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Principle of Underlying


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Principles of Teaching 1

Published in: Education
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Principle of Underlying

  1. 1. Principle of Underlying Teaching
  2. 2. Instruction can be effective if there is a definite area of concentration.
  3. 3. Level 1 – Focus established by page assignment in textbook.
  4. 4. Level 2 : Focus established by announced topic together with page or chapter reference Focus is established by announced topic together with page or chapter references. An assignment given in advance including chapters to be read will afford full concentration on the subject matter at hand.
  5. 5. Level 3 : Focus established by broad concepts to be comprehended or problem to be solved • Directed at the mental processes of the learner • More varied learning patterns
  6. 6. Level 4: Focus established as a concept or a problem to be solved, a skill to be acquired to carry an undertaking • Flexibility • Acquisition of more facts and information