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Healthy Diets That Work


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Frustrated over your weight and wanting to find a healthy way to lose weight? Learn how to identify and avoid the typical diet traps that do more harm than good.

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Healthy Diets That Work

  1. 1. Diet Expose: What Really Works? Myths and Facts on Staying Healthy and Lean
  2. 2. Is Fasting a Good Way to Rev Up One's Diet? NO Skipping meals actually does the opposite. You may notice losing weight quite fast and yet, you are just losing water weight. It is a diet made for disaster as you soon experience dizziness and fatigue. Not only do you feel cranky, but it makes you more hungry. In the end, you'll just have that irresistible urge to binge eat.
  3. 3. Are Fad Diets the Permanent Solution to Weight Loss ? NO There are so many campaigns out there promising the quickest weight loss possible. But before you take on this hype, always remember that there are consequences. You run the risk of having gallstones and heart palpitations with rapid weight loss. In some cases, it can be fatal.
  4. 4. Which is better: High-Protein or Low-Carb Diets ? Neither... Your body needs the balanced supply of both protein and carbs in order to function properly. Going for only high-protein foods may mean fats and cholesterol that are bad for the heart. Taking only low carb foods may be bad for your kidneys and joints.
  5. 5. Does Low-Fat or Fat-Free Means Zero Calories ? It is just a marketing ploy that makes you feel guilt-free. The truth: Most of these processed foods have as much, or more calories than their full-fat counterparts. Remember: When fat is removed, other fillers are added to make your low-fat or fat-free food taste great. It can be sugar, flour or starch.
  6. 6. Will Carbs Make Me Fat? Not Necessarily Foods that are high in starch like bread, pasta and rice are low in calories and fat. These are sources of complex carbohydrates which gives your body that needed energy. Choose whole grain versions that do not have the nutrients stripped out, and be mindful of portions. The key is to not overeat. Healthy = Balanced Meal + Exercise
  7. 7. ForeverGreen's Form is your healthy, natural solution for your food cravings. Lose weight in a revolutionary, simple way that helps your body optimize caloric intake. Purer than most drinking water, safe and proven-effective, this wonder Bio-inert pill aids in controlling your hunger, without the extra bloating. " Eat Less...Weigh Less! "