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Detoxify With Chilis


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Hot chilis are a popular food. Find out how these hard working little devils can boost your health.

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Detoxify With Chilis

  1. 1. Hot News: Detoxify with Chili A Spice that's Oh-So-Nice
  2. 2. What Makes Chilis Red Hot? Simply ... Capsaicin ! These bright reds peppers gained popularity in India's Ayurvedic medicine in the 15th century. These hot wonders were first grown by the Mexicans in 3,500 BC. The world today just can't get enough of them, with over 400 varieties waiting to be tasted.
  3. 3. Chili Provides Antioxidants Chilies, containing Vitamin A and C, aids your body in fighting nasty free radicals. Chili wipes out these harmful foes that causes bad cholesterol build - up that can lead to heart disease. Chiles can also come to your aid when you suffer bouts of muscle spasms or rheumatoid arthritis. The Capsaicin in chillies act as a natural pain reliever, numbing your body like a local anesthetic.
  4. 4. Detox With Chili ? Did You Know? Chilies remove your body's waste and helps increase nutrients supplied to your tissues, making it great for food digestion. The Capsaicin in chilies also stimulates your brain to release endorphins that give you an added sense of bliss. No wonder people are as addicted to chilis as they are to chocolates
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