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Sea Salts - Natures Natural Wonder


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Restore the body's balance with sea salts bath therapy. The differences between table salt and sea salts for use in salts bath.

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Sea Salts - Natures Natural Wonder

  1. 1. Sea Salts: Nature's Health Wonder Your Essential Key to Rejuvenation
  2. 2. Salt Wars: Table Salts or Sea Salts? Salts are made when sea water is exposed to the sun. Why Not Table Salts? The table salts we use today are mostly refined, and are stripped of a variety of healthy minerals found in the unrefined table salts. During the kiln-drying process, beneficial minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium are removed at high heat. Which means: DISEASE
  3. 3. Restore the Body's Balance with Sea Salts? Why Choose Sea Salts? • A Stabilized Blood Pressure • Removal of excess acid from the body's cells • A balanced Blood Sugar Level • Better absorption of food • Energy for the body • Clear Lungs and Ease in Breathing • Prevention of Muscle Cramps
  4. 4. Sea Salts for breathing discomforts? Halo Therapy or Salt Therapy h ad been popularly used in Eastern Europe. This therapy involves making one breathe salt air that is believed to be good for the lungs.
  5. 5. Sea Salts for bathing? Sea Salts are used in bath therapy for skin infections and cell rejuvenation. Researchers have noticed an improvement in one's immune system after a sea salt bath therapy. Warning: Not all Sea Salts are created equal! Beware of sea salt labels that are washed or boiled
  6. 6. ForeverGreen's Hygiean Spa Bath Salt is a relaxing blend of sand-free SolSaltz, essential oils, herbs, and stimulating aromas from nature that's good for your body, mind and soul. Pamper your skin, detoxify and soothe your pain – the natural way.