feel good. If you are not going to stand by yourself don’t feel committed to do it. The most beautiful thought is to wake up with a good behavior leaving all you worries aside, work alone or in group depending on how you are then put all your brain all your effort and you will see good results. “You are your own key to success”2. Come up with a positive course of action for Maya that might help her get something out of her class. - Maya is really confused she doesn’t even know what she is doing or what she is studying, she doesn’t have any interest what so ever. She should do a research about what she wants in life then she could plan some strategies, I think she should write down her goals then think more about what she want to become. Maya should pay more attention to those classes that she doesn’t have interest, read over the notes, syllabus. If she stills doesn’t feel comfortable she should drop off. But I would advice her to be an active listener the professors are there to help you when you ask a question, participated in class even if you feel that the answer is wrong. Focus she
  2. 2. should sit in the front of the class, move away from the distraction, and turn off herphone, put her worries aside. Concentrated, focus and be aware of every new topicthe professor explains. Get help if she needs from a friend or professor. Take goodnotes, she ask her friend Ross if she missed some classes because she had morenotes than Maya. It doesn’t matter how many paper Ross have, Maya shouldunderstand that not every person has the same study strategy style and that’s oneof the steps to follow so she could have more confidence. She should used outlines,Cornett T-notes, think links, charting method and more. Maya is going to be able topick the most comfortable notes taking. She is going to feel complacent when shereally knows that she wants to do in life. In order to begin those steps to study orbeing a good listener, Maya should consider talking with an advisor do some activityabout what are her interest so she could get a list of possible careers. The studycomes from the bottom of your heart; if you want your goals to achieve you aregoing to do it because you know what you want. I know Maya is going to find herway maybe she is a little confused like every student.