Fitness At The Office


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Going to work doesn't mean that you can't get fit. Here are a few tips on how to squeeze fitness routines into tight schedules.

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Fitness At The Office

  1. 1. Fitness at the Office. Ingenious Ways to Keeping Fit at the Workplace.
  2. 2. Walk Your Way to Work Walking is that pleasurable act that keeps our heart pumping with energy. Plan to leave a bit early for work, and get off a few blocks before where your bus or train ride usually stops, and just walk the rest of the way. You'll never know what places you'll discover.
  3. 3. Get Up! Don't Sit Around! Many of us are glued to our office chairs for 5-8 hours a day. We not only wreak havoc to our spine, but without being conscious of proper sitting posture and ergonomics, we can do even more damage to it. STAND, STRETCH & BRISK WALK WHEN YOU CAN!
  4. 4. Try Swiss Ball for a Chair Afraid you might roll on the floor instead? A good inflated ball can be healthful for you. Since it is unstable, your body will adjust to sitting on it as it tries to keep balance. This means you train your body to align correctly itself and have that perfect posture, while you work on your desk. Call it multi-tasking with the benefits.
  5. 5. Get Involve! Companies do have those fun-filled activities and you may want to join and be social. You may also join or start a fitness campaign where you could all go for a fitness session after work. DO WALKING MEETINGS! This can be fun especially when your office building has a great outdoor view. Not only will you burn those calories from lunch, but you'll also gain a good network of friends.
  6. 6. Feel the Energy: Try Office Yoga Do Simple Stretches at Work A Simple Sun Salute: Stand straight and reach up with your fingers interlaced. Inhale deeply as you do this. Then, bend down slowly without locking your knees and reach as far as you can. Exhale and release all that negative vibe and feel the difference.
  7. 7. Achieve that Goal! Stay Fit at Work plus an extra help from Co-Creating Health's simple, safe and effective product line that will surely boost your way to fitness and wellness, naturally.