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A Brief Introduction to Ruby & Mid-90s Hip Hop


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A Brief Introduction to Ruby & Mid-90s Hip Hop

  1. 1. “ The art of speaking is roughly 51% entertainment, 49% meaty content. — Cameron Moll
  2. 2. A Brief hIp Introduction & to mid-90s ruby ho p
  3. 3. system ques a tribe called system "curl -O" system "echo O HAI > ~/Desktop/ohai.txt" system "cp *.jpg ~/backups" t
  4. 4. methods the B.I.G notorious def say_hello(name) print "HAI2" + name end
  5. 5. arrays Fuge the [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] names = [ "Lauryn Hill", es "Wyclef Jean", "Pras" ]
  6. 6. case Fuge the case num when 1 print "OMG ONE" es when 2 print "OMG TWO" else print "go away" end
  7. 7. classes snoop class Person dr. and dre def initialize @name = "Calvin" end def name @name end def name=(new_name) @name = new_name end end
  8. 8. blocks naught def four_times natur by e yield yield yield yield end four_times do say "Insane in the membrane." say "Insane in the brain." end