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Swiss Balls Your Way To Fitness


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Fitness can be so much fun with Swiss balls.

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Swiss Balls Your Way To Fitness

  1. 1. Swiss Ball Your Way to Fitness Top Reasons to Love this Fun Inflatable
  2. 2. Swiss Balls: Your Cheaper Alternative with the Benefits Other Names: Fitness ball, Exercise ball, Pilates ball, Gym ball, Stability ball, Balance ball Swiss balls were used in the 1960s for physical therapy in Switzerland, and so got the name " Swiss Ball. " In the 80's, people realized the many ways to enjoy Swiss balls and the fact that it is best for core strengthening and balance.
  3. 3. Swiss Ball = Great Abs There's a huge difference between a regular crunch and an abdominal crunch. Regular crunches may put strain on your neck and back, if not done properly. This risk is avoided when using Swiss balls, plus you'll see better results than you can achieve doing regular crunches. Best for Body Sculpting, minus Back Strains
  4. 4. Swiss Ball = Core Stability Since Swiss Balls are unstable, using one can help you improve your core strength, balance, alignment and coordination. Your back and abdominal muscles support the overall movement of your body. No matter how hard it is to target these muscles, Swiss balls can help you work it out.
  5. 5. Swiss Ball = Weight Loss Swiss Ball = Flexibility + Core Strength. Complete Body Work-Out. Cheap Way to Loose Weight. Burn Calories, Any Time & Any Place. Great For Posture and Muscle Toning. Convenient to Use.
  6. 6. Achieve that Goal! Stay fit with Swiss Ball plus an extra help from Co-Creating Health's simple, safe and effective product line that will surely boost your way to fitness and wellness, naturally.