FRC #3337 Panthrobotics Sponsor Packet


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This is the Sponsor packet for FIRST Robotics Team #3337. This is the shorter version of a longer 12 page informational packet.

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FRC #3337 Panthrobotics Sponsor Packet

  1. 1. Sponsor Information Packet Woodlawn High School’s Panthrobotics FIRST Team #3337 1
  2. 2. About Us: Panthrobotics (FRC #3337) is a multicultural team of students engaged in bringing a passion for math, science, engineering and computing to our community and to Woodlawn High School, a Title I public school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by participating in yearly FIRST® Robotics competitions, community activism, and media and political involvement. Through these experiences, we are learning important skills that will aide us in becoming professionals. Panthrobotics motivates students from all walks of life to employ the skills they have learned in school to real-life experiences. Each year,A group of students work on electrical components. club members design a 120lb robot from scratch to compete in robotics competitions through FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a non- profit organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen2. They accomplish this task in six weeks with the help of engineers, scientists, and other mentors. The team then competes with this robot against thousands of other schools from around the world in regional competitions and at the World Championship in Saint Louis, Missouri. Panthrobotics creates opportunities for students to engage science and technology through participation in these yearly robotics competitions. Studies have shown that participants in FIRST® Robotics Competitions are: Three timesmore likely to major in engineering. More than twice as likely to pursue a career in science or technology 1 More than twice as likely to volunteer in their communities . Panthrobotics is also heavily involved in the community, participating in events to show the importance of science and engineering through demonstrations at local businesses as well as in elementary and middle schools. The organization is also involved in raising awareness of robotics education both in the media through appearances in print, television, and internet media as well as through political involvement. As a school-based organization, Panthrobotics depends on the funding provided by sponsors that recognize the need for a workforce trained in the fields of science, engineering, and business. The team requires approximately $50,000 to cover yearly budget costs such as travel, registration fees, and building components. Sponsors can also provide a consistent group of mentors to assist in the management of the team as well as to lend their experience to students in the design and implementation of the robot. Organizations that choose to support Panthrobotics through a tax-deductible donation are publically acknowledged in the media, our promotional material and on the robot itself. Our audience is continually growing and we are proud to provide our sponsors continued visibility both on the local and national stage. By lending support and funding, sponsors can guarantee that students will leave their high school with the skills necessary to succeed as well as lead in today’s society. 1. According to a study done by FIRST and Brandeis University. 2. For further information, please visit 2 Panthrobotics #3337
  3. 3. What we needYour sponsorship of Panthrobotics supportsan organization that is equipping studentsto enter college and the work-place withmore than just book knowledge.Through your donation, you also provide usthe opportunity to promote your companyto our varied audiences. Last year alone,our sponsors were visible to well over fiftythousand individuals through print,television, and internet media, atcompetitions, and in our ten Drivers competing during the Bayou demonstrations.We are looking for more than just financial sponsorships. A robotics team needs agreat number of resources to make it successful such as mentors, build supplies, foodduring build season, discounted parts. . . the list is endless. Your sponsorship throughdonations, goods, or human capital helps us to grow and to promote programs thatguarantee a solidly educated workforce for your company in the years to come. Sponsorship Levels And Reciprocity Agreements: Diamond Platinum Gold Silver $5000 $2000 $1000 $500 Two drivers compete on the field.You are registered as a Your logo and name Your logo and nameMajor Sponsor and your are placed on our are placed on our t- Your logo and name name is announced at Robot. shirt. are placed on our each competition. (And all items beneath) promotional material. (And all items beneath)(And all items beneath) Bronze Partner Supporter $100 $50 $25 Your logo and name You receive a letter of You receive a letter of are placed on our appreciation and a appreciation. website. framed picture. (And all items beneath) 3 Panthrobotics #3337
  4. 4. How to HelpThank you for taking the time to review our sponsorship packet. If you have anyquestions, please do not hesitate to email us at If your or-ganization would like to provide assistance either monetarily or in another way,please detach this form and return it to: Daniel Eiland Woodlawn High School 15755 Jefferson Hwy. Contact Information Company Name Company Address: Address 2: State: Zip Code: Contact Name: Contact Phone Number: Contact Email: My organization would like to become a: Diamond Sponsor (5000+) | Platinum Sponsor (2000+) Gold Sponsor (1000+) | Silver Sponsor (500+) | Bronze Sponsor (100+) Partner (50+) | Supporter (25+) Enclosed with this form is our check made out to Woodlawn High School for $__________. My organization would also like to help by: Providing Mentors | Providing Materials | Providing Meals | Providing Machining or Other Technical Services | Other ________________ 4 Panthrobotics #3337