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Xtel overview slideshow

  1. 1.  Principle: Providing superior communications services at competitive prices Incorporated in 1994 as an Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC) Corporate headquarters in Marlton, NJ Network Operation Center (NOC) in Philadelphia Started as switched and dedicated local and long distance service provider Evolved into an innovative and emerging data, Internet & VoIP specialist Servicing New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, & Delaware Unlimited geographical area for hosted services
  2. 2.  Full spectrum Voice, Internet, Data, and Cloud-based Services Facilities-based carrier - we operate and maintain our own network backbone ensuring maximum uptime Get a live person when you call with a billing or service issue Part of a tier-one network of technology providers One vendor for all communications services frees up valuable resources
  3. 3.  Public, private & charter schools, jointure commissions Colleges & universities Local government (towns, cities, boroughs, villages, etc.) Municipal utility authorities, bridge commissions Enterprise businesses Financial, insurance, healthcare industries Transportation industry Professional services industry Arts & entertainment industry
  4. 4.  Voice (local, regional, & long distance) VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Internet service (DIA) Data (Ethernet, MPLS, EVPL, EPL) Managed Services (cloud based)
  5. 5.  One vendor for all services - one predictable monthly bill Full range of eRate Priority 1 services Robust IP network backbone at your command Secure and private administrative file and data management Simple to sophisticated phone and voicemail options Dedicated hotlines with always-on messages Web page hosting for student organizations, sports teams, or parent-teacher communication 2012-2015 MRESC ACT contract winner ACT participation counts toward QSAC
  6. 6. Voice Services Local lines PRI Integrated Services Digital Network (PRI ISDN) Dedicated domestic & international long distance Switched domestic & international long distance Toll free service (dedicated or switched) Audio conferencing
  7. 7. Audio Conferencing Toll-free access number Unique, permanent bridge number Chairperson access code No-reservation conferencing as needed No ongoing fees Pay by duration & number of participants Exceptional reliability & call clarity
  8. 8. VoIP Services IP trunks Hosted PBX Internet Voice Bundle
  9. 9. Xtel IP Trunks
  10. 10. Xtel Hosted PBX
  11. 11. Internet Services Dedicated Internet Access Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Ethernet over Copper (EoC) IP/VPN Internet Voice Bundle (IP Flex)
  12. 12. Dedicated Internet Access Reliable, redundant high-speed Internet access Guaranteed 1Mbps - 10 Gbps bandwidth for data demands Reliability backed by industry leading SLAs 24/7/365 network monitoring & customer support Configured router and IP address allocation Available managed router service
  13. 13. Ethernet Services Support for real-time VoIP, video conferencing & web hosting services 3 Mbps - 1 Gbps speed range EVPL, hub-and-spoke, & point-to-point Layer 2 security Jumbo frame data packet transfer rate support VLAN tagging standards 24/7/365 network monitoring & maintenance
  14. 14. MPLS Services Support for real-time VoIP, video conferencing, & web hosting services 3 Mbps - 1 Gbps speed range EVPL, hub-and-spoke, & point-to-point Layer 2 security Jumbo frame data packet transfer rate support VLAN tagging standards 24/5/365 network monitoring & maintenance
  15. 15. Private Line Services Dedicated high-speed point-to-point connections High capacity bandwidth 1.5 Mbps - 1 Gbps speed range Securely transfer data between locations Secure, reliable, extremely quick Ideal for bulk data transfer, disaster recovery, & video conferencing
  16. 16. Managed Services Hosted Microsoft Exchange Web hosting Virtual private servers Dedicated windows servers Dedicated Linux hosting
  17. 17. How Managed Services Work
  18. 18. Virtual Private Server Complete private resource Host websites Conduct e-commerce Develop Web 2.0 applications Manage complex clustered server solutions
  19. 19. Dedicated Windows Server Traditionally configured shared hosting Your own server Multi-site capability SQL, .NET, and ASP application tools
  20. 20. Dedicated Linux Hosting No network administration hassles Secure, dedicated server Virtual root access Configure your own private servers Load only the applications you need
  21. 21. Follow us on Twitter @xtelcomFollow Xtel Communications, Inc. on LinkedinLike Xtel Communications on facebook