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Deinove, Life genius delivered


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DEINOVE is a French biotechnology company, a leader in disruptive innovation, which aims to help meet the challenges of antibiotic resistance and the transition to a sustainable production model for the cosmetics and nutrition industries.
DEINOVE has developed a unique and comprehensive expertise in the field of rare bacteria that it can decipher, culture, and optimize to disclose unsuspected possibilities and induce them to produce biobased molecules with activities of interest on an industrial scale. To do so, DEINOVE has been building and documenting since its creation an unparalleled biodiversity bank that it exploits thanks to a unique technological platform in Europe.
DEINOVE is organized around two areas of expertise:
• ANTIBIOTICS, new-generation anti-infective agents: DEINOVE is preparing to enter a first antibiotic candidate into Phase II. The Company is also pursuing the systematic exploration of biodiversity to supply its portfolio with new leads, drawing notably on partnerships with bioMérieux and Naicons (AGIR program supported by Bpifrance).
• BIOACTIVES, Active ingredients of natural origin with cosmetics as the first market and potential in nutrition and health: DEINOVE already markets a first innovative active ingredient, a second in partnership with Greentech, while two others are in development with Dow and Oléos (Hallstar Group). It also runs a program in animal nutrition with Groupe Avril. Several other partnerships are also being planned.
Within the Euromedecine science park located in Montpellier, DEINOVE employs 62 employees, mainly researchers, engineers, and technicians, and has filed more than 300 patent applications internationally. The Company has been listed on EURONEXT GROWTH® since April 2010.

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Deinove, Life genius delivered

  1. 1. DEINOVE Life genius delivered 1
  2. 2. PROFILE Life genius delivered 2
  3. 3. Disruptive innovation TO ANSWER HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES Bioactives Active ingredients of natural origin for cosmetics and nutrition Next-generation anti-infectives to fight antimicrobial resistance Antibiotics Innovative molecules from rare and extremophilic microorganisms Lead generation platform Life genius delivered 3 FOUNDED IN 2006 BASED IN MONTPELLIER 62 HIGHLY- SKILLED STAFF 310 PATENTS WORLDWIDE LISTED IN PARIS SINCE 2010 1,500 M2 LAB FACILITIES
  4. 4. A cutting-edge biotechnology platform Biodiversity BioInformatics Fermentation Extraction & purification Genetic engineering Analytics Screening INNOVATIVE, ECO-FRIENDLY, ACTIVE MOLECULES FROM CONCEPTION TO PRODUCTION 4 Exclusive 6,000+ rare strains collection Understanding the metabolic pathways Developing efficient production processes Isolating and formulating molecules for their final use Guiding and optimizing the production of molecules Controlling production process and product characteristics Functional activities testing
  5. 5. BIOACTIFS Phyt-N-Resist® Phytoene (carotenoid) Hebelys® With Greentech 2nd Carotenoid Proprietary asset 3rd Carotenoid Proprietary asset Dow Oléos 1 & 2 With Oléos-Hallstar COLOR2B With Avril A diversified and de-risked portfolio Active ingredient for mature skin Skin-rejuvenating active ingredient Cosmetic active ingredients Natural feed additives Research Development Industrial scale-up Market 2020 & 2021 Q4 2020 Cosmetic active ingredient Q4 2019 Bioactives 5 DNV 3837 Active against Clostridium difficile AGIR Preclinical Severe gastro-intestinal infections Phase I Phase II Phase III Discovery platform for novel antibiotic structures Antibiotics Cosmetic active ingredient Q2 2020 Cosmetic active ingredient Q2 2021
  6. 6. ANTIBIOTICS Next-generation anti-infectives to fight antimicrobial resistance 6
  7. 7. The challenge of AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR) A MAJOR THREAT FOR HUMANITY Source: Revue on antimicrobial resistance A global health challenge FIND NOVEL ANTIBIOTIC STRUCTURES TO FIGHT RESISTANT PATHOGENS IS AN URGENT NEED «Antimicrobial resistance is a slow-motion tsunami that must be managed with the utmost urgency.» Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Sept.2016 7 700,000 DEATHS / YEAR TODAY 10 millions DEATHS / YEAR IN 2050 A risk for the world economy $100 TRILLIONS LOSS OF ECONOMIC OUTPUT WORTH BY 2050 Healthcare costs Challenging the ability to continue performing daily medical procedures (transplantations, chemotherapy...)
  8. 8. Deinove’s Pharmaceutical activities GROWTH STRATEGY 8 AUTOMATE the processes to identify and test antibiotic activities DISCOVER new antibiotic structures EXPLORE the bacterial diversity AGIR Antibiotics against Resistant Infectious Germs EXPAND the portfolio of drug candidates DISCOVERY PLATFORM CLINICAL DRUG DNV3837 Severe gastrointestinal infections Phase II scheduled for mid-2019 14,6 M€ Public funding
  9. 9. DNV3837 antibiotic candidate ready to enter Phase II 9 TARGETING SEVERE GASTROINTESTINAL INFECTIONS FREQUENCY RECURRENCE MORTALITY Designated as an URGENT threat by the CDC (American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE Spore-forming bacterium that colonizes the intestine Sources: U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, 2013. Desai et al., BMC Infectious Diseases 2016; 16. Decision Resources: Treatment trends, C. diff Infections (US) 2012; (EU) 2013 CDI are currently two to four times more common than Hospital Acquired Diseases caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) which have been a leading public health concern for many years ~20% re-admission within 30 days Steadily increasing, as a result of the development of highly virulent strains 40% of patients suffer from a severe form 35-50% : mortality rate of patients with severe CDI with complications (megacolon, perforation) USA: 44,500 deaths per year Europe: >3,700 deaths per year CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE INFECTIONS (CDI)
  10. 10. DNV3837 A SUITABLE OPTION FOR TREATMENT 10 FAST TRACK STATUS & QIDP DESIGNATION granted by FDA READY TO ENTER PHASE II Scheduled for mid- 2019 Multicentric trial 3 CONCLUSIVE PHASE I TRIALS • ≈ 100 healthy volunteers • Very targeted activity • Acceptable tolerance profile 1ST LINE TREATMENT of severe Clostridium difficile infections Only 2 oral drugs approved for treatment of CDI: vancomycin & fidaxomicin Ineffective in severe cases (facing colitis, intestinal paralysis....) No approved IV treatment available, off-label metronidazole does not reduce mortality TREATMENT BY INTRAVENOUS INJECTION Easier to administer in severe cases More efficient
  11. 11. DNV3837 PHASE II DESIGN 11 MULTICENTRIC INTERNATIONAL PHASE II JULY 2019 SCHEDULED FOR 1 YEAR Duration of study 40 PATIENTS 2 cohorts : moderate and severe 10-15 CLINICAL CENTRES USA Germany DEINOVE CHOSE MEDPACE AS A CRO Support for the design and supervision of the clinical trial Data collection and analysis Interactions with the FDA
  12. 12. BIOACTIVES Active ingredients of natural origin for cosmetics and nutrition 12
  13. 13. Biotechnology & Cosmetics Addressing the growing demand for new cosmetic ingredients A NEW SOURCE OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS 13 Innovation Naturality Traceability Controlled value chain Reproducible production process Consistency in quality Restricted development possibilities due to the China list*, innovate to expand product range Differentiating storytellings Patented inventions Biological vs. petrochemical origin Sustainable production process, limit the overexploitation of plant resources and land use (carbon footprint) Ingredients respectful of skin balance (microbiota) Performance Active ingredients with proven efficacy, stable and easy to formulate *Inventory of ingredients allowed for use in cosmetic products in the Chinese market
  14. 14. Cosmetic active ingredients portfolio 14 #2 ACTIVES AT THE COMMERCIALIZATION STAGE #5 ACTIVES UNDER DEVELOPMENT & SEVERAL OTHER JOINT DEVELOPMENTS R&D and TRANSFER TO INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION MARKETING INNOVATIVE AND BIO-BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR A SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION MODEL FOR THE COSMETICS INDUSTRY ▪ Phyt-N-Resist® | Developed in-house Innovative carotenoid, skin-regenerating, launched in 2018 PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: DEINO-BASED Deinococcus: bacterium highly resistant to extreme conditions ▪ Hebelys® | Developed in partnership Anti-aging active ingredient for mature skin launched in 2018 ▪ 2 innovative carotenoids | Developed in-house Launches scheduled for Q4 2019 and Q2 2020 ▪ Oleos I 2 actives developed in partnership 100% natural cosmetic active ingredients Launches scheduled for 2020 and 2021 ▪ Dow I 1 active developed in partnership Launch scheduled for Q2 2021 ▪ Joint developments
  15. 15. The 1st 100% DEINOVE-made active AN INNOVATIVE ANTI-AGING INGREDIENT 15 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN •in vitro / ex vivo testing •Proven clinical benefits PREMIUM •100% pure molecule •Highly concentrated MULTI-APPLICATION •Antioxidant ++ •Skin renewal ACTIVE INGREDIENT Innovative Carotenoid Phyt-N-Resist THE FIRST PURE PHYTOENE ECO-FRIENDLY •Bioproduction •From natural sugars Deinococcus: bacterium hyper-resistant to extreme conditions: heat, drought, radiation… Deino based PATENTED TECHNOLOGY
  17. 17. An outsourced and diversified distribution strategy WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS Marketing agreement ReGeN-oPhyt® North America and Asia Distribution agreement Phyt-N-Resist® EMEA 1 Source L’Oréal 17 37% Asia-Pacific 18% Western Europe 11% Latin America 6% Eastern Europe 25% North America WORLDWIDE SALES OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS 3% Africa, ME €200 B WORLD COSMETIC MARKET1 + 4 to 5% PER YEAR 37% SKINCARE Marketing agreement ReGeN-oPhyt® North America and Asia
  18. 18. HEBELYS, DEVELOPED WITH GREENTECH Anti-aging active for mature skin An expanding portfolio of assets FULLY-OWNED AND CO-DEVELOPED 18 A 2ND 100% DEINOVE-MADE ACTIVE IN DEVELOPMENT a dermocosmetic indication showing strong growth Major player in the production and distribution of biotechnologically derived ingredients Sells a hundred active ingredients derived from biodiversity to cosmetics manufacturers in over 30 countries 2018LAUNCHED IN TWO INGREDIENTS IN DEVELOPMENT 100% natural cosmetic actives with OLÉOS Part of the American group HALLSTAR Proprietary Oleo-Eco-Extraction technology Has already developed twenty or so active ingredients marketed to cosmetics brands in France and abroad 2020/2021 SCHEDULED FOR LAUNCH SCHEDULED FOR END OF 2019
  19. 19. A catalogue of qualified active extracts MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES FOR COLLABORATION Aloh’age® Antioxidant Healing Tahiti Arenactive® Antioxidant Healing Anti-inflammatory Mediterranean beach Tropicalis® Antioxidant La Réunion island Luccamine® Antioxidant Healing Anti-inflammatory Corsica Luminaris® Antioxidant Whitening Canary Islands DOZENS OF RARE STRAINS… 19 ANTIOXIDANT Anti-aging, anti-UV… HEALING Anti-aging, damaged skin… LIPID STORAGE Plumping, moisturizing… ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Sensitive / irritated skin Post-operative skin care… LIPOLYSIS Slimming, Anti-cellulite… WHITENING Lightening/brightening, Anti-blemish… … WITH CONFIRMED COSMETIC PROPERTIES
  20. 20. Example of a bacterial extract available ANTIOXIDANT AND HEALING PROPERTIES 20 Claims FEATURES • Sample source: Taravao, Tahiti • Type of sample: vegetal (lichen) • Isolation temperature: 45°C Aloh’age INNOVATIVE AND NATURAL ACTIVE EXTRACT ANTIOXIDANT AND HEALING PROPERTIES EXTREMOPHILIC MICROORGANISM DOSE-EFFECT ACTIVITY ANTI-AGING UV PROTECTION DAMAGED SKIN POST-OPERATION TREATMENT Healing test in vitro Oxidation test in vitro
  21. 21. Program on the food front COLOR2B: NATURAL FEED ADDITIVES SCREENING OF THE STRAIN LIBRARY SELECTION AND EVALUATION OF STRAINS OF POTENTIAL INTEREST CHARACTERIZATION OF THE MOLECULES PRODUCED, OPTIMIZATION OF PRODUCTION CONDITIONS DEMONSTRATED EFFECTIVENESS NEXT STEPS Formulation Industrialization of production Regulatory pathway License agreement Launch of new animal nutrition products END OF 2020 OBJECTIVE: TO LAUNCH A NEW RANGE OF NATURAL PRODUCTS Avril, a key player in the French oil and protein sector Development of a natural alternative to petroleum-based ingredients Project co-financed by both partners 21
  22. 22. CORPORATE PROFILE Management and financial data 22
  23. 23. MANAGEMENT AN EXPERIENCED TEAM Coralie Martin Head of Communication, Marketing and Investor Relations Johane Rinaldi Head of HR Emmanuel Petiot CEO Julien Coste Director of Finance & Administration Georges Gaudriault Scientific Director Marie Bézenger Director of Operations Sébastien Enault Head of Business Development 23
  24. 24. A high-level board of directors PROVEN EXPERIENCE IN HEALTH AND BIOTECH 24 Philippe POULETTY Founder of Truffle Capital Founder of SangStat acquired by Genzyme for 600M$ Charles WOLER, Chairman Formerly Chairman and CEO of Roche France Chairman of Genfit & GSK Europe Vincent JARLIER Head of Bacteriology Department, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital Founder & President of ONERBA (National observatory for epidemiology of bacterial resistance to antibiotics) Hervé BRAILLY Co-founder & Chairman of Supervisory Board at Innate Pharma Yannick PLÉTAN Chief medical officer, Head of clinical R&D and medical affairs at Acticor Biotech Anne ABRIAT-HEMMENDINGER Founder of The Smell & Taste Lab Formerly Product development and marketing for L’Oréal and Coty
  25. 25. Financial data FY 2018 25 •Vs -€7.3m in 2017 •Operating revenues +€0,8m (vs €0.2m in 2017) •Operating costs (€11.2m), 76% of which are R&D expenses NET RESULT: -€8.7m •Vs +€4.9m as at 31.12.17 •Cash-out: operating expenses (€10.4m) ; investments (€1.9m) •Cash-in: capital increase (€8.0m) ; equity line (€0.7m) ; public grants (€2.6m) •Post-closing Cash-in: R&D tax credit (€2.5m) ; AGIR - 1st instalment (€1.5m) CASH POSITION 31.12.18: +€3.9m
  26. 26. Investment highlights 26 DISRUPTIVE A pioneer biotechnology company producing innovative and naturally-sourced active molecules based on a unique collection of rare microorganisms and cutting-edge technological platform LATE-STAGE CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT The DNV3837 program: launch of Phase II of a first-in- class antibiotic targeting an unmet medical need for severe Clostridium difficile infections DIVERSIFIED A diversified portfolio of innovative compounds for applications in three markets with high added value: Cosmetics, Health and Nutrition COMMERCIAL STAGE De-risked technology Two products already on the market A rapidly expanding portfolio Outstanding partners SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIC MOVE
  27. 27. 27 CONTACTS MONTPELLIER, FRANCE CAP SIGMA - ZAC Euromédecine II 1682 rue de la Valsière 34790 GRABELS Emmanuel PETIOT CEO Ph: + 33 6 13 80 25 30 Coralie MARTIN Communication, Marketing and Investor relations manager Ph.: + 33 4 48 19 01 60 Julien COSTE CFO Ph.: + 33 4 48 19 01 00