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Influences and Intentions 2 by Deanna Hammond-Blackburn


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Influences and Intentions 2 by Deanna Hammond-Blackburn

  2. 2. LOCATIONS  After looking through the Target Audience Research Survey results, I decided that the music video should have shots of the band playing in a studio setting. Most people wanted to see studio shots in the video, so to cater for this while keeping to the narrative I intend to use more close ups of the band members and instruments in silhouette or shadow in order to keep to the dark and light theme.
  3. 3. INSTRUMENTS AND COSTUME Guitar  The Target Audience results also brought up the popularity of a guitarist in the video. This would be useful to include in my video, there is a guitar part in the song so this would fit in well. Singer  The costume for our singer was originally going to be quite casual and indie, but after analyzing the results I feel that we could take inspiration from Mumford and Sons and dress our singer in slightly more formal clothes; a waistcoat with shirt. However the costume doesn’t want to be too formal so jeans would be appropriate.
  4. 4. PROPS  In order to show the narrative of the music video and link this in with the lyrics I feel that a ‘hero prop’ would be effective. As a group we decided a book would be a good way of showing different representations and showing different symbolism. This then contributes more to the concept element of the video which is popular in our target audience.