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Chapter Eight


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Published in: Education
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Chapter Eight

  1. 1. CHAPTER EIGHT1. Do you use the library?- No, I haven’t had time to use the library but for next term Im planning to organize better my schedule so I can have time to use the library and the resources available.2. Do you know how to use an online library?- No, I never use an online library, but I would like to learn.3. When should you use the library?- I think we should use the library for every subject, we can find information of every kind. When the professors assign an assignment you should borrow some books related to the topic from the library. Our time is outpacing the books to replace them with a parties or ticket concerts. We should encourage our generation and the next one to use the libraries, years ago no one had internet or an iPod and they survived they use their knowledge and that’s why we had brilliant scientist, politicians and amazing technology, back then they used their schema to think and create what we are enjoying now.4. Is the internet a good source to use for research for college?- Yes, now a days all the information of the books are on the internet, but if you are smart enough you should use the internet, library and your own schema. We can’t always relate on the internet, because sometimes the information is wrong or is not accurate. Technology is replacing everything but we have to use it wisely, I am the kind of person who loves to use the internet but I love to read and I learn better reading a material book rather than the internet. Using the internet we are exposure to commit plagiarism because of the diversity of information given, or we just copy and paste. We usually don’t use our knowledge when the assignment in asking about our criteria.