eGovernment transformation guidelines


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eGovernment transformation guidelines

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eGovernment transformation guidelines

  1. 1. eGovernment Transformation Guidelines
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES  Provide guidelines for agencies in the eGovernment transformation implementation journey  It describes what government agencies need to do (the details of how to do will supported separately)
  3. 3. AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. What is eGovernment? 3. What is an eService? 4. Sources of Information & Support 5. eGovernment Transformation Guide 6. Templates
  4. 4. Introduction Increasing Public Expectations Today, Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) is being used in our daily lives such as Internet, email, social media & mobile devices. Apply online Find information online Visit Government Transact anytime anywhere With ICT being embraced by the public, they expect more government engagements and transactions via ICT. Providing manual government services is simply not good enough. To meet these expectations, governments have to embrace ICT and improve their functions and processes; thus transforming into eGovernment. eServices are the extension or alternative delivery of government services to the public. With eServices, the public can interact with the government at their own convenience anytime and anywhere.
  5. 5. What is eGovernment? Is the transformation of internal and external public sector relationships, through Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in order to optimize government service delivery and citizen participation. Is the digital interaction between a government and citizens, government and businesses/commerce, government and employees, and also between government and governments /agencies. Essentially, the eGovernment delivery models can be briefly summed up as: • G2C (Government-to-Citizens) • G2B (Government-to-Businesses) • G2E (Government-to-Employees) • G2G (Government-to-Governments)
  6. 6. What is eGovernment? Govt A HQ G2C G2G G 2 G Govt B HQ G 2 G Branches G 2 B G2E
  7. 7. What is eGovernment? Government Government ICT ICT eGovernment eGovernment
  8. 8. What is eGovernment? BENEFITS 1. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of government 2. Better and faster government services to public 3. Increase transparency on government policies, regulations and rules
  9. 9. What is an eService? Is the appropriate use of ICT to transform and improve the performance of a manual government service into an electronic service.
  10. 10. Who is the Owner of an eService? Government Business Service ICT eService
  11. 11. Sources of Information & Support eGovernment Transformation Plan eGovernment Transformation Guide & Templates eGovernment Policies Government Agency ITA Support ITA • eBusiness Consultants • Hosting Services – email, eservices, applications
  12. 12. eGovernment Transformation Guide The Key Areas in Transformation
  13. 13. eGovernment Transformation Guide Definition Key Actions Governance of eGovernment transformation is to provide clear directions, mandates and controls to ensure that the e-transformation in the government agency is successful. 1. Establish an eGovernment Transformation Committee It primarily manages the close interaction between government domain focus and the appropriate use of ICT. It has to review and approve all resources and schedules relating to the use of ICT to improve the government agency. 2. Establish an approved Transformation Plan eGovernment 3. Approve team(s) to lead in the the eGovernment transformation 4. Provide strategic directions in the use of ICT resources (such as ICT systems, sharing of data & infrastructure, budget, and people) 5. Ensure government agency meets the targets of the eGovernment transformation
  14. 14. eGovernment Transformation Guide Definition Key Actions The act of providing government service to the citizens (G2C), to the businesses (G2B) and to other government agencies (G2G). 1. Publish / Update government services online 2. Publish all request forms online Some government agencies are more servicecentric (i.e. they provide multiple services) while other agencies are not (i.e. they provide none or only few government services). Government services can be offered in various channels such as over-the-counter, face-to-face, telephone, website, kiosk and SMS. 3. Provide both Arabic & English for website and other service channels 4. Simplify / Improve service steps 5. Reduce service duration processing time 6. Reduce cost of service operations or
  15. 15. eGovernment Transformation Guide Definition Key Actions Efficiency is to improve the government processes and procedures. Efficiency of government processes and procedures is typically carried out with the use of ICT. 1. Use computers where possible Effectiveness is the ability to produce results that meet or exceed the expectations. ICT alone cannot produce effectiveness. Other factors may include government process simplification or re-engineering and innovation. 3. Use email as an additional official communications tool 2. Convert manual information into digital information 4. Use ICT applications to support core government functions, processes & services 5. Share as much as possible infrastructure, data and applications – 6. Re-engineer / Innovate – find ways to do things better, faster and cheaper
  16. 16. eGovernment Transformation Guide Definition Key Actions ICT compliance is necessary to ensure that government agencies are aligned. Compliance is mainly in 3 factors - central initiatives, ICT policies and audits. 1. Connect government main building(s) to the Oman Government Network (OGN) 2. Link government website to the Oman Official eGovernment Portal 3. Use the ITA Enterprise Licences Agreement for software such as Microsoft 4. Use the ePayment Gateway for all electronic online payments 5. Government agencies are encourage to host their ICT sytems in the ITA National Data Center, and also as a disaster recovery centre 6. Government agencies are encourage to use the ITA secured hosting services and other security services 7. Comply with the hosting of website in Oman 8. Comply with OeGAF for all new ICT procurements Central initiatives are national or big ICT projects started with the aim to support the whole of Oman Government. Central initiatives can be in the form of infrastructure, data or application. These projects can be initiated by any government agency. Compliance to ICT policies are mandatory. Please check with ITA for new policies. Government agencies have to follow up on audit / security findings and recommendations.
  17. 17. eGovernment Transformation Guide Definition Key Actions Organisational changes or improvements are fundamental to the overall success of an eGovernment transformation. 1. Create an eService Development Team comprising of staff who have strong government domain knowledge and experiences 2. Create an eContent Management Team consisting of staff who are responsible for all the e-content to be published internally & externally 3. Document and update all government functions, processes and services 4. Regularly review and improve the organisation chart to reflect flexibility, control and empowerment 5. Ensure sufficient ICT and other related training for all staff 6. Participate in integration projects internally and with other government agencies eGovernment is not merely the introduction of ICT, but rather a complete and comprehensive adoption of ICT in the all aspects of the organisation. Organisational Improvements mean that government agencies have to change the way they operate and structure. There is a need to balance and prioritise the use and implentation of ICT in the government agency.
  18. 18. Templates Service Delivery ICT Governance 1. Template for documenting government services 1. Template for eGovernment Transformation Plan Note: It is mandatory for government agencies to document their services and prepare their own transformation plan. Government agencies are free to use these templates or create their own. For actual templates, please refer to (Arabic) & (English)
  19. 19. Thank You