Chapter Two: Goals and Time Management


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Chapter Two: Goals and Time Management

  1. 1. CHAPTER TWO: GOALS AND TIME MANAGEMENTSI want to get good grades in this course and learn as much as I can from every class I’mtaking. 1. How do goals help you strive for success? - Goals are part of our daily life, but they have to be achieved at our time limit. Because if not they become just dreams. Goals mean to help us through, giving us a more organize way to achieve them, writing them on paper, and keeping an eye on deadlines. Choosing between long term goals and short term goals, knowing which one qualify for every goal. The most important is, “believing in you and your potential”. 2. How can you create and achieve realistic goals? - Im going to pick goals wisely that are going to be important in my life and interesting to keep me motivated to accomplish them. There are 5 ways to choose goals that are going to be achievable (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Frame). Putting in practice these 5 ways to accomplish my goals. I would be able to study harder, get help if I need, putting deadlines for my goals and then accomplish them and then keep working for my other goals. 3. How can you effectively manage your time? - First writing down a “to do list” that’s going to help me through the day. Then reviewing the syllabus of the courses and keeping in mind deadline dates and the due dates, having that information it’s going to remind me of the important homework, or works I have to do. Organizing more my time, leaving not important situations aside, taking 2 or 3 hours every week to study the courses- Get to Know Yourself 4. What are you good at and interested in? - I’m good at reading; I love to read entertaining books obviously. I’m interesting in taking care of children, I love anatomy it’s really fascinating how the human body works. 5. What do you want to achieve? - I want to become a pediatrician and specialize in kids that suffer from leukemia or cancer. Then travel around the world helping people needed but that’s my long term goal. My short term goal is get a good GPA.
  2. 2. 6. What values guide your life choices? - Persistence and keep trying even if I make mistakes, learn from others, adoration of what I want to study, discipline with my grades and then most important one support from my family.7. Why do people procrastinate? - Some people procrastinate because they don’t like the subjects that they are taking or they haven’t chosen yet a good career. Sometimes the students need a support from their family, professor or friends. i think having their reinforcement will help people who procrastinate to get more involve in their careers or goals.