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Social Media for PTAs


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Published in: Education
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Social Media for PTAs

  1. 1. Getting the most out of Electronic CommunicationDelaina Biernstein, Tempe Elementary School
  2. 2. Agenda•Objectives • How do you post it?•Audience • Who are they? •Promotion • Where are they? •Evaluation • What do they want? •Generaladvice•Content and other tactics • What do you post?
  3. 3. Rule #1 THEREARE NOEXPERTS (No, really!)
  4. 4. Rule #2Start with the objectives, not the tools
  5. 5. Your Social Media Objectives• Increase parent participation in events• Raise funds for the school• Facilitate communication between teachers and parents• Provide a support system for parents• and...?
  6. 6. Rule #3 Know your
  7. 7. Set up a Facebook Page
  8. 8. Follow the instructions
  9. 9. Bookmark this! Pages You Admin
  10. 10. Add a ‘Like Box’ to your plugins/like
  11. 11. Add a ‘Like Box’ to your plugins/like find this in the URL of your page
  12. 12. Add a ‘Like Box’ to your
  13. 13. Use the ‘Info Box’
  14. 14. Set your Wall to show posts from you + others
  15. 15. Set your Wall to show posts from you + others
  16. 16. Suggest to Friends
  17. 17. Rule #4 Base your content on
  18. 18. What are your fans’ social media Put yourself• To be reminded of events in their shoes!• To voice their opinion• To find and connect with other parents• Toshow their support/affiliation with their school• Toknow about important school announcements NOT to be spammed or interrupted!
  19. 19. What do you likeshowing up in your News Feed?
  20. 20. Post content worth liking, commenting on, or sharing• Tell about the • Encourage others to progress of a post info/questions fundraiser • Provide info about• Ask for help upcoming meetings• Askfor feedback/ • Postlinks that are suggestions interesting, entertaining, or helpful
  21. 21. Post content worth liking,commenting on, or sharingAny ‘action’ a fan performs on yourpage is (most likely) going to bebroadcast on their friends’ News FeedsThe News Feed is where you want yourcontent to be!
  22. 22. Feed off of others’ posts
  23. 23. Feed off of others’ posts
  24. 24. Lesson learned? Ask for help!People love to help others because itmakes them feel like an expert andthat they are needed
  25. 25. Feel free to delete content posted by others IF...• It is spam or unsolicited advertising• It has inappropriate or offensive language/ imagery• It publicizes a private matter• It involves ‘flaming’ (bashing another user)
  26. 26. Feel free to delete content posted by others
  27. 27. Create Events• Encouragefans to RSVP (when they do, it will show up on their friends’ News Feeds)• RSVP yourself• Invite friends• Encourage others to invite friends
  28. 28. Post Photos• Tagyourself (this makes the photos show up on your friends’ News Feeds so they can tag themselves if the wish)• Let others tag themselves• Bemindful of others privacy (especially children)• Encourage others to post their photos• Show off your apparel or other fundraising
  29. 29. Use the Discussions tab
  30. 30. Use the Discussions tab• Discussions are not posted to your fans’ News Feed• When a discussion is started, post the topic to your Page wall manually so your fans know it is there
  31. 31. Promote!• Become a fan of other school Pages and ask admin of those pages to promote your page (elementary to junior high, junior high to high school)• Become a fan of vendor pages and @tag them in your Page status updates
  32. 32. Use Facebook as a Tool for Texting your Fans
  33. 33. Link your Page to Twitter
  34. 34. Promote your RSS feed format=atom10&id=77672879890 Your page ID
  35. 35. Promote your RSS feed format=atom10&id=77672879890 Your page ID
  36. 36. Get a ‘Vanity URL’ when you reach 25 fans• YourURL will be ___________• Greatfor promoting your page in printed materials (newsletters, business cards, postcards, letterhead...)
  37. 37. Evaluate your page with ‘Insights’
  38. 38. Evaluate your page with ‘Insights’
  39. 39. Old ‘Insights’
  40. 40. Old ‘Insights’
  41. 41. Old ‘Insights’
  42. 42. Old ‘Insights’
  43. 43. Words of wisdom• Don’texpect “If I build it, they will come.” Building your fan base will take promotion and time.•A few very involved fans is better than a ton of passive fans.• You don’t need to have hundreds of fans!• Consider yourself lucky! You have a very specific target audience with a very strong
  44. 44. The two most important rules: Know your objectives Provide value to your audiencePut yourself in their shoes!
  45. 45. More FREE e-services to try:• for free e-mail newsletters (up to 500 subscribers free)• for organizing volunteers for your events
  46. 46. Questions?