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Steady state economy – jobs for a postgrowth economy

After fossil fuels we need to reinvent the currency and tax system if we want a thriving economy. The GDP growth imperative is over. This describes a method of solving income inequality and restoring the environment in an age of financial contagion. We redesign the national currency to untag labour and tax land and its resources. UBI can be gradually achieved, starting with a small Citizens Dividend from land rates.

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Steady state economy – jobs for a postgrowth economy

  1. 1. The Steady StateThe Steady State EconomyEconomy How to get jobs, leisure and innovation in a post-fossilHow to get jobs, leisure and innovation in a post-fossil fuel economyfuel economy
  2. 2. The Values Party Founded in 1972 in New Zealand, the world’s first environmental party talked about “near-zero GDP growth”. Green Party from 1990. Environment has deteriorated and wealth disparity has widened in the 41 years since the Values Party.
  3. 3. Global connectedness now
  4. 4. A world in crisis Have we stretched things to the limit?
  5. 5. 15 It’s catchy
  6. 6. 10
  7. 7. After a certain level of wealth, people don’t get any happier. The widening gap between rich and the rest hurts all. (Inequality A New Zealand Crisis ed Max Rashbrooke)
  8. 8. Poverty in New Zealand
  9. 9. economysecurity A tax system to suit the banks banks government the people houses and other  improvements land tax labour, sales,  and enterprise no land tax you tax labour loans value expressed in interest bearing debt laws less purchasingpower tax payments
  10. 10. As landowners gain from rising land prices, wealth is concentrated with landowners and banks.
  11. 11. Each site is given value by... Site Government Local  Businesses Local  Government Social Organisations Nature
  12. 12. Politicians decide tax, money and welfare systems
  13. 13. A money system to suit the banks When banks create money as interest bearing debt Competitive ness Growing debt Wealth concentration Instability Growth imperative which leads to habitat destruction
  14. 14. Private money printing
  15. 15. Nathan RothschildNathan Rothschild ““I care not who issues the laws....”I care not who issues the laws....”
  16. 16. Goldman Sachs rules theGoldman Sachs rules the worldworld
  17. 17. The old economy is dead Text It’s munted We might have to start again! It’s munted! Reliance on GDP growth
  18. 18. 53
  19. 19. A glimpse of hope
  20. 20. A good currency circulates like blood
  21. 21. Currency Reform can bringCurrency Reform can bring
  22. 22. Investment in InnovationInvestment in Innovation Now that it costs so muchNow that it costs so much more to extract one barrel ofmore to extract one barrel of oil, we need new knowledgeoil, we need new knowledge
  23. 23. Reclaiming theReclaiming the CommonsCommons
  24. 24. Land and money are Siamese twins
  25. 25. Tax ReformTax Reform
  26. 26. English Folk poemEnglish Folk poem 17641764 They hang the man and flog theThey hang the man and flog thewomanwoman That steal the goose from off theThat steal the goose from off thecommoncommon But let the greater villain looseBut let the greater villain loose That steals the common from theThat steals the common from thegoosegoose
  27. 27. Unearned IncomeUnearned Income
  28. 28. Queen Elizabeth has an estimated personal net worth of US$500 million that comes from property holdings (Forbes Magazine 2011). The former CFO of McDonald's CFO, Harry J. Sonneborn is often quoted as having said - "We are not basically in the food business. We are in the real estate business."
  29. 29. Tradeable Tax CreditsTradeable Tax Credits
  30. 30. Then share thisThen share this revenue!revenue!
  31. 31. Design the Tradeable TaxDesign the Tradeable Tax CreditsCredits
  32. 32. When the land rates areWhen the land rates are paidpaid
  33. 33. How would you spendHow would you spend it?it? OverseasOverseas trip?trip? New property?New property?
  34. 34. This is a golden gooseThis is a golden goose Whoa. I have justWhoa. I have just realised I can turn thisrealised I can turn this into an ongoing revenueinto an ongoing revenue stream!stream!
  35. 35. Why would I opt in?Why would I opt in?
  36. 36. What will be the result?What will be the result?
  37. 37. Spending is investingSpending is investing
  38. 38. Home improvementHome improvement Can we useCan we use products madeproducts made in New Zealand?in New Zealand?
  39. 39. But some new businessesBut some new businesses might spoil the environmentmight spoil the environment
  40. 40. Resource taxesResource taxes
  41. 41. Fully tradeableFully tradeable
  42. 42. How big will land ratesHow big will land rates be?be?
  43. 43. What have you doneWhat have you done here?here?
  44. 44. Benefits of Citizens DividendBenefits of Citizens Dividend
  45. 45. What is the effect onWhat is the effect on prices?prices?
  46. 46. What is the effect onWhat is the effect on wages?wages?
  47. 47. Leasehold houses are veryLeasehold houses are very much cheapermuch cheaper
  48. 48. But the lease mightBut the lease might rise!rise!
  49. 49. Higher wages + lower prices =Higher wages + lower prices = greater affordabilitygreater affordability
  50. 50. Why have you done it?Why have you done it?
  51. 51. But there is no saving!But there is no saving!
  52. 52. Investment is saving and saving isInvestment is saving and saving is investment.investment.
  53. 53. What about Maori land?What about Maori land?
  54. 54. Are there notes andAre there notes and coins?coins?
  55. 55. Who is going to opt in?Who is going to opt in?
  56. 56. The banks won’t like itThe banks won’t like it
  57. 57. Fundamental monetary reformFundamental monetary reform
  58. 58. BenefitsBenefits
  59. 59. Benefits for GovernmentBenefits for Government Less tax evasionLess tax evasion Admin CostsAdmin Costs
  60. 60. A climate bonusA climate bonus
  61. 61. Please join us!Please join us!