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A small introduction to PAdrino and Sequel Ruby libraries

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Padrino + Sequel for lightweight web apps Angel Pizarro
  2. 2. Sequel for DB access
  3. 3. Sequel for DB access
  4. 4. Arel-style query (Actually was always like this)
  5. 5. Arel-style query (Actually was always like this)
  6. 6. “dataset” == Sequel::Model
  7. 7. Sequel is a BIG topic. See for more information
  8. 8. Padrino: Sinatra base Origin was the “sinatra-more” gem All of Sinatra with some rails-style helper methods and dir structure Sorta like Merb without the ridiculous gem & version dependencies Nice set of generators for models, controllers, etc.
  9. 9. Motivating Example #1 A to-do list of items CRUD like functionality from scratch
  10. 10. LIVE CODE !!
  11. 11. Motivating Example #2 A to-do list of items CRUD like functionality using the Padrino admin panel
  12. 12. LIVE CODE !!
  13. 13. Motivating Example #3 To make space on the SAN, we need to archive projects to offline storage Location of the offline archive must be tracked Archive contents (e.g. file names) must be searchable Use MySQL full-text search) A project’s meta-data must be stored & searchable Meta-data may contain sensitive details, site must be minimally secured (Basic Auth)
  14. 14. CODE REVIEW !! (too lazy to live code anymore :P)
  15. 15. Thanks! More Information: Rate my talk: