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Higher education and businesses together building the talent pipeline for high level skills in the transport industry

Overview of how higher eductaion and businesses can build the talent pipeline for high level skills in the transport industry.

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Higher education and businesses together building the talent pipeline for high level skills in the transport industry

  1. 1. Higher Education and Businesses -Together Building the Talent Pipeline for High Level Skills in the Transport Industry Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE 15th March 2018
  2. 2. Robots, AI and machine learning
  3. 3. Technological revolution: a new dawn
  4. 4. Disruptive developments Scenario 1 – Forced flexibility (business as usual) Scenario 2 – The Great Divide Scenario 3 – Skills Activism Scenario 4 – Innovation adaptation
  5. 5. Career dialogue
  6. 6. Higher Education and Businesses
  7. 7. Case studies
  8. 8. Case studies Use of Open Source Data – Transport information published by data producers Innovation and Intelligent vehicles Innovative Testing of Autonomous Control Techniques (INTACT) Railway transport skills partnerships Jaguar Land Rover’s Adult Auto– Upskilling Programme
  9. 9. Labour Market Intelligence/Information (LMI) and careers
  10. 10.  An online data portal which brings together existing national sources of high quality, reliable labour market information (LMI)  An open data project, which supports the wider government agenda to encourage use and re-use of government data sets  After successfully completing its pilot stage, LMI for All was given full project status.
  11. 11. LMI for All (UK) Warwick University IER & Pontydysgu UK LMI free access through an open API Data includes • Present employment by occupation • Future employment by occupation • Pay by gender, hours and decile • Job vacancies • Skills - rated in terms of levels and importance – through the O*Net survey data • Hard to fill vacancies • University course destinations • Apprenticeships
  12. 12. Coach Central (LMI) EmployID and Public Employment Services
  13. 13. Welcome
  14. 14. Structure Labour Market Intelligence CollegesApprenticeship GB Universities KareerHub Tailored Web Crawlers KareerHub Structured Database University Websites College Websites LMI for all Website Apprenticeship GB Website Updated regularly Updated regularly Updated regularly Elastic Search – Lets Go Distance from Postcode filter UK Region filter Course name filter RESULTS Those who searched for ‘THIS’ also searched for ‘THESE’ Careers for this course
  15. 15. LMI for All SOC data Cached by KareerHub Course information: title and additional information LMI for ALL Pay, Demand Etc University, College, Departmental etc websites Apprenticeships, Businesses Agencies etc websites KareerHub MAP
  16. 16. Centralises | Structures | Compares University College Apprenticeships Labour Market Business It is this innovative technology that makes it very easy to explore what might be the best next life step. All in one screen
  17. 17. In practice . .Android / Apple
  18. 18. Where next? • Mash Ups • Mobile Apps • Sector specific LMI • Gaming • White Labelling • LMI upskilling and reskilling • More collaborative and innovative work
  19. 19. Thank You! • Contact: Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE • An invitation to continue the UK infrastructure, LMI and careers dialogue – Email: – Tel: 07533 545057 – Twitter @deirdretalks – New dmh associates website to be launched 1st April 2018 – In the meantime, some useful links: