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Consumer Returns Conference Brochure


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Consumer Returns, the only conference focusing on returns prevention and returns management for consumer electronics, telecommunications and home appliances, will be held October 25-27, 2010 at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, TX. Participating companies include Sprint, Best Buy, Home Depot, Canon, TTE Technologies, Staples, Conn's, Meijer and many more! Visit for details on how you can participate in the event.

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Consumer Returns Conference Brochure

  1. 1. I’ve received so many ideas and contacts. Consumer Returns has the potential to save us thousands of dollars in returns! - Raymond Bunora, IT and Logistics Manager, Janome America The ONLY returns event for consumer electronics, home appliances and telecommunications. October 25-27, 2010 | The Westin Galleria, Dallas, TX | What’s New At Consumer Returns 2010 Speaker faculty Retailer ONLY Think Tank includes: No one knows the challenges you face better than your Moderated by: peers. Kevin Winneroski • Benchmark against your true peers in a closed door, Vice President, vendor free environment Secondary Markets • Walk away with strategies to enhance your bottom- Best Buy line without sacrificing the customer experience Extended Roundtable And Panel Sessions Challenge old ways of thinking and walk away with new ideas to increase your bottom line. Topics covered include: • NTF Returns • Controlling The Impact Of Social Media • Reducing Fraudulent Returns • Analyzing Returns Data To Boost Profit Margins Led By: Sanford Siegel Pam Rapp Director, Loss Prevention Operations Director, Return Center Division GameStop Wal-Mart Reduce Returns With A Greater Focus On The Customer Experience • Learn new ways to re-shape the customer experience to stop unnecessary returns • Ensure the customer walks away from a return with a good view of both the retailer and the OEM Presentations By: Walter Broussard John Heller SVP, Store Operations Senior Director, Quality Conns LG Electronics Sponsors Include: Organized by: REGISTER Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 NOW! Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  2. 2. October 25-27, 2010 The Westin Galleria, Dallas, TX The ONLY reverse logistics event tailored specifically for consumer electronics, home appliances, and telecommunications. A Very Special Thanks To The Consumer Returns 2010 Advisory Board: Table of Content The Solutions Zone..........................................3 Ed Inal Kevin Winneroski Senior Director, Customer Vice President, Merchandizing Focus Day Workshops .....................................4 Service Operations BEST BUY Conference Day One .......................................5 WESTERN DIGITAL Gary Moore Tony Sciarrotta Senior Manager, Reverse Conference Day Two .......................................7 Director, Asset Recovery Logistics – Recycling About Our Sponsors........................................9 PHILIPS CONSUMER SPRINT LIFESTYLE About Our Media Partners.............................10 Chuck Johnston Senior Director, Returns Centers Conference Pricing & Team Discounts............11 WAL-MART Hotel Information..........................................11 For biographical information on all of our distinguished speakers, visit Registration Form ..........................................12 Who Will You Meet At Consumer Returns 2010? Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads, Managing Directors, Directors and Managers from Consumer Electronics, Telecom and Appliance Manufacturers as well as Retailers and eTailers. • Reverse Logistics Global Repair & • Service & Support Operations • Recycling & Waste Management Logistics • Returns Centre Operations • Retail Transformation • Distribution • Supply Chain • Strategy • Quality/Quality Assurance • Logistics • Loss & Prevention • Operations • Strategic or Business Planning • Transportation • Customer Service • Returns Facilities • Liquidation Attendance Breakdown From Consumer Returns 2008-2009 Sector: Function: Seniority: ■ 40% Consumer ■ 20% Supply Chain / Distribution ■ 5%President / CEO Electronics OEMs ■ 25% Reverse Logistics / Returns ■ 20% EVP / SVP ■ 15% Appliance OEMs Management ■ 25% VP ■ 20% Retailers ■ 20% Store Operations ■ 35% Director / Senior ■ 20% eTailers ■ 15% Customer Service / Director ■ 5% Other Satisfaction ■ 15% Manager / ■ 10% Technical Support Senior Manager ■ 10% Loss Prevention How can your attendance improve the effectiveness of your returns operations? Here are a few simple reasons you should register today. 1. Add value and lower your costs on your returns operations by 3. Participate in 12+ hours of networking with 109+ retailers and optimizing reverse logistics, asset recovery, sustainability strategies manufactures to increase your market share and stay relevant and much more in the changing marketplace 2. Compare your current returns strategy to other best-in-class 4. Drill down into critical issues affecting your returns operations retailers and manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge with an entire day of closed door, manufacturer and retailer only, collaborative workshops. 2 REGISTER NOW! Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 • Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  3. 3. Confirmed Speakers At Consumer Returns 2010 MANUFACTURERS RETAILERS • Steve Rockhold, Vice President, Program Management, Reuse And • Kevin Winneroski, Vice President, Secondary Markets, Best Buy Recycling, Hewlett Packard • Walter Broussard, Svp, Store Operations, Conns • Ron Sprung, Director, Service Operations and Reverse Logistics, Canon • John Ford, Member Of Supplier Collaboration Group, Staples • James Vick, Director, 3rd Party Sourcing, Acer • Debi Brown, Director, Operational Excellence, Overstock.Com • Heinz Winkel, Global Director, Contact Center And Repair Programs, • Pam Rapp, Director, Returns Division, Wal-Mart Hewlett Packard • Karen Koewler, Director of System Strategy, Best Buy • Tony Sciarrotta, Director, Asset Recovery, Philips Consumer Lifestyles • Craig Sultan, Senior Manager, Reverse Logistics, The Home Depot • Michael Lesshafft, Service Quality Manager, Lexmark • Frederick Crosby, Managing Director, eBay • Chris Griffin, Senior Manager, Global Retail Returns Entertainment & • Jeff Stratman, Merchant Director, Secondary Markets, Best Buy Devices – Aoc Global Services, Microsoft • Gary Moore, Senior Manager, Reverse Logistics – Recycling, Sprint • Rachel North, Director, Post Sales, Toshiba America Information Systems • Sanford Siegel, Director, Loss/Prevention Operations, Gamestop • Gus Erazo, Director Of Engineering, Panasonic • Paul Fletcher, Vice President, Best Buy • Joe Sannella, General Manager Of Product Lifecycle, TTE Technology • Chuck Johnston, Senior Director, Returns Center, Wal-Mart • Douglas Smith, Senior Manager Of Customer Operations, Sony Electronics • Candice Ramjohn, Director, Ecommerce Drop Ship Specialist, • Matt Peterson, Senior Manager, Americas Service Parts, Dell Meijer/Ecommerce • Jon Heller, Senior Director, Quality, LG Electronics ABOUT THE SOLUTION ZONE AT CONSUMER RETURNS Get the most out of your conference registration by visiting The Solutions Zone. The Solutions Zone features companies that provide technologies and services to help you optimize the effectiveness of your returns operations. Save valuable time! No need to run around the country or spend hours evaluating vendors- they will all be centrally located in one place at CONSUMER RETURNS 2010. The Solutions Zone not only features companies on the bleeding-edge of returns management and prevention, but companies that align with your specific needs while providing optimal customer service. And it is easily accessible. Do you have a product, solution or service that maximizes the productivity and resources for key decision makers of consumer goods manufacturers or retailers? Call Scott Rossen at 646-200-7526 or email at for sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at Consumer Returns. 5 Reasons Why Consumer Returns 2010 Gives You The Best Value For Your Marketing Budget Complete exposure to 200+ decision makers from consumer A strictly enforced end-user to vendor ratio, creating a more 1 electronics, appliance and telecom manufacturers & major retailers, 4 intimate environment for networking and knowledge sharing ensuring focused attention on your services & solutions The perfect environment for high-quality lead generation: Over 12 hours of extensive networking opportunities, allowing for 5 Our delegates have already made a significant investment in 2 face-to-face interaction with budget holders from your target market attending our conference to network with key industry advisors – make sure they meet you on site! Increased flow of traffic through the solution zone during breakfast, 3 coffee breaks & receptions Back By Popular VIP Think Tank Session For Qualified Manufacturers And Retailers Only Demand How often do you get to bounce returns strategies off other manufacturers walk away with a stronger support network and and retailers in a closed door, vendor free environment? Or get to pick the learn countless strategies to increase the profitability of your returns brains of your peers to learn which relationships and returns strategies are operations while still maximizing the consumer experience. most useful and which aren’t worth your time and money? This exclusive event is invitation-only. To request your invitation, Create a detailed plan for bringing your company into greater profitability please contact Debra Haym at 646.200.7465 or email her at through stronger manufacturer/retailer relationships. Not to mention you’ll Sponsors: 3
  4. 4. Workshops Sessions Monday, October 25, 2010 Develop solutions alongside industry leaders by registering for the Pre-Conference workshops on October 25th. The entire day is structure to ensure you have interactive, industry-driven, vendor-free setting. We guarantee you’ll take away specific solutions to your most pressing issues. Most importantly - workshops are a great relationship building and benchmarking tool, so remember to bring your business cards! Here’s how each two hour session works: • 30 Minute: Introduction to workshop leader and topic • 15 Minute: Workshop leaders give results of the exercise and wrap up the • 30 Minute: Interactive exercise where you can meet those in your group, session. benchmark and find the answers you need • 15 Minute: Refreshment break to mingle with other guests and get Note: These workshops are reserved for qualified retailers and feedback from those at other tables manufacturers ONLY • 30 Minute: Exercise continues, ensuring you have data and several potential Space for each workshop is very limited and at a first come, first service basis solutions you can bring back to your office so don’t miss out!!! A 8:30-10:30 (Refreshment Breaks Included) Finding The Optimal Resale/Liquidation Channel To Optimize Asset Recovery What You Will Learn: How You Will Benefit: • Reviewing your top business goals and objectives regarding returns and • Benchmark against your industry peers: Use peer data to evaluate the asset recovery including: most productive alternative markets for your product • True cost measurements • Ensure your new resale strategies deliver improvement to your bottom line • Brand control • Return to the office with a checklist of latest trends in asset recovery and • Increase revenue through recovering and reselling of assets profit retention strategies • Evaluate all available secondary market channels to ensure you optimize all opportunities to reduce costs and regain profits Workshop Leader: • Examine new and innovative approaches to reuse your returned or unwanted Paul Fletcher inventory by effectively collaborating with the ideal resale channels Vice President Best Buy B 10:30-12:30 (Refreshment Breaks Included) Three External Drivers That Will Impact Every Reverse Logistic Network by 2015 What You Will Learn: How You Will Benefit: • How increased fuel costs will impact reverse logistics network designs • Gain a better understanding of how your world will be impacted over the • How current sustainability initiatives will impact relations between retailers, next five years manufacturers, and service providers • Learn how you can leverage this knowledge to cut costs on reverse logistics • What are some major implications of the continuing trends to move • Walk away with insights and suggestions to minimize risks and maximize manufacturing off shore and outsource reverse logistics functions opportunities Workshop Leader: Curtis Grieve CEO Greve Consulting C 12:45-2:45 (Lunch Included) Utilizing Customer Feedback And Collaborating With Your Partners To Develop Returns Prevention Strategies What You Will Learn: How You Will Benefit: • Analyzing latest market research on top reasons your products are returned • Explore main reasons your products are returned to focus resources on the to explore how you can support the customer and prevent the return most crucial profitability point • Managing increasing customer expectations by providing in-depth sales • Educate your consumer to minimize NTF (no trouble found) returns team training at the retail level • Benchmark against industry leaders on best practices and loop holes in • Collaborating with marketing to account for returns when developing collaborating with your retailer/manufacturer marketing copy • Providing customer support after sales to prolong your product’s longevity Bonus: Walk-away with an outline for top reasons your products are returned and what you can do to fix it! Workshop Leader TBD D 3:00-5:00 Inmar Reverse Logistics Facility Tour What you will learn: How you will benefit: • How high-tech sortation equipment speeds the crediting process and • Benchmark against those with a similar returns process improves shipping accuracy • Find new ways to update your current reverse logistics strategies • How trading partners collaborated to implement a one-touch processing • See first hand how Inmar helps their clients manage returns as costs model to gain efficiencies, reduce transportation costs and improve efficiently as possible sustainability efforts • How to implement high-level security processes and deliver regulatory Bonus: Return to the office with a checklist of latest trends and best compliant disposition reporting to minimize risk practices in reverse logistics and profit retention strategies • How to use web-based tools to monitor inventory levels and the Workshop Leader: debit/credit financial status, as well as to benchmark against industry peers Rich Fanning Executive Vice President, Operations inmar 4 REGISTER NOW! Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 • Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  5. 5. Main Conference Day One Tuesday, October 26, 2010 7:30 Continental Breakfast & Conference Registration 10:10 Examining The Current Consumer Electronics Landscape 8:30 Welcome Remarks Steve Koenig Debra Haym Director, Industry Analysis Executive Director Consumer Electronics Association Consumer Returns 2010 • Explore the economic climate, current consumer spending and its effects on returns: what are they indicating for the near future 8:40 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks • Analyze consumer electronics market data to uncover future trends Joseph C. Lawler and how it affects your business, regardless of industry Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer • Uncover best practices to respond to changing consumer needs and ModusLink Global Solutions its effect on consumer satisfaction 9:00 Managing Returns, Repairs And Reverse Logistics In A 10:45 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break In The Global Consumer Environment Solutions Zone Heinz Winkel 11:20 Making The Business Case For IT Investments In Your Global Director, Contact Center and Repair Programs Reverse Supply Chain Hewlett Packard Karen Koewler • Summarizing current global trends in repair services, specifically Director of System Strategy green, recycling and environmental initiatives. Best Buy • Determining the impact of supplier management, legislations, customer preferences and SC setups on current trends Jeff Stratman • Taking a deep dive look at efficiency drivers, outsourcing, insourcing, Merchant Director, Secondary Markets repair models, simple repair, repair & return, exchange, voucher, Best Buy customer self repair, etc... • Evaluating the effectiveness of your current IT solutions: Are they specifically designed for the reverse logistics space? 9:35 Finding Value In Returns • Examining the short-term, medium-term, and long-term ROI levels of MaryAnn D’Antono reverse-focused IT solution categories Director, IT Initiatives • Are your forward logistics systems suitable for reverse configuration? New Breed Logistics Breaking it down on a category-by-category basis CONCURRENT TRACKS BEGIN. Choose TRACK A or TRACK B Make The Most Of Your Time At Consumer Returns! Specially designed group discounts make sure you save money when booking your team. Make the most of concurrent tracks at the event by bringing your teammates. With every session covered by you and your colleagues, leverage multiple case studies and panel discussions that reflect your current initiatives and offer solutions. See page 11 for team discount information! TRACK A: Customer Optimization 11:55 Roundtable Discussions ROUNDTABLE 4: Analyzing Returns Data To Boost Profit Margins Imagine how much value you can receive by participating in focused, And Increase The Customer Experience small group discussion with your peers. If you are looking to network Doug Hampton, Senior Manager of Customer Operations, Sony with your peers, this is your ideal opportunity! Get the answers you ROUNDTABLE 5: Improving Policies And Processes For In-Store came for! Drill down to the most critical challenges impacting your Returns To Reduce Fraudulent Returns job. Sanford Siegel, Director, Loss Prevention Operations, GameStop How It Works: ROUNDTABLE 6: Uncovering Best Practices On Returns From • Take a deep dive into niche topic in an intimate and informal setting Retailers And OEMs moderated by subject matter expert Candice Ramjohn, Ecommerce Drop Ship Specialist, Meijer Inc/ • Participate in 2 roundtable discussions in this 1.5 hour session Ecommerce • Hear what the other tables uncovered during the 10 minute, end of session, table wrap up! 1:20 Lunch For All Attendees ROUNDTABLE 1: Social Media In Returns: Controlling The Impact Of One Unhappy Customer Afternoon Tracks On Customer Optimization James Vick, Director, Third Party Service Programs, Acer 2:25 Track Chairperson’s Opening Remarks ROUNDTABLE 2: Reverse Logistics And Test & Repair Programs: Managing For Enhanced Customer Goodwill And Optimal 2:30 PANEL: Stop Product Returns Before They Start: Financial Return Improving The Customer Experience To Reduce Dan Gardner, VP Business Development, ATC Logistics & Electronics Returns ROUNDTABLE 3: Determining If The Product Is NTF Early In The Michael Lesshafft Return Process Service Quality Manager Rachel North, Director, Post Sales, Toshiba Information Systems Lexmark Sponsors: 5
  6. 6. Gus Erazo 3:40 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break Director Of Engineering Panasonic 4:10 Net Promoter Scores: How To Make Your Customer Kim Folsom Happy (And Avoid Returns) Founder And CEO Tony Sciarrotta ShowUhow, Inc. Director, Asset Recovery John Ford Philips Consumer Lifestyle Member of Supplier Collaboration Group • NPS - Net Promoter Score - the new measure of the voice of the Staples consumer • Preventing costly returns: Manufacturers partnering with retailers to • NPS defined and measurement process explained educate shoppers at the point of sale to ensure clear expectations • What does it mean to a company to deliver higher levels of consumer • Utilizing proactive solutions to help consumers self serve answer to satisfaction? their own questions once they get the product home • How does NPS change the culture and help reduce returns? • Ensuring consumer satisfaction from showroom to family room reduces customer support costs, increases margins, lowers product 4:45 Understanding Current Consumer Spending And Its returns and improve customer service levels Effects On The Returns Tim Conrad 3:05 Leveraging The In-Store Experience To Prevent Director Of Supply Chain Integration Returns And Ensure A Satisfied Customer The Gates Group Walter Broussard • Analyzing consumer market data to extrapolate major trends Senior Vice President, Store Operations affecting your industry Conns • Forecasting future trends in returns and key strategies employed by • Effectively scheduling your employees to ensure you have the right your industry peers to respond to changing consumer needs balance of sales staff for the number of expected customers • Utilizing lessons learned from relevant industries to integrate • Training your staff how to educate the customer and answer innovative strategies in ensuring customer satisfaction questions during the presales stage • Work with your in-store staff to ensure the right product is 5:20 Track A Chairperson’s Closing Remarks introduced to the appropriate customer to reduce NTF returns TRACK B: Asset Recovery And Recycling 2:30 Create A Best In Class Asset Recovery System To Ensure You Recapture Profits On Your Returned Items 11:55 CLOSED DOOR VIP Think Tank: Collaborating With Your Joe Sannella Retail/Manufacturer Through Back By Popular General Manager of Product Lifecycle TTE Technology Consistent Communication Demand And Data Sharing Tony Sciarrotta • Improving communication between OEMs and Retailers by Director, Asset Recovery integrating sales team in returns prevention strategies Philips • Getting involved with sales in the vendor agreement process to ensure full access to data and cost control Dan Barrett • Identifying data you can expect to get from your supply chain partners Manager, Returns Solutions, Shipping Services • Measuring costs incurred by OEMs and Retailers to develop a USPS method to minimize Debi Brown Director, Operational Excellence 1:20 Retailer ONLY Workshop Lunch Included Overstock.Com Overcoming The Impact Of Returns: NEW • Analyzing the ROI of utilizing a secondary sales channel to identify Recapture Profits And Maintain The Ideal criteria for product selection and avoid overspending on used products Customer Experience • Negotiating with secondary retailers to ensure your returned products Moderated by: are purchased for resale Kevin Winneroski • Establishing relationships with supply chain partners to eliminate Vice President, Secondary Markets redundant planning for returned goods Best Buy 3:05 Changing Terms For Third-Party Collectors To Drive • Save potentially lost revenue by benchmarking strategies against Best-In-Class Recovery Performance those of your retailer peers Matt Peterson • You don’t have to worry about being quotes! No press or vendors are Senior Manager, Americas Service Parts allowed into this session – giving you a chance to speak openly about Dell issues • Talk through your most difficult issues in a “no holds barred” and • Review Dell’s current pilot initiative with third party regional non-competitive environment collections providers • It’s Retailers only…need I say more? • Understand how their new process reflects more of a true “pay for performance” model in which collections providers are paid only for Afternoon Tracks On Asset Recovery And Recycling what they collect • Uncover the differences between this model and their financial 2:25 Track Chairperson’s Opening Remarks incentive models currently used for all other worldwide providers 6 REGISTER NOW! Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 • Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  7. 7. 3:40 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break potential collaborative efforts you can undertake to reduce damages in your supply chain 4:10 Avoiding Damages To Your Returned Products To Minimize Additional Costs 4:45 Maximizing Product Lifecycle By Optimizing Recycling Opportunities Mike Lyons Founder and CEO Gary Moore Simpak International, LLC Senior Manager, Reverse Logistics – Recycling Sprint Rubina Farooq Director, Reverse Logistics • Examining current legislature and most popular recycling processes LG Electronics utilized today to identify most profitable for your products • Exploring innovative approaches to recycle your products and avoid • Examining major reasons products get damaged during the returns leaving money on the table process to outline how you can prevent this • Analyze the cost and benefit for various recycling opportunities to • Calculating the cost of damaged goods on your product to analyze identify the most appropriate for your product the opportunity cost of ignoring the issue • Exploring major challenges faced by your partners: focus on 5:20 Track B Chairperson’s Closing Remarks 5:25 Consumer Returns 2010 Cocktail Reception After a day of solutions-focused sessions, relax with fellow attendees. Make new contacts, forge relationships or simply unwind. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak to peers and speakers off-line and gain competitive business intelligence. Exchange business cards and leave with contacts from the most forward-thinking and innovative heads in the consumer returns business. 6:30 End Of Day One Main Conference Day Two Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:00 Continental Breakfast From the big “Box” (retailer) to the individual product “Box” (package); panelists will discuss best practices for: 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks • Reducing and streamlining returns • Identifying and eliminating fraud 9:15 Reuse And Recycle Programs At Hewlett Packard • Minimizing warranty claims and risks Steve Rockhold 11:00 Morning Networking & Refreshment Break Vice President, Program Management, Reuse and Recycling Hewlett Packard 11:30 Developing A Sustainable e-Waste Recycling Program • Examining HP’s current global commitment to reuse and recycle: Chuck Johnston What are the benefits and why it’s important Senior Director, Returns Center • Why reuse and recycle? Uncovering all the hidden benefits and costs Wal-Mart • What are the innovative, cutting edge solutions available and how is HP globally benefiting from them? • Being aware of where your e-scrap actually ends-up and the • Embracing mandates and mitigating recycling and reuse risks in Europe potential impact of the materials your product is made of • Improving your data analytics on volume and processing of e-waste 9:50 Returning The Profit To Returns Processes • Establishing e-waste disposal and management requirements • Exploring factors influencing e-waste exporting Gary Noone VP Global Aftermarket Solutions 12:05 PANEL: How Extended Service & Handset Protection ModusLink Global Solutions Programs Can Help Reduce Consumer Returns Most of us recognize that gaining efficiency in the reverse supply chain Rich Meehan can enhance and extend the customer’s relationship with the brand, Director of Strategic Relationships but many overlook the trapped value waiting to be uncovered by: Assurant Solutions • Balancing service costs with customer expectations • Optimizing the reverse product flow and disposition Additional panelists to be confirmed. Please visit the Consumer Returns • Driving greater recovery from product returns website at for updates • Reviewing the extended service contract (ESC) and handset 10:25 PANEL: Thinking Inside the Box: Winning The Returns Game protection programs Kristin Secreto • Reducing NTF returns and returns due to complex technology Vice President through troubleshooting, technical help and over-the-wire assistance SIRAS • Lowering returns through repair/replacement plans and via services such as installations & tutorials Additional panelists to be confirmed. Please visit the Consumer Returns website at for updates 12:40 Lunch For All Attendees Sponsors: 7
  8. 8. CONCURRENT TRACKS – Make The Most Of Your Time At Consumer Returns! Specially designed group discounts make sure you save money when booking your team. Make the most of concurrent tracks at the event by bringing your teammates. With every session covered by you and your colleagues, leverage multiple case studies and panel discussions that reflect your current initiatives and offer solutions. See page xx for team discount information! Track A: Reverse Logistics & Resale Optimization Track B: Relationship Optimization 1:40 Track Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Track Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 1:50 PANEL: Exploring Effective Techniques To Reduce Costs Returns Convergence: Strategy Sync Between Retailers From Your Reverse Logistics Operations And Manufacturers Pam Rapp Chris Griffin Director, Return Center Division Senior Manager, Global Retail Returns Entertainment & Devices – Wal-Mart AOC Global Services, Microsoft Craig Sultan • Reviewing returns trends in the industry over the past 10 years Manager, Reverse Logistics • Examining the reasons customers return items and how it spill back on The Home Depot the retailers and manufacturers • With such high numbers of NTF returns, determing how collaboration • Reviewing all of your costs to determine what costs can be avoided and between these groups can prevent returns pre through post purchase where new partnerships need to be established • Balance your cost cutting initiatives with your customer satisfaction initiatives to ensure you are not cutting too deep • Benchmark the success of your reverse logistics operations against your forecasted models 2:25 Reverse Logistics: Global Centralization Breaking Silos: Ensuring Retailers And eTailers Align Their Returns Initiatives Ron Sprung, Director Reverse Logistics Jon Heller, Canon Senior Director, Quality LG Electronics • Review Canon’s current reverse logistics program • With so many options available, understand why Canon chose to be • Examine how multiple business units are currently contributing to rates internally focused rather than outsourcing their reverse logistics of product returns operations • Ensure leaders from sales, product design, packaging, finance, and • Take home understanding of how Canon keeps their program consistent reverse logistics meet to create and execute a concerted attack on across borders product returns • Develop a comprehensive framework for effective inter-communication 3:00 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break 3:30 Optimize Resale While Not Impacting Your Top Item Maximizing Internal Collaboration To Provide Best-In- Prices Class Multi-Channel Customer Service Frederick Crosby Craig Sultan, Managing Director Manager, Reverse Logistics eBay The Home Depot • Evaluating resale channels you utilize today to ensure you are optimizing • Review your current returns policies: Are your in-store and online return your resources at the lowest cost initiatives the same? • Benchmarking against your industry peers to evaluate the most • Run surveys to see if your customers are reading the product return productive alternatives relevant for your product policy before or after purchase • Differentiating your refurbished products vs. your top line products to • Define best practices across your business channels to ensure higher stop price cannibalization customer satisfaction 4:05 State of The Practice In Consumer Returns Mark Ferguson Professor of Technology And Management Georgia Tech • Review results from the consumer returns survey to provide benchmarking data to the audience on key metrics and practices currently used to manage consumer returns processes • Present an overview of the problems being tackled by the academic research community and how they can help your returns processes • Identify key areas that still need additional attention for future studies 4:40 End of Conference 8 REGISTER NOW! Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 • Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  9. 9. About Our Sponsors Assurant Solutions businesses develop, underwrite, • Returns Management-- Single Source Solution from return authorization to market and administer specialty insurance, extended final disposition service contracts and other risk management solutions • Asset Recovery—Value-added liquidation for discontinued, overstocks, through collaborative relationships with leading financial withdrawn, surplus, closeouts, salvage, obsolete and distressed inventory institutions, retailers, manufacturers, automobile dealers, funeral homes, • Recall Management-- Recall Management including notification, product utilities and other entities. With operations in 24 cities, including executive retrieval and payment, and regulatory complaint disposition offices in Atlanta, Ga., Assurant Solutions serves clients and their customers in • Supply Chain Analysis-- Supply Chain Analysis for Returns Prevention, 12 countries throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe Reduction and Avoidance and Asia. Assurant Solutions is part of Assurant, a • Information Intelligence--Web-based actionable information premier provider of specialized insurance products and related services in North Our resources include a nationwide footprint of reverse logistics facilities, a American and selected international markets. Assurant, a Fortune 500 highly skilled team of supply chain field analysts, a technology-driven company and a member of the S&P 500, is traded on the New York Stock infrastructure and a large, diverse client base. By combining expert Exchange under the symbol AIZ. Assurant has over $25 billion in assets and $8 capabilities with a commitment to service, Inmar Reverse Logistics provides billion in annual revenue. best-in-class solutions. ATC Logistics & Electronics is a premier provider of third- Jabil is a world class EMS services provider, recently party logistics and supply chain services. ATCLE specializes in organized into a three division structure focused on forward logistics, reverse logistics, asset recovery, test & Consumer, Enterprise and After-Market Services. This repair, kitting & packaging, transportation management and value-added $11.6 billion dollar strong company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange services for high velocity, high-tech devices, in addition to other equipment (NYSE) as JBL. Jabil’s After-Market Services division’s core business is and components. The company also operates a Foreign Trade Zone at its Fort providing high quality, fast-turn aftermarket services for the communications, Worth facility. Industry focus includes wireless, broadband, electronics, computer, medical and electronics industries. For over 27 years, Jabil has medical, industrial and automotive. ATCLE’s knowledge, expertise, IT served the world’s top OEMs with repair support and logistics services. Jabil capabilities and 99.5 percent service and quality levels enable its customers to has dedicated services facilities located in North America, Europe, and Asia, streamline supply chain efficiency and enhance growth and profit. For more with 12,000 people dedicated to providing screening, testing and repair visit: services. Our business strategy is to develop long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. Brightpoint, Inc. (Nasdaq:CELL) is a global leader in providing customized logistic services and distribution of Liquidity Services, Inc. (LSI) is a leading online devices in the wireless industry. In 2009, Brightpoint auction marketplace for wholesale, surplus and salvage handled approximately 84 million wireless devices globally. assets. LSI enables its corporate and government sellers Brightpoint's innovative services include forward and reverse logistics, to enhance their financial return on excess assets by providing a liquid distribution, channel development, fulfillment, product customization, e- marketplace and value-added services that integrate sales and marketing, Business solutions, and other outsourced services that integrate seamlessly logistics and transaction settlement into a single offering. Through our seller with its customers. Brightpoint's effective and efficient platform allows its relationships, LSI's marketplaces provide over 1.3 million registered customers to benefit from quickly deployed, flexible, and cost-effective professional buyers access to a global, organized supply of wholesale, surplus solutions. and salvage assets in over 500 product categories. Since inception, LSI has Brightpoint’s FTZ facilities in the Indianapolis area offer significant advantages conducted over 1.9 million online transactions generating over $1 billion in to companies that conduct business throughout the U.S. and around the gross merchandise value. globe. More than 25,000 B2B customers globally, including some of the industry's most successful OEMs, network operators, MVNOs, retailers and ModusLink Corporation (Nasdaq:MLNK) is a leading dealers rely on Brightpoint to distribute their devices, expand their sales provider of outsourced, global supply chain management channels and transform their logistical challenges into revenue opportunities. services customized to meet the end-to-end needs of In 2009 Brightpoint was included on the FORTUNE 500, and in 2007, 2009 technology manufacturers. Our solutions include the complete range of fully and 2010 was selected as one of America’s Most Admired Companies by integrated, aftermarket services, including testing, repair, RMA, reverse FORTUNE Magazine. Brightpoint was also named a Top 50 Logistics Provider logistics and asset disposition, helping consumer electronics companies by Transport Topics magazine and a Top 100 3PL Provider by Inbound provide the most efficient, timely and cost-effective aftermarket experience to Logistics magazine. their customers. For additional information, visit FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of New Breed is a privately-held, third party logistics transportation, e-commerce and business services. With provider, offering value-added and information annual revenues of $33 billion, the company offers integrated business technology-driven supply chain solutions for aftermarket applications through operating companies competing collectively and & service parts management & delivery, warehousing & managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand. Consistently distribution, manufacturing support, returns management, refurbishment & ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx repair, materials management, transportation management, and supply chain inspires its more than 280,000 team members to remain "absolutely, consulting. New Breed’s reputation for excellence in implementing and positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards operating large, comprehensive programs that transform its clients’ and the needs of their customers and communities. For more information, businesses has earned New Breed a host of industry-leading clients.New visit Breed’s infrastructure consists of more than 50 distribution center operations across millions of square feet of ISO 9001:2008 quality certified operations; Inmar Reverse Logistics is the industry’s leading with more than 7,000 employees including 500 logistics, IT, and engineering provider of technology-driven reverse logistics and professionals; and information technology applications that are supply chain solutions that enable clients to manage the unprecedented in the logistics industry. physical, financial and information flows of their supply chain. Our solutions include: Sponsors: 9
  10. 10. ShowUhow, Inc. provides a video-based platform that SIRAS is the pioneer in Point-of-Sale (POS) Electronic enables retailers and manufacturers to show their Product Registration and return validation technology, consumers how to set-up and use consumer products which allows retailers and manufacturers to track easily. The platform hosts and delivers straightforward and engaging video product, reduce returns and fraud, protect inventory, recover stolen product, instruction guides that educate shoppers with step-by-step instructions that validate warrantees, and improve forward and reverse logistics. SIRAS reduce expensive customer support calls and product returns. The result: establishes a unique “fingerprint” for every product, preserving consumer improved consumer experience and margins. In addition to producing high anonymity. At the same time, SIRAS provides valuable tools for its quality, high definition videos, the ShowUhow platform also helps consumers manufacturing, retailer and law enforcement partners to optimize operations, order parts, register products for warranty, and provides buyer intelligence resolve investigations, and improve the consumer experience. SIRAS also including consumer feedback and market research. ShowUhow hosts the provides law enforcement and retail loss prevention professionals FREE access video instruction guides and syndicates them to manufacturers’ sites, to the SIRAS P.I. network, for use as a crime fighting tool to help track retailers’ sites and social media. ShowUhow is at work with leading consumer product and establish ownership. electronics and appliance manufacturers to ensure easy set-up, installation and use. Clients such as Whalen Furniture, Swann Security and Step 2 are The US Postal Service is the largest distribution using ShowUhow with 8 of the top 11 retailers including Costco, Best Buy, network in the world, delivering nearly 200 billion Amazon, Walmart, Sears/Kmart, JC Penney, Radio Shack,, and pieces of mail every year. It’s the only service that Toys”R”Us. goes to every address and PO Box in America. We provide a gateway to every American household helping businesses stay in business. Our Simpak International LLC was given a challenge by specialists can help customers with direct marketing, international shipping, companies in the Consumer Returns Industry to address financial transactions, customized shipping and e-Commerce solutions… the problem of reducing the amount of damage their today’s Postal Service does a lot more than deliver mail. The Postal Service is products incur being returned to them for repair or buyers remorse. Simpak committed to preserving its place among the world’s leading businesses as it manufacturers a patented protective packaging product that can be custom transforms itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century. designed to protect products such as LCD’s, laptops, and many other electronic parts. We have shown to dramatically reduce the not only the damage that was occurring on the incoming returns, but also that our packaging could be reused to further reduce packaging costs to safely ship the repaired product back to the customer. If you would like to have a free packaging analysis to protect your product with our environmentally friendly “Simpads” give us a call. Michael Lyons President of Simpak International LLC About Our Media Partners is your preferred website for it is an efficient The Mission of SIA is to create a forum where service partnerships guide to the most relevant, recent global events. It links you to the are made and business transactions are completed and to serve as a event's website, thus letting you know how you may participate forum where every member can enhance their business and to take (e.g. speaker, presentor, exhibitor). And a contact us menu allowing collective action for the betterment of the industry whenever necessary. SIA you to communicate with event organizer or GTM. promotes an open environment of interdependence & co-operation between manufacturers, independent servicers and users by providing value-adding Inbound Logistics’ mission is to provide today’s business solutions for customers. For information on SIA and the annual Executive logistics managers the information and expertise they need to Summit held each March at the Mirage go to their website at speed cycle times, reduce inventories and get closer to their or call 619-221-9200. markets and customers. By pairing old and new media, Inbound Logistics’ editorial delivers the most up-to-date supply chain information to help SupplyChainBrain is the world’s most readers discover and create wealth for their companies. comprehensive supply chain management information resource. In addition to providing For over 175 years, The Journal of Commerce has been the complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, most trusted source of intelligence for international logistics SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, executives to help them plan their global supply chain and forward thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations - better manage their day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in and continues to write and report on these as they evolve and mature. the United States and internationally. This information is delivered through SupplyChainBrain is for the high-level executive concerned with managing new, analysis, case studies, and perspective pieces back by PIERS Global risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive Intelligence Solutions data. advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost, and improving the bottom line. The industry’s most experienced staff and many Loss Prevention is a high-quality, contemporary magazine well respected content partners offer executive decision-makers a synthesis of dedicated to providing in-depth, timely articles of high interest many minds, singularly focused and delivered in the medium they choose. to loss prevention professionals and retail management. Covering wide-ranging topics from investigations to technology to management skills, LossPrevention focuses on best practices and educational Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executive's content critical to the growth of the LP professional from the store level to user manual for successful supply chain transformation, the executive suite. LossPrevention’s content is delivered via a bi-monthly utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased print edition, daily updated web site, monthly e-newsletter, and interactive case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through digital archives. the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage. On the Web at 10 REGISTER NOW! Visit: • Call: 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 • Fax: 646.200.7535 • Email:
  11. 11. Registration Information $200 Discount If Paid $100 Discount If Paid Full Conference Pricing For Retailers and Manufacturers In Full By August 27 In Full By Sept 25 Price Retailer and Manufacturer Only Summit (October 25, 2010) + Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $1,599.00 $1,699.00 $1,799.00 Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $1,099.00 $1,199.00 $1,299.00 Group Discounts for Retailers and Manufacturers: $250 Discount If Paid $150 Discount If Paid Full Conference Groups of 2-3 (Price listed per person) In Full By August 27 In Full By Sept 25 Price Retailer and Manufacturer Only Summit (October 25, 2010) + Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $1,549.00 $1,649.00 $1,749.00 Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $1,049.00 $1,149.00 $1,249.00 $300 Discount If Paid $200 Discount If Paid Full Conference Groups of 4+ (Price listed per person) In Full By August 27 In Full By Sept 25 Price Retailer and Manufacturer Only Summit (October 25, 2010) + Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $1,499.00 $1,599.00 $1,699.00 Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $999.00 $1,099.00 $1,199.00 Pricing For Resellers, Remanufacturers And Liquidators: For Group Discount And Sales $200 Discount If Paid $100 Discount If Paid Full Conference Please Contact: In Full By August 27 In Full By Sept 25 Price Bill Penney Two Day Main Conference Phone: +1 (866) 691-7771 (October 26-27, 2010) $1,699.00 $1,799.00 1,899.00 Fax: +1 (416) 598-1452 Pricing For All Others*: Email: Full Conference Price Two Day Main Conference (October 26-27, 2010) $2,599.00 Please note: All discounts are valid for manufacturers and retailers only Hotel Information *’Others’ includes any service provider to manufacturers and retailers - solution providers, 3PLs, consultants or any third party vendors that partner with or provide services to manufacturers and retailers. No two discounts can be combined, including team & early bird discounts. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation. Discounts apply only to qualified manufacturers. A qualified manufacturer is not: Any service provider to manufacturers, including software vendors, technology vendors, solution providers, 3pls or consultants. Discounts do not apply to sponsoring/exhibiting companies. Team discounts must be booked and paid for at the same time. Westin Galleria Dallas 13340 Dallas Parkway WBR reserves the right to enforce pricing on the basis of job title and company type. Fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, Dallas, TX 75240 cocktail receptions and conference documentation. Please note that Connecticut residents must add 6% sales tax to their Phone: (972) 934-9494 Fax: (972) 851-2869 registration fee. New Location and Venue! Newly-transformed, The Westin Galleria Dallas Purchase Select Audio Presentations From This Event!! is the gateway to all points north, south, east and west in the Metroplex. Enjoy access to the Can't make it to Consumer Returns 2009? No need to worry. You can purchase select audio presentations to best shopping, dining, and entertainment in share with your team. Register for the event today and get your VIP package for an extra $250! That's a prestigious North Dallas. The hotel is located savings of 40% for the CD ROM! within the impressive Galleria shopping center *Presentations available at the approval of the conference speakers. Allow 3-4 weeks after the event for with over 200 shops, restaurants, and shipping. attractions all just an elevator ride away. VIP Package (Select any packageabove and for an additional $250 gain access to select audio Consumer Returns has procured a reduced presentations to this event) conference rate of $149 per night (plus CD-ROM Only: $580 tax). To make your reservations, call the Westin Galleria at +1 972.934.9494 and identify yourself as a Consumer Returns attendee. Rooms are limited and are on a first come, first served basis, so make your reservation as soon as possible. The For every registration received for Consumer Returns, WBR will donate a portion of discounted rate expires on October 4th. the registration fee to Smile Train. For more information about WBR’s involvement After October 4th, rooms may still be available, with Smile Train, please visit so inquire with the hotel if you have missed the cut off date. Sponsors: 11