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Jim Webber Martin Fowler Does My Bus Look Big In This


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Published in: Business, Technology

Jim Webber Martin Fowler Does My Bus Look Big In This

  1. 1. Does my Bus look big in this? Keynote Session Martin Fowler and Jim Webber
  2. 2. Integration: A Retrospective (Save Ferris)
  3. 3. Back in the day
  4. 4. Application silos were normal
  5. 5. Some smart people spotted a niche
  6. 6. And they built integration software
  7. 7. And it sort of worked
  8. 8. And silos were bridged (and yes, it was that ugly)
  9. 9. Over the years
  10. 10. Competitors came along
  11. 11. Integration experts grew powerful
  12. 12. And integration software grew…
  13. 13. … the wrong way
  14. 14. On a rich diet Transformations BPM Security GUI Tools Reliability Low Rules Latency Engine Adapters
  15. 15. And more silos were bridged (it doesn’t get any prettier)
  16. 16. SOA to the rescue!
  17. 17. Same Old Architecture? BPM Services Business Business Business Service Service Service Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Service Service Service Service Service
  18. 18. Same old atrocity Accounting Marketing Product Development Support
  19. 19. ESB – Enterprise Service Bus? Or… BPM Business Business Business Service Service Service Service ESB Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Service Service Service Service Service
  20. 20. ESB - Erroneous Spaghetti Box? Enterprise Service Bus
  21. 21. Architectural Fantasy
  22. 22. Ungovernable
  23. 23. Doesn’t Scale
  24. 24. Big SOA gets political Your cunning co- worker You and your boss
  25. 25. Mainstream SOA Today +
  26. 26. But resistance is not futile
  27. 27. Agility (Meanwhile, back in Gotham City...)
  28. 28. The beauty of traditional process
  29. 29. Time for a group hug!
  30. 30. We got tools and techniques...
  31. 31. Learning to grow, incrementally
  32. 32. Frameworks got better at agile too
  33. 33. T’Interweb (Surprisingly isn’t just great big Rails app)
  34. 34. Why the Web was inevitable... Tim Berners-Lee is a physicist (Sir Tim is also a knight, but that’s not important right now)
  35. 35. Why the Web was inevitable... He lived in a hole in the ground Underneath a big mountain
  36. 36. Why the Web was inevitable... And because he was a physicist (and not yet a knight)... ...he only had a big atom- smashing thing for company
  37. 37. Why the Web was inevitable... And for a lonesome physicist stuck underground with smashed up atoms for company... ...gopher just wasn’t going to cut it!
  38. 38. The Web broke the rules
  39. 39. The Web is protocol-centric
  40. 40. Dumb network, good idea!
  41. 41. Innovation at the edges, heavy lifting in the cloud
  42. 42. It has a serendipitous architecture
  43. 43. La lucha continua! (Guerrilla SOA, slight return)
  44. 44. Traditional SOA Us Them
  45. 45. Guerrilla SOA
  46. 46. Services Host Business Processes Service Infrastructure (Endpointware)
  47. 47. Business people own those processes
  48. 48. Business folks own services Service Infrastructure (Endpointware)
  49. 49. Prioritise and deliver incrementally
  50. 50. Then re-prioritise and keep delivering
  51. 51. Web-based Services (The browser is your granddad’s Web)
  52. 52. The Web is middleware
  53. 53. Ubiquitous on-ramp
  54. 54. Incremental
  55. 55. Low risk
  56. 56. Middleware optional
  57. 57. We still don’t like ESBs (with one or two exceptions)
  58. 58. Proxy server is your ESB Service Service Service Service Big, Big Proxy Server Service Service Service Service Service
  59. 59. A brilliant flash of hindsight •Proprietary middleware •Web-centric techniques –BUFD –Evolutionary design –Lengthy death-marches –Constant delivery –Expensive –Inexpensive –Risky –Incremental –Enterprise scale –Internet scale –Specialised –Commoditised –Integration separate –Integration by-product of activity delivering business value –Not very sensible –Quite sensible
  60. 60. Martin Fowler Jim Webber