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Reach and teach


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Reach and teach

  1. 1. Reach andTeachHeadacheClinicMaximizationDecember 2012
  2. 2. Executive SummaryOur objective is to create greaterthroughput with the correct resource forpatients within our Headache Clinic andensure the same or better outcomes aspresent in our current model of care.
  3. 3. Background The demand for consultation and evaluation of headaches is significant and growing Our physicians typically find either that there is minimal opportunity for successful intervention or the time spent to achieve a successful intervention is inefficient Patient compliance with recommendations can be inconsistent and often behavior modification can be an ongoing factor The initial visit for a patient is largely focused on information gathering and test ordering with less variance in test ordering than one might assume
  4. 4. Business Goals and DefiningSuccessWhile maintaining the same or better care, moreefficiently using the physician time in the headachediagnosis and treatment process will be the measure ofour success.Decreasing physician time that can be better allocatedto new patients has positive financial implications.Providing patients a smooth transition to understandingthe advantages to interacting largely with a resourcethat can be more intensely involved in what can be along process will improve patient satisfaction both forthe short term change and for the long term care.
  5. 5. Integration of Media ToolsUse of You Tube videos for patienteducation on the new Headache Clinicmodel will provide the following Smoother transition to the new model of care Access to patient education that will assist in behavior modification Deeper learning regarding their disorder’s concerns
  6. 6. Resources Required Development of protocols and core content for patient education Development of content to explain the reasons for and potential impact of each behavior modification Development of content for transition to model of care to “Headache Clinic” Assistance of social media experts in development of video library related to the foregoing Collaboration with ordering process and central appointment office to connect patients with initial You Tube video Scheduling resources to change templates to match with new plan
  7. 7. Timeline for Implementation February 2013 – Template Changes for July to reflect new model of care March 2013 – Content Development March 2013 – Arrangement of delivery to patients at ordering events May 2013 – Video Production June 2013 – Trial with Employee Population July 2013 – Headache Clinic opens
  8. 8. Budget $5,000 printed materials 10 hours physician time for video production 5 hours ARNP time for video production 20 hours videographer time Content development is a Specialty Council Project already initiated Administrative time to coordinate
  9. 9. MeasurementSet baseline measurement for headachepatients seen monthly per physician SOFallocated Goal is to increase patients seen monthly per physician 25%Set baseline measurement for headachepatients seen in return visits monthly perphysician SOF allocated Goal is to decrease return visits seen monthly per physician 50%
  10. 10. Conclusion Getting the patient with the most appropriate resource for data collection and ordering testing will decrease cost and add value as far as dedicated time for the patient Creating an opportunity for an E-Consult from the collected data including testing will ensure better access for patients with the need for a diagnostic physician
  11. 11. Questions?