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Emerging global trends focus 2012


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A look at Global Trends... to help you visualize and prepare for what is ahead in 2012

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Emerging global trends focus 2012

  1. 1. Emerging Global Trends Focus 20121
  2. 2. We believe that a brand’s new responsibility occurs within service, becoming a resource provider anda social media enabler. Beyond simply marketing, each trigger sustainable connections.This trend report has been created to help you prepare for, and bring about, a very different approachto business in 2012. Moving beyond advertising and marketing, we suggest a collaborative businessdesign, one empowered simply by the ability to create sustainable connections.The Ability to CollaborateOne of the key emerging trends is the idea of “Original”. Original can mean many different things, butmost notably “original’ intensifies the need to collaborate. People are keen to play a stronger role ininfluencing brand performance, and absolute in their demand for relevance.It has been said that Facebook did not start the idea of revolution, and this is true. People took on therole of disruptor in order to gain a voice, and a place within their community and government. Socialmedia simply acted as the connector, an enabler of dialogues and information, and perhaps moreimportant the collective confidence that others share their original ideals.Filters were created from shared passions and information. At the same time, authentic connectionswere not disrupted by the misrepresentation of traditional channels… People sought after trusted-original sources.Responding to DisruptionDisruption has become a natural part of business. We believe that it is important to embracedisruption as an opportunity to stimulate continuous innovation. Throughout each trend, we tell astory that alerts you to disruptive scenarios and offers clues for how to respond. Thank You, M.E.D…for your beautiful interpretation of original! 2
  3. 3. How to read this report… We have created this report to offer “more” within every element of the content. Each video, image and data point is linked back to the original source, allowing you to add depth to your perception of what is taking place. Meander about each section and get a sense for the convergence of trends. Identify a section that interests you and become immersed within a particular trend. With an open mindset, explore trends and ideas in a manner that challenges “traditional”. Mobile – Creating mobile occasions that extend brand experiences and actively involve people within the dynamics of “my” brand’s message. Social Media – Move from engagement to sustainable connections by creating emotional triggers, immersive experiences and collaborative positioning. Identify implications that will help you to adapt to change, both now and with a level of flexibility for what’s ahead.Everything Is Different….Everything Is Possible! 3
  4. 4. Trend Mobile: TABLET “Immediate and Engaging Interaction” Tablet owners are looking for PC alternatives. eCommerce and new techniques for social content are shaping richer experiences • OWN Network pre-loaded on Flipboard [Ad Age] • Mobile-connected tablets to generate as much traffic 2015 as entire global mobile network did in 2010 [Cisco] • eBooks in U.S. -202.3% growth in sales Feb 2011 [] • 1 in 10 tablet owners (U.S.) report using their device for browsing or buying online every day [eMarketer via etailing] • iPad accounts For 82% Share Of U.S Tablet Market [Nielsen] • Omnimedia increases summer readership via iPad, iPhone apps [Mobile Marketer] • Apple iOS to Dominate Tablet Market Through 2015 [Gartner] Read, love and immediately "like," re-tweet, • Singapore - 5.9 % Web traffic from non-PC devices May 2011 comment or share” [comScore] Business Implications: Interactive publishing will disrupt how editors view publishable content Tablet adoption increasing within classrooms Targeting requires complex filters, absolute interaction Intersection of media and mobile will disrupt traditional broadcast programming across numerous variables Messages get creative - have to be relevant. A very different type of usage…calls for very different protocol for measurement 4 Click image-source: Apple, Pottermore and Oprah | Flipboard
  5. 5. Trend Mobile: Social – How We Live Mobli offers the contextual “Social Media is a perpetual celebration information and subject- of Life… Mobile is it’s Pulse” filters that allow me to see “only” what I “really” wish I Mobile access to social media has forever changed the way were not missing decisions are made. Social media is a normal part of life • Mobile social networking growth nearly 46% 3 months ending March 2011 [comScore] • 56% of frequent social network users own smartphones, and 64% have used a mobile phone to update their status on one or more SN [The Social Habit Edison Research and Arbitron] LIVESTRONG • Search engine sites are the most visited -77% of smartphone Sporting Park - users |9 out of 10 smartphone searches -action (purchasing, "Next visiting a business, etc.) [Google and Ipsos] • U.S. 74.6 m smartphones. Google/Android leading OS -36.4% Generation share [@comScore three months ending in April 2011] Mobility • Total eBook sales in February 2011 $90.3m (£55.2m} Experience" [Association of American Publishers] Business Implications: Messages and content become integrated experiences/Local is essential for reaching Millennials Continuous source of knowledge | frequency of updated status continues to grow. Location based check-ins “We want to take the tagging out of sharing photos and make it as automatic as possible,” Location &Trust If I let you know where I am…make it count / Privacy investment “Privestment” Jason Mitura,Viewdle‘s chief product officer Influence - Mobile “Social” Reviews – How we will makeSource: The Social Habit Edison Research and Arbitron and MobiLens and Cisco decisions 5
  6. 6. Trend Mobile: Everything “IS” Different “Immediate-Aware-Existence” Integration will empower data aligning filters for more targeted content. Leveraging this information offers the ability to connect with people at the most appropriate time and place… and with substance • Bing will be built into Nokia devices. Nokia will offer mapping, navigation and location-based services to the Windows Phone ecosystem[Market News] • Mobile banking to help 2 billion people by 2020 [BCG] • Google reports that the number of YouTube videos delivered to mobile devices tripled in 2010, reaching 200 million video views per day[Cisco] • Chromaroma is a new application from UK-based Mudlark that turns Tube travel in London into a rewarding game. • Mobisante the worlds first ultrasound imaging system [GSMA] Business Implications: The source of answers and explanations Intense demand for learning relationships with customers Multi-platform integration Tweet - service in real-time People: Defining and building trusted resources Click Image: Telegraph UK, Nintendo, Sermo, MINT and GSMA Solutions to what we want to know and need 6
  7. 7. Analytics and reporting that support nearlyintuitive communication (Make mobile datameaningful)Creating mobile occasions that extendbrand experiences and actively involvepeople requires a non-intrusive, almostintuitive, system of data extraction and use 7
  8. 8. Trend Mobile: Life’s A Game “For the Challenge and the FUN” Mobile gaming is quickly becoming an expected form of engagement and a rather witty way to connect • People gaming via mobile devices increased to 40% in 2010 [Flurry] • Angry Birds -App Store’s Top Paid App for 275 days [Rovio] • More than 4.6 million paying users with 3,000 mobile games in China [China Mobile] • Nintendo 3DS will connect to more than 1000 Best buy locations and AT&T WiFi hotspots, and access Wireless connection at some shopping malls [Technorati] • Nintendo sold 400,000 3DS units during launch week [Digital Trends] • Mobile gaming outsold PC gaming in 2009 [Flurry] • iOS and Android game revenue - $800 million in 2010. [Flurry] • Skype for Android is free of charge • China Mobile’s app store-more than 70,000 apps [GSMA] Business Implications: Use NFC to create immediate location-smart connections Tablets |adults and hand-held devices for children create ideal situations to extend branded experiences. Brands should enable “play” Ability to connect with others create stronger emotional Image source: – Mashable, Flurry conditions 8
  9. 9. Trend Mobile: Ads Get Local and Social People to Brands—We’re waiting! People have adopted and are using smartphones, far in advance of brands creating “worth our attention” experiences • By 2015, Mobile ad spend in China could reach $1.4 billion [eMarketer] • U.S. mobile ad spending - $4 billion in 2015 |Local portion to reach $2.8 billion -locally targeted U.S. mobile ad spend could reach 70 % by 2015[BIA/Kelsey ] • The number of advertisers using mobile display ad campaigns has more than doubled in the past two years U.S. [comScore] • 71% mobile search because of an ad exposure, traditional media (68%) to online ads (18%) to mobile ads (27%) [Google and Ipsos] • Mobile ads could soon over take television ads [eConsultancy] • New Google statistics show site visitors on mobile devices | contrast it with non-mobile visitors [Google] Business Implications: Mobile ads trigger action, People look for more information and are making mobile purchases Partnerships are the key to local content and mPayment People: Mobile interruptions will offer service and resources Ability to control levels of interaction within the limits of complete relevance 9 Image source: Google Analytics Mobile Marketer Mobilera
  10. 10. Absolutely MORE Inkling and push pressYou can immerse yourself within the story and the magic by “blowing” fairy dust into the scene with interactive features. Image source: Apple, inkling and Disney 10
  11. 11. Trend Mobile: M2M - Convergence M2M is certain to disrupt and innovate. “Age of “Unlimited Opportunities” Convergence” Ryuji Yamada, President & CEO of NTT The implications for M2M...massive convergence and Docomo [Mobile World Congress] extreme reliance on mobile devices to keep us in motion. New focus - brands create highly collaborative partnerships with mobile carriers to define and manage ideal mobile experiences/gain insight • Market potential over 1 billion access points [China Mobile] • SCVNGR teamed up with American Express • Global mobile data traffic will increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015, reaching 6.3 exabytes per month by 2015, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 92 % [Cisco] • Two-thirds of global mobile data will be video traffic by 2015 • 72% use their smartphones while consuming other media, with a third while watching TV [Google and Ipsos] • Ford integrates mobile apps to 10 new vehicles, promotes safe driving [Mobile Marketer] • Nearly one mobile device per person by 2015.[Cisco] • 52% of Europe to use smart meters by 2016 [Berg] Business Implications: Over 7.1 billion mobile-connected devices, Define “Intersections” and “Connectivity” including machine-to-machine (M2M) Integrated marketing – advantages of cross media consumption modules, in 2015 Cisco] Transparent connections and mobile service Prepare for mobile delivery of business intelligence Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2010–2015 Video via YouTube eHealth providers to rely on constant access 11
  12. 12. Trend Mobile: NFC Users of the Quick Tap NFC service in the UK -via NFC to persuade prompt attention and Orange and Barclaycard are able to use their NFC Relevance from Brands… Impact M2M phones to make payments in other areas People expect brands to enable effortlessness. Listen and respond in real-time. NFC supports a system of interactive learning and response • Chinas mobile users 875.63 million in March, 2011 [Maverick China Research] • By 2015 there will be 42.9 million smartphones in the UK • 1 in 5 consumers in the UK are ready to use NFC to purchase, enact loyalty programs and receive promotions and download ads via mobile [Axciom ] • 15% are happy to share information as long as brands remain transparent about what is collected [Axciom ] • There will be 788 million mobile-only Internet users by 2015[Cisco] • Global NFC mobile payment transactions will reach approximately $50 billion by 2014 [Juniper Research ] "NFC represents an important innovation opportunity, and will Business Implications: facilitate a wide range of interesting Create intuitive links to loyalty information and discounts services and applications for Address multiplatform online and offline commerce consumers,” Franco Bernabè, Chairman, GSMA and People: CEO, Telecom Italia Devices enable brands to understand what people need Mobile ticketing, couponing, games, content sharing. Image source: Google NFC Times M2M. Mobile access to cars, homes, hotels, offices 12
  13. 13. Differentiation of Mobile Devices and their intended use continues to Blur…even within a simple TweetImage source: 13
  14. 14. Trend Mobile: SCAN|CODE|TAG|TAP…All Require Consequence! “More – Services and Resources” The demand for mobile information is extreme. Immediate and direct access to “more” has become an expected ever- present service. Extended brand experiences are enabled! • The U.S. increased mobile barcode scans 181% in Q1 2011 vs Q4 2010. U.K increased 167% [3G Vision eMarketer] • Text messaging is declining in Europe | Spain reflects the greatest decline [comScore] • 72 % of smartphone users indicated that they would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code [MGH] “The difference between taking it • Mobile payments market predicted to reach more than £200bn by 2014 [IE Market Research] with you and keeping it with you” Business Implications: Agility - Continuous disruption is a natural part of business . Codes offer quick and easy connections Bringing print to life, but also pay attention to analytics Define agendas that create a learning process Creative content (not static links) fun and immersive Manage and measure every interaction People: Easy access to “more” An unforeseen value…“free prize inside” 14 Source: Mobile Marketing Watch P1021 YouTube and Pallino1021 Microsoft Tag QR Arts
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Trend Mobile: Transformational on a Global Scale Mobile is a “Life-Tool” Mobile connections create new sources of ideas, info and advice; changing not Browser or App based connections…people have come to only the way we communicate, but how rely on mobile devices as an essential resource we discover and live. • 58% of mobile users get web content via browsers [Jumptap] • Global mobile commerce sales $163 billion by 2015[ABI research] • Mobile TV almost 1.07 million subscribers in China CMMB [China Mobile] • Mobile Video in China 8.55 million on-line [China Mobile] • 81% smartphone users browse the Internet, 77% search, 68% use an app, and 48% watch videos on their smartphone Digital books the largest single format in [Google and Ipsos] • Fundamo and Bank Andara target 40M Indonesians [GSMA] the US publishers for the first time eve • Middle East and Africa will have strongest mobile data traffic growth at 129 % CAGR-Latin America at 111 %|Central and Eastern EU at 102 %[Cisco] • Asia –Pacific| Mobile screens are First. Expect mobile pop 2.9 by 2015 [eMarketer] Business Implications: “The high mobile penetration rate in South Africa would be a catalyst for mHealth deployments” Invest in infrastructure-remain flexible Obed Bapela, Deputy Minister of Communications SA Create smart partnerships - build ecosystems People: GSMA -HSPA Mobile Broadband connections will reach 500 million worldwide by June 2011 More relevant mobile experiences Image source: InMobi video Personalized mobile content based on behavior and shared preferences 16
  17. 17. Trend Mobile: Payments Emerging Markets and Unique Offers Mobile payments are a natural progression. One motive, desperate need within emerging markets. Convenience during "shopping" occasions will increase rapid adoption • 709 M mobile money users in emerging markets by 2015 [Berg Insight] • Global mobile payments will grow $633 B by 2014 [Generator] • @Square processed over $3 million 21, May 2011 • eBay acquired location-based service Where [AdAge] We expect this digital wallet to have an • Orange UK teamed up with Barclaycard nationwide contactless mobile payments in the UK | NFC-based “Quick Tap” impact in countries where mobile use is high • 2.25 million users in China [China Mobile] and card usage is low” • Google partnered w MasterCard , Citigroup , Sprint with ” Jim McCarthy, Visa head of global products transaction processing firm First Data • NFC #mobile payments! 63% of 18-34 y olds "at ease" using mobile phones for purchases [MasterCard] Business Implications: Mobile payment/data points within an absolute ecosystem True relationships will require extreme relevance resulting from a brand’s sound commitment to learning from each and every interaction. Mobile banking- natural extension of mPayment service People: Secure authentication via pin will ease privacy worries. Still worrying, but it is possible relevance easy trade off 17 Image source: @Square
  18. 18. A Look at Mobile Commerce • 91% of consumers in the UK said they’d used a mobile device to engage in commerce, either for research or for purchasing. • All markets reporting at least 72% of consumers involved in mobile commerce In North American 38% of respondents have paid for items via their mobile network operator in the last six months. In the U.K., 91% have researched or bought a product using a mobile device as have 79% in Brazil. MEF Global Consumer SurveyMobile devices – Samsung and Apple 18
  19. 19. The Mobile Financial Services Development Report 2011 Looks at the development of mobile financial services (MFS) ecosystem in twenty countries.Source: World Economic Forum 19
  20. 20. Trend Mobile: Connected Shopping Search-Collective Decisions-Purchase Extending brand experiences via mobile will require careful management and extreme relevance. Mobile is becoming an important tool for shopping • 79 % of smartphone consumers compare prices and look for more information [Google and Ipsos] • Mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by “Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly 2016[Forrester –NYT] commonplace in Africa,” • 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones 70% in Store [Google and Ipsos] James Lamberti, VP Global Research & • 88% of those who look for local information on their Marketing at InMobi smartphones take action within a day [Google and Ipsos] • 62% of South Africans purchase via mobile devices [inmobi] Business Implications: Need for filtration and improved behavioral data is critical Adopt mobile search cross-channel strategy as mobile shoppers use their phones in-store Shopper data must be naturally collected, and form seamless almost intuitive experiences /enable social People: Ability to personalize shopping occasions Googles mobile ads offer advantages via your unique ID Remain resolute - relevance in return for your trust Image source: iTunes and Android App Stores 20
  21. 21. There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users. There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products 21Source: Facebook Statics
  22. 22. Trend Mobile: Motivating “Local” Impulses “Extraordinary Relevance” Mobile connections will need to be managed and mobile data will need to be harnessed, filtered and immediately put into play to create seamless experiences and far more relevant encounters • Location-based services (Foursquare and Facebook Places) are familiar to 30% of Americans 12+, used by 4% of Americans [The Social Habit Edison Research and Arbitron] Amex cards teams up • 43 % of Local-Mobile Searchers “Walk Through The Door” with @foursquare [Search Engine Land via AT&T | Nielsen] • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information 88% of these users take action within a day [Google] • 77% have contacted a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business [Google] • The John Dory Oyster Bar (NYC) doesnt usually take reservations, but the current Foursquare Mayor can make them [Eater] • LBS USD6.2bn ad revenue by 2015[StrategyEye] Business Implications: Positioning opt-in non-intrusive data source Design for location based products and services Integrate across platforms – personalization - ensure share-ability/ideal levels of relevance People: Immediate relevance based on trusted sources 22 Image source: Mobile UI Patterns and Mobile Marketer H&M
  23. 23. Trend Mobile: The Rate of “Speed” Mobile(4G) is being deployed very quickly “Connecting Now” Mobile devices are replacing the traditional PC and laptop "Mobile Changes Life“ as the preferred way to connect . Still, speed has created a Wang Jianzhou barrier. LTE (Long Term Evolution) reduces the time to Chairman, China Mobile download and upload mobile content • Chinas 3G users reached 67.57 million at the end of April, 2011 [Maverick China Research] • Mobile network connection speeds will increase 10-fold by 2015. The average mobile connection speed (215 kbps in 2010) will grow at a CAGR of 60 percent, and will exceed 2.2 Mbps in 2015 [Cisco] • Android to command nearly half /worldwide smartphone operating system market by year-end 2012 [Gartner] • LTE networks rapidly introduced, with one million connections already and 300 million expected by 2015[GSMA] • Verizon 4G #LTE network in its 100th market [Cnet] Business Implications: Build mobile experiences and managed connections. The right mobile data will define competitive advantages and sustainable relationships People: Mobile is becoming a faster, more viable option; Mobile payments enable immediate "detailed" data and intuitive connections for brands...Convergence| Reliance| RelevanceImage source: NTTDocomo Motorola, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Coverage Map 23
  24. 24. Trend Mobile CASE STUDY: CollabraCam “Multi-Camera Video …Right Now” Captures The Entire Experience -Apptopus, Inc. created CollabraCam, an app that produces multiple immersive views via collaborative video footage. Result: Extraordinary perspective, unique storytelling and meaningful context! • Mobile Future- 87% will continue to or increase uploading video/music to the Internet via mobile devices [TNS Digital Life] • Two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by • Connects via local Wi-Fi. 2015 [Cisco] • Avg smartphone will generate over 1 GB per month in 2015, 2010 avg 79 MB per month [Cisco] A collective view….The content that is created will be more contextual and a better Business Implications: illustration of what is happening” Extended brand experiences that enable people to share their personal perspective of live events (e.g. events, sports, concerts, gatherings) Capture rich contextual insight Implications for pioneering qualitative use Disruptive video production via collective storytelling People: Absolute – original storytelling via video Shared experience –collective emotional connections Enabled “ViewPoint” – Capture and share more of what’s happeningImage source: CollabraCam 24
  25. 25. Mobile CASE STUDY: CollabraCam CollabraCam lets you tell the whole story via video. Through the strength of collaboration, friends can capture and share more of the experience. Each view reflects a unique perspective and keen advantages that would otherwise be missed. The designated director is able to curate and direct the content while viewing, recording and editing streaming “The worlds first multi-camera video video on their iPhone. production iPhone app with live editing and director to camera Directors can upload a rough-cut version to video communication” editing software for refinement or immediately upload to social media spaces. CollabraCam also automatically credits everyone involved! Co-creating the Story… Collaborative efforts are always likely to inspire emotional connections. As CollabraCam shares different views, incredible levels of context are developed. Brands seeking deep contextual insight may consider inviting friends to share their collective view of sporting events and special occasions. Enabling an immersive role triggers emotional connection and shareable content. 25
  26. 26. Mobile CASE STUDY: CollabraCam • CollabraCam Noted : New & Noteworthy section on iTunes! • Nominated -2010 Webby “Best Use of Mobile Video category” • “What’s Hot” and “Staff Favorites” on iTunes [May/June 2011] A Few Key Director Features: Direct a multi-camera video on any iOS device over Wi-Fi Connect with up to four iPhone 4, 3GS or iPod Touch 4G cameras Credits are automatically generated View, record and edit streaming and attributed to the director and video on-the-fly, in real-time camera person’s name or Twitter ID. Record from one camera while placing another camera on standby Director’ view allows one user to Send camera move or angle cues to the camera operators monitor and edit live footage. Export video clips to the camera roll to edit in a video editing app 26
  27. 27. Processing… Image source: Apple 27
  28. 28. A Brands new role is service, being a resourceprovider and an enabler.Flexibility, versatility, and adaptability are key, but itis important to maintain a relentless focus oncreating meaningful experiences 28
  29. 29. “Social Media is a perpetual celebration of Life… Mobile is it’s Pulse” 29
  30. 30. More than 1 billion items shared and received every day via Everything IS...Different...! Google+ [July 2011] Even Google A selection of updates Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun See the conversation in photo albums Real-time search and hashtags Google Translate for Google+ Reshare posts in Google+ for Android Games on Google+ Source: Google 30
  31. 31. MINI proves MINI enthusiasts are just as important as the #MINI brand! MINI photo box invited people to upload their image, then appear next to their favorite MINI on a live billboard in Berlin! “A great example of social media and digital integration! @MINI has created …as People and MINI Share the Spotlight in Berlin” “It’s Great To Be MINI! PhotoBox lets you upload your image and celebrate your love of MINI on a billboard in Berlin”Source: MINI via Facebook and YouTube 31
  32. 32. Alert: CHANGE Ahead…25 billion connected devices by 201550 billion by 2020 32 Source: "Internet of Things" Cisco Futurist Dave Evans technology predictions for the future
  33. 33. Trend Social CASE STUDY: “La SpagoGuida 2011” Due Spaghi- literally two strings, was started by two Our Favorite example of a people with the idea of sharing and social networking “Cycle-Of-Courtesy” in mind. 2Spaghi aims to be one of the protagonists of the development of Web 2.0 in Italy. the Enabling natural connections without disruption stimulates biggest social network in Italy sharing reviews about authentic dialogues, a reciprocal process , intense levels of restaurants and hotels. context, value and trust. “La SpagoGuida 2011” Italy’s first people-to-people restaurant social-guide is written by “guests” of these restaurants, and the information is updated constantly. The guide is updated through social media. Not only do you get the information that you seek, but you can share your thoughts, passion, impressions and recommendations of your experience. The creators understand the value of people-to- people reviews. To insure trust, they remain dedicated to keeping the reviews authentic! La SpagoGuida is a pocket-sized volume of 320 pages with an application for iPhone and Android. Recommendations of “ordinary people without the snobbery” of places where you will want to eat in Italy. People want to feel that they contribute value. Sharing and accountability helps to nourish social ties. 33
  34. 34. Enabling people-to-people connections offers tremendous contextual insight and direction, that could not be observed, if environments were greatly controlled. The idea of influence grew organically leading to lasting connections, accountability and even fun disagreements. As mobile continues to grow and evolve, this will be the way much of our information and knowledge is disseminated. We will be able to access, browse, peruse, acquire and dissect information, make decisions, then act; within moments.Reciprocal suggests depending on each other for “real” assurances and direction. Brands must enablereciprocal occasions; ensure relevance and respond to see results.By enabling the voice of people and nurturing natural connections, 2Spaghi has created sustainable, socialmedia dependence.A new Cycle-of-Courtesy has developed; where people, compelled to share ideas and experiences with others,has become a common and expected task. It’s as if they feel it’s their duty…informing others is simply anatural part of the reciprocal process. 34
  35. 35. Enabling a people-to-people processhelps to develop a “Cycle of Courtesy”.Mobile check-ins continues to grow andevolve. EVERYTHING, everyplace andeveryone, creates content, shares andstays in touch. These creativeconnections are forming new sources ofideas, news and advice; changing notonly the way we communicate, but howwe discover and live.Via Mobile, social-interaction should bedesigned to create excitement. Turningan “everyday” task into an occasion andinspiring a sense of connectedness…creates emotional connections. 35
  36. 36. A Must Read Report! Innovate around user-centricity and trust. The personal data ecosystem will be built on the trust and control individuals have in sharing their data. Continued testing and promoting of trust frameworks that explore innovative approaches for identity assurance at Internet scale are needed. Define global principles for using and sharing personal data. Given the lack of globally accepted policies governing the use and exchange of personal data, an international community should articulate core principles of a user-centric personal data ecosystem. Strengthen the dialogue between regulators and the private sector. Technologists should closely align with regulators to establish processes that enable stakeholders to formulate and update a standardized set of rules to create a basic legal infrastructure. Focus on interoperability and open standards. Stakeholders should identify best practices and engage with standards bodies, advocacy groups, think tanks and various consortia on the user-centric approaches required to scale the value of personal data. Continually share knowledge. To stay current, stakeholders should actively share data and lessons learned on their relevant activities (both successes and failures). The ecosystem promises tremendous value created when individuals share information about who they areSource: World Economic Forum and what they know. This principle should also apply to practitioners within the development community. 36
  37. 37. Trend Social: Ad Spend is Social “People - More Important Than Brands” Transitioning the idea of search/share. Enabling co-creation, cause marketing and local, supports a brand’s new role, the ability to offer resourceful extensions of the brand Source: tripl • Facebooks U.S. ad rev to reach $2.2 billion in 2011 [Reuters] • 2010 Internet advertising revenues at a record $26 billion, up 15% from 2009 [IAB] • Online advertising in Ireland grew from €97m in 2009 to €110m in 2010 [PWC] • Twitter enabling advertisers with automated, tailored ads[Reuters] • U.S. online ad spending more than $30 billion mark 2011[eMarketer] • Facebook influences 20% of consumers to purchases[Kantar] • 17% of execs say social strategy “ahead of the curve”. 4 of 10 (42%) “just keeping up” and 33% “were behind” [eMarketer] Business Implications: Sponsorships based on enabling original content that is created to be shared |Co-create Social media engagement provides unparalleled awareness, but emotional connections offer sustainable direction – leading to retention Create flexible scenarios for unstructured data Define cycles of a different sort…Lifecycles are important, but given complex interest, now is more Click image - Erik Qualman Socialnomics essential, build with what-to-measure pre-defined37
  38. 38. Trend Social: Engage to Connected Sustainable Authenticity, Conviction, Flexibility connections are the True engagement will lead to more than an increased ideal path to number of followers/fans. Influence and involvement arise relevance and from nurtured interaction in the age of all-of-us influence, with the added ability • China, India, Germany and Belgium are leading global social to collaborate and co- media efforts to acquire new customers and increase create. revenue [eMarketer] • 47% of businesses successfully used social networks for customer acquisition in 2011 [Regus] Engagement alone • One in four social network users knowingly follow brands, products or services on social networks. For those who use does not create these sites and services several times per day, this figure influence or a increases to 43%.[Arbitron] likeliness to share… • Hallmark to stop blogging – Now using Twitter / Facebook “achieving deeper interactions “ with participants [eMarketer] Create Sustainable Connections: Business Implications: Emotional Triggers Prepare to respond…adapt quickly and be authentic Immersive Co-creation and local implications could lead to Experiences significant increase in time spent Collaborative Focused listening to develop an ecosystem of learning . Positioning Integrate with disparate data sources, at the same time create immediate sources of social media stimuli Not about how “many” followers and friends…social Nurtured dialogues support contextual insight media is about creating collaborative environments Measure and understand emotional connectors It is ever more important to nurture SM dialogues, Source: OREO via Facebook 38 create "sustainability" and truly collaborative scenarios
  39. 39. The Difference between engage and connect is in how you – Listen – Prepare – Respond and then Adapt 39
  40. 40. More than 750 million active users 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day Average user has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on FacebookSource: Facebook Statics 40
  41. 41. Trend Social: “Oh My Gosh” Moments “The best customer service…I Defining the value of “My Social Space” have encountered!” ‘Definitely CONNECTED.” People are keen to share good news , sometimes even rewarding brands, with a mention on their Facebook page • Sharing Life- music, TV, playing games or posting photos • Facebook teamed up with TrialPay | DealSpot gives Facebook credits for watching branded videos. [Inside FB] • Levi’s announces Levi’s Girl on Facebook [Levi’s] • 44% of companies in NA see Facebook as critical or important (24% in 2009) [Hubspot] • Europe has largest # users at 234.6 million visitors [up 38% March 2010-2011] [comScore] • Facebook video calling launched [Facebook] • Middle East – Africa region |largest growth rate increasing 63% to 90.3 million visitors [March 2010-2011][comScore] Business Implications: Ideal measure of global awareness Platform for enabling advocacy and influence Engagement -only an entrance to sustainable connections Pay attention – RESPOND Authentically and Adapt Testing “Happening Now” feature, designed Nurture and manage negative comments to display friend’s activities in real time. Become the “Reciprocal” part of the social process [PCWorld] image Dazeinfo People: More - broad and global awareness / Co-creation Platform - enabling advocacy and influence Image: Inside facebook | Hubspot “The 2011 State of Inbound Marketing” Viral share, return for attention…real answers 41
  42. 42. There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages) Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.Source: Facebook Statics 42
  43. 43. Mobile convergence will energize asystem of experiences and occasions, each filled with an opportunity for continuous learning… 43
  44. 44. 2,095,006,005 WORLD INTERNET USAGE March 2011 44
  45. 45. Trend Social: “Influence Shifts Power” Consider the value of social media...Loyalty and The TRUE value of “Social Brands” Learning. Then add the perception of “people” defining their personal value by what they share. Moving the “ENGAGED” To “CONNECTED.” Becoming a This is only the beginning , now consider offering the powerful source of data, influence, social commerce and ability to co-create whats next! inherent sharing • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook/ About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States[Facebook] • 80% indicate that Facebook is the network they use the most to connect with companies. .[Edison] • Nearly a quarter of social network users indicated that Facebook is the social site or service that most influences their buying decisions. .[Edison] • No other site or service was named by more than 1% of the sample, and 72% indicated that no one social site or service influenced their buying decisions the most.[Edison] • Africa- 27,414,240 Facebook users on March 31/11 [World 6 million connections...BMW understands their social internet stats] media responsibility. Connected service, becoming a resource provider and a social media enabler. Business Implications: Future growth of Facebook will be from older age groups Increase collaboration and nurture collective ideas Engagement - based on levels of interaction, not likes Facebook games based around branded missions Connections require listening, authentic reaction and Data Source: The Social Habit by Edison Research and Arbitron |Image: BMW collective transformation 45
  46. 46. One of our favorite examples… The Grand Hotel understands the need for authenticity and has earned the trust and respect of followers via social media. Followers find real value in their connection with the hotel. Nurturing guest’s eagerness to share seems to help guests feel they are a real part of the Hotel’s charm 46
  47. 47. 47Source:
  48. 48. “Listening to music is something that people do with their friends,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “Music, TV, news, books — those types of things I think people justnaturally do with their friends. I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social.” Source: NYT 48
  49. 49. Trend Social: Nurturing Connections Why: Enduring bonds are uniquely positioned to Social environments have to allow for a withstand disruptive occasions. Strong connections very Natural Expression of the User and inspire continuous innovation and enable a collaborative trial /error process that can withstand failure. Sensitivity to the process of Sharing… Co-creating and extending the brand experience is the essence of social media success. Messages and content must be original and designed to share…elements of co- Hallmark should created content and emotional ties will be far more effective create cards based within social circles like Google+ on my Twitter and • Twitter -more contextual -now launching [Twitter video] at Facebook profile #TEDGlobal 2011 • 1 million registered Twitter apps- feeding an ecosystem [Twitter] • Be Local -Google AdWords Express: Local online ads [Google] Business Implications: Contextual insight adds depth, beyond engagement measures – creates “MY’ segment insight / understanding Transparency and sustainable connections guides new services, NPD, research and reinvents marketing Create seamless connections across all platforms (1 cost point) Enables flexibility and almost intuitive response Developing levels of sentiment and behavior People: Active role in inspiring and influencing brand performance Personalized brand messages, content Emotional connections 49 Source Twitter YouTube
  50. 50. “Being on Facebook makes us a more humancompany in the public space. As a brand, you’reusually just simply a logo, but on Facebook, wecan have conversations with our fans in real time,with names associated with those responses.” Chris Baccus Executive Director of Digital and Social Media, AT&T Facebook | Advertising Case Study 2011 50
  51. 51. An incredible collection - visualization of Tweetsand Flickr images by Eric Fischer See something or say something: New York and Seoul Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter 51Some rights reserved by Eric Fischer tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.
  52. 52. Trend Social: Balancing Epic Search-Social Suggestions... Brands Need a Filtered Understanding of What We Care About Connectedness offers incredible levels of relevance. But, is relevance a “risk” to what we may be missing? Filters are naturally created through new targeted methods of publishing and content that encourages interactivity • 91% Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month on Facebook [Facebook] • Flipboard bringing LinkedIn networks and news stories from LinkedIn Today - custom industry magazines for LinkedIn members{Flipboard] • Google to launch mobile ads leveraging consumer behavior [RICG] Business Implications: Identify contextual insight -help to fuel an ecosystem of knowledge Demand even more accountability when trusting traditional media. Even traditional news has to be pre- filtered and mixed with original stories Live events and sports reporting a mix of media and by “Make sure that algorithms have a sense of public friends responsibility, give us Control “ People: Eli Pariser Search - Filters may need to be calibrated and balanced so that important information is not edited out - Eli Source IBM TED Eli Pariser Pariser
  53. 53. Pinterest - Discover, love, share, repeat!Enabling people to discover products, brands can also benefit from the natural connections that occur fromsharing. This is a very different form of influence…It’s real!
  54. 54. "Interactive" brings stories to life, immersing readers within the content and forming strong emotional connections.Push Pop Press — Al Gores Our Choice 54
  55. 55. Trend Social: sCommerce People are Discovering and Purchasing New Products via Social Media There is no denying the profound effect of social influence. The ability to shop via social platforms is creating new and more effective ways to inspire influence with share-ability built in. A Cycle-of-Courtesy begins • US online retail sales will reach $229 billion in 2013 [Forrester] • U.S. Online display advertising market delivers 1.1 trillion impressions in Q1 This accounts for nearly 1 in 3 online display ads [comScore] • Levis and JC Penny top Buzz scores for the first half of 2011[BrandIndex] Disney Store offers a “Fans Only” • $1.93bn funding for social commerce startups Q1 2011 treasure chest on Facebook with [Social commerce today] • Lucky Magazine partners with ThisNext for social shopping exclusive limited-edition items [Forbes] • More reports on Social Commerce [eConsultancy] Business Implications: Intuitive targeting assures personalized messages and content suggestions Shopping information captured will offer extraordinary advantages for continuous refinement People Trusted sources of information - only a click away 55 Source: Disney Store on Facebook DELL
  56. 56. A Glimpse Behind The Scenes...Highlight a venue with a“real” story . Take fans intothe kitchen, meet the Chefand see the mess. Learn“why” this place is special.Where do the ingredients‘ of Bring the story and the experiencemy experience begin / come to life, allowing the readers tofrom? become more immersed in each moment…more emotionally attached to each occasion. 56
  57. 57. Trend Social: The Art of Filtering Defining Influence…while People are Creating their own Filters Brands support the idea of influence, but “engage” does not lead to ideal influence. Dynamic social connections are created when people find substance / return within branded social media connections (often via response) • InboxQ had identified about 100,000 questions per day asked via Twitter [InboxQ&A] • and Toyota form strategic alliance to build Toyota Friend social network for Toyota customers and their cars [Toyota] “Effectiveness should not be measured • Twitter followers will follow business that respond -64% more likely to purchase from a responsive business on Twitter. simply by numbers (followers) and clicks” [InboxQ&A] • Klout has integrated with Foursquare and partnered with Spotify to reach influencers [Klout] Questions require Response Business Implications: Engaged - Still a passive idea of influence, but likely to establish characteristics of influence Return for attention – People expect brands to listen and respond in real-time Flexibility will enable quick adaptive content Online content should be developed in connection to offline behavior – learning creates intuitive design Still very early, but remain open to a demand for control 57 of content. To be original and to change-often! Source: InboxQ&A]
  58. 58. Trend Social: Deals Grouping “Hey, I’ve never tried this place before, Is this regression? Can found it on LivingSocial “ relevance exist? Only if the Experience is Worth it! Can you really create delightful experiences on a mass scale? Not without positive experiences • Groupon and LivingSocial competing with local daily deals and services in New York[Mashable] • Loopt lets local business customers request daily deals [NYT] • My Personal Shopper creates deals on things people already buy [Site] • ImIn competes with video [ImIn] • Groupon privacy rules draw congressional attention [MediaPost] • Sqwark is Australias first group buying site [Sqwark] • LivingSocial adventures launches in 30 markets Worldwide with exciting, custom-produced social events and experiences [LivingSocial] “I think Business Implications: @AmericanExpress Micro deals… as part of a loyalty program? has considered what As technology continues to evolve, it is possible is really important that filters will enable more targeted content relevance and reason, Social brands targeting for local events while still offering People delight of discovery” Explore, inspire and discover - it’s personal Source: eMarketer on Twitter Be the deal hero – share deals created just for you
  59. 59. More 59
  60. 60. Just as in real-life. All of ourfriends and colleagues willnever be in one place.So whats next? A smarter,agnostic, life-like, aggregationplatform? 60
  61. 61. Developing a creative use of social media requires a continuous process... 61
  62. 62. Trend Gaming: Social Occasions Compelling Growth for Online Gaming Online gaming is a Social experience and offers extremely immersive occasions • Almost 62 million US internet users, (27% of online) will play social games at least once a month in 2011. [emarketer] • 9 in 10 App users will pay for mobile games [Nielsen]US Social Gaming revenues to pass $1 billion 2011 [eMarketer] • Zynga brings in $500 million revenue for Facebook [SFGATE] • Worldwide spending on electronic gaming products will total US$74 billion this year, driven in the coming years by fast Live| T-Mobile Angry Birds in Barcelona growth in mobile and online games[Gartner via PCWorld] • In-Game ad provider supersonicAds $4.2 Million growth of in-game ads [PaidContent] • Kinect, and Xbox Live. Xbox 360 has been the top-selling game console in the U.S. over the past twelve months [MSFT] Business Implications: Content engages and immerses in ways that television simply could not Smart targeting and an interesting extension of a brand – GagaVille-an example to monitor Facebook games will nurture community focus People 62 Real-Life role – immersive experiences Click images for original source Disney