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London 2012 report


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A report on the impact of real-time media during the London Games...created for Communica.

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London 2012 report

  1. 1. The SocialOlympicsImage Credit: Cadbury
  2. 2. Julie will be editing the text within this documentCommunica wanted to define best practices within social media during the London Olympic Games. Wealso wanted to investigate any opportunities that may have been missed as brands struggled to createconnections during the first Social Olympics.Focus points: Occasions to celebrate original ideas. Response strategies that may have enabled people tofeel a part of the Olympic experience. Truly engaging social content that inspired sharing andconnectedness. Key Learnings Defining an effective use of Real-Time media during the games… McDonalds was one of the most social brands, but negative comments made up most of their 24 % share. At times McDonalds seemed unprepared to respond to the level of negative comments. -Brand reputation requires immediate and consistent response. For Cadbury responding and co-creation enabled marketers to leverage natural people-to- people connections. -Amplify use of real-time media with creative social content in existing community spaces. Coca-Cola, Samsung and Adidas nurtured enthusiasts wanting to connect with peers, encouraging them to share their emotions with the rest of the world. - Added benefits: emotional connectedness, contributory data and organic growth. Source: Interpublic Groups Momentum and Radian6
  3. 3. What brands were really ready for London2012?Fans did not seem to be captivated by "branded discussions” during these Olympicgames. Brands that created emotional connections seemed to be experiencing thegames, right along with the fans. Content and messages not only engaged fans, butalso enabled encounters that made people feel like they were personally a part of theOlympics. They became reporters, storytellers, and their heart-felt excitementreached every corner of earth.Moving from a “the-Games” to a “my-games” mindset…With less than 400 days till the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, brands must learn tonurture, not force, social interactions and with earned media winning the Gold.
  4. 4. Facebook reports over 116 million posts and comments relating to the games and athletes. 12.2 million Likes. Usain Bolt [most liked athlete] Facebook likes increased by more than one million reach more than 8.9 million connections. Inspired fans wanted to connect. Brands should have interacted, and in real-time, celebrating with fans. When athletes posted real-time and behind the scenes content, fans felt close to the action. Fans shared content, frequently tagging athletes and brands. Opportunity missed: We noted few80,000 Tweets instances where brands responded.per min as he A need for more images from thewon the 200M athletes/brands, not just of theGold Source: Twitter athletes/brands. Image Credit: Stats Facebook
  5. 5. When the Athletes andthe Fans were front andcenter the messagesseemed REAL
  6. 6. Authenticity: Fan-generated images became an emergingsource of content and people around the world couldn’tget enough.Some of the most compelling images came from fan’sreal-time perspective.The rest of the world:We wanted to feel like we were there… and social mediagave us a real-life, vantage point.
  7. 7. Sentiment via emoto People “celebrated” connected: People wanted to participate, be a part of the the games. In person or via real-time media fans, wanted to discover, connect, report/inform and share… Opportunities missed: Celebrate the global reach of the Olympic games, thorough the unique perspective of local stories Respond to comments of global fans wanting to know more. Reward with reposting / tweeting original content and creative dialogues Offer meaningful real-time resources
  8. 8. “The brands that led the Sociagility PRINT™ rankings were those that used social media to focus on engagement not just brand awareness.”The Relative Status and Potential of The London 2012 SponsorsOur Points of total agreement…• Most campaigns did not take real-time media seriously. Many used social media as a channel to simply echo advertising campaigns but failed to interact or enable people to use the content creatively.• Authentic messages and content seemed to help smaller brands move up in the Sociagility PRINT™ rankings
  9. 9. Findings suggest: Status dimensions of social media performance (awareness and reach) stayed “relatively constant” across brandsBrands that focused on engagementand interaction were able to buildtrust, offer relevance and supportlasting emotional connections withfans. Integration within social mediawas critical.Sociagility’s PRINT™ findings confirmthat some brands may have missedopportunities to connect with fansdue to the lack of social integrationand the ability to move beyond leadgeneration and awareness as an Potential dimensions (engagement and interaction) moved about as “social” interaction defined new leadersunderlying communication goal.Source: Sociagility followed 25 brands from18, April to 12, August 2012, They studylooked at 4 social networks and 5dimensions of social media performance. Inthe process they collected 43,500 individualdata points.
  10. 10. When marketers elected to "humanize” Olympic brands they were able to connect in more meaningful ways. Lesson learned: Sustainable one-to-one connections requires authenticity, emotion, conviction and then… a response.
  11. 11. Viewers had rather strong opinions toshare during the closing ceremony andthey expected to be heard… Negative sentiment hints to the need for brands and media to pay closer attention to viewers before the winter games.
  12. 12. This Twitter comparison of BMW and AUDI reflects BMW’sability to maintain a good share of the twitterverse during Communica mined Vigiglobe to reflectthe games. Still, the ability to leverage this attention for share of Twitter for BMW from 20, July tostronger connections may have been missed. YouGovs 9, September 2012BrandIndex service reflects BMW experiencing a sharpdecline in U.S. brand perception during the games.Americans were not in London. Perhaps “social-friendly”experiences designed to satisfy those abroad, wishing for aBMW Olympic view, would have helped. Or, simplyrecognizing and responding to fans-at-home would haveencouraged them to feel a part of the games.Sponsored “social” content and occasions seemed to bemissing…BMW offered little opportunity for fans-at-home to trulyconnect with and share the BMW or MINI brand. Even thegrand BMW Olympic Pavilion had relatively small tractionacross social media. At the same time, fans werediscovering the now famous MINI Minis, and asking formore. MINI Minis was not scripted, but soon the fangenerated social content enjoyed organic growth andattention across social platforms.Source: Vigiglobe teamed up with Kantar to monitor Tweets “specifically”mentioning the Olympic sponsors and their key competitors.Source: YouGove| U.S.-facing London 2012 Olympics sponsors weremeasured with YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score, which asks “If youveheard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, throughadvertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?
  13. 13. Immersive Shopping Experiences We would have loved to see MINI UK support shopping with discovery. For instance, mobile interaction that encouraged people to seek out hidden elements within the store. Use of augmented reality,check-ins and social media to curate user-generated content. This would allow fans to feel a part of the environment.Advantages: Shopping becomes more of an occasion, worth social sharing of the space and of course, the MINI brand.
  14. 14. Discovered, Viewed and Shared Hey look what I found “MINI Minis”
  15. 15. “Turns out some of the best stuff is the things thatyou don’t usually see on the TV coverage. Thehammers (and the shot, discus and javelins) are allreturned to the athletes in radio controlled miniMini Coopers, operated by some of the 70,000games maker volunteers – had I known this couldbe part of their job, I would have definitely applied” NATHAN BARRY Wired
  16. 16. I’m On It Fan’s respondedA cycle-of-courtesy was naturallycreated as fans enthusiastically beggedfor more images of the MINI Minis,those attendance, were thrilled torespond and accommodate their wishes.
  17. 17. Surprise Connections and Data Driven DestinationsOur favorite example of naturally discovered and naturally shared content.Real-time connectedness came into play as a result of MINI’s mini remote control cars. The MINI Miniswere created to assist with the javelin and discus retrieval, but fans fell in love with them.The result: Relevant branded, but still original content that supported positive sentiment, awareness andenormous levels of data. MINI will need to transition this data into insight, offering what’s next (e.g.content / positioning) and ensuring relevance and targeted response scenarios.MINI branded content and original content united.Opportunity: Responding to original content becomes a form of celebration and creates strongconnections. Fan posted image via Facebook
  18. 18. Moving from engage to connectMINI UK connected with onFacebook via “Hear the Roar”Driven by “Emotion” MINI wanted to bringfans into the cheering section creatingunique connections with enthusiasts viaHear The Roar.The co-created, roaring content wasnaturally prone to sharing, but may not havecreated the lasting emotional triggers MINIwas hoping for.Smart: MINIUK has done an outstanding jobwith responding to comments within theMINIUK YouTube channel. MINIUK via YouTube click image or copy url
  19. 19. CadburyCelebratedalong with fans…
  20. 20. Case Study: Creative, Immersive, Emotional Social Media Cadbury’s Goals: “Social networks are a place to talk about friends, family and the things that interest • Break boundaries and go places we haven’t you – for an event which interests the gone before e.g. pushing our digital marketing nation in such a powerful way, being a expertise
 sponsor has allowed us to remain • Bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the meaningful and relevant.” Jerry Daykin, Cadbury London 2012s business
 social media /community manager • Do things differently with our customers, consumers, colleagues and communities Cadburys sponsorship took full advantage of every opportunity to include people within their message. The brand co-celebrated the games. Measured Social media success: Other activity: Spots v Stripes, the Crème Egg Goo Games and Keep Team GB Pumped. ROI – Connectedness, insight and understanding Cadbury House offered interactive experiences for • SM channels quickly reaching more than 7.5 Olympic Fans with the advantages of hyper-social million during the Olympic Games sharing built in. RFID technology enabled visitors to • 2.5 million fans / followers UK SM effortlessly share the fun with friends as they naturally moved about the Cadbury House. The Noted Growth: messages became co-created, emotion-driven • 25,000 followers added @CadburyUK content for the brand. • (Total) 75,000+ • 40,000+ images tagged #Cadbury - Instagram • 2.5 million Google+ Source: Inside the Games
  21. 21. An ideal mix of original and branded content was shared via Social Media, including immersive in person experiences via Facebook
  22. 22. Source Cadbury via Instagram
  23. 23. Opportunity missed:Meaningful use of the emotion-driven content that fans sharedand curated during the games.Brands had the ability to strengthen ties with fans byrewarding fans with their attention. A powerful incentive anda very personal form of response.Co-Curate the story! Along with fans…simply repin and sharecreating a contextual fan-driven, brandedview of the Games.
  24. 24. How the World consumed and shared London2012 via YouTube Across the US and 64 countries including Africa and Asia people watched 231 million total streams. Of those, 72 million total streams came from IOC YouTube Channel. YouTube saw more than half a million livestreams at the same time. • The U.S. Olympic Committee YouTube Channel uploaded a behind the scenes video reaching 6.75 million views • More original content came from 50 YouTube creators who “Invaded” London and shared their views In the States YouTube partnered with • More than 159 million total streams • Through NBC’s native apps, 37 percent of views came from mobile devices, and more than half were in HD Source: YouTube Click image or copy url
  25. 25. The New York Times shares a collection of favorite professional images Benefits from sharing original images (Instagram/Twitter): • Celebrate along with Fans • Authentic content • Real-time view • Viral content Tagging content owners leverages social sharing
  26. 26. Be Global… Reach Local Celebrate the Olympic Spirit via original or branded content across real-time media platforms using local hash tag strategy and local positioning. South Korea is certainly becoming a nation of champions across many sports, and they continue to be leaders in the adoption of technology. South Koreas Hyeonwoo KimImage Source: Chung Sung-Jun/Ge y Images AsiaPac)
  27. 27. We shared more than 150 million Tweets about the Olympics during the 16 active days of the Olympic Games. P&G’s “Thank You Mom” campaign created emotional connections that remained strong even after the games had ended. Telling the Olympic story through the eyes of ourOlympian moms created emotional connections that moved across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Source: P&G’s YouTube channel Click image or copy url:
  28. 28. The surprise of a lifetime Adidas created emotional connections at Westfield Stratford City by simply having David Beckham drop- into fans live photo sessions. The events created social content that touched the world. Click image or copy url
  29. 29.