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Evaluation of Digipak Front Cover


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Evaluation of Digipak Front Cover

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks? FRONT COVER
  2. 2. The front cover of our digipak is one of the most effective of the ancillary texts at developing the synergy between the digipak and the main music video. This is because the image used for the cover is in fact a location from the video. Using an iconic location from the video helps promote the star as people will recognise him from either the video or the digipak when they see him on a different product, while also portraying some sense of his style. The rural forest location also links with the genre of the music; a common convention of indie music videos is to include a lot of nature and countryside mise en scene. Having this on the front cover of the digipak will help customers gain an idea of what sort of music it will be.
  3. 3. • Another element that is very • We used a different font for the similar in both the music video song title in order to draw and the front cover is the attention to both. This font also typography, developing the helps to portray Benjamin as not synergy and a distinctive just sensitive but also strong and style. still somewhat masculine. • Using 2 different fonts helps to • The two fonts combined give his draw attention to both the star image a ‘boy-next-door’ kind of feel which will overall artist’s name and the name of appeal to our target audience. the song. The more elaborate Using this on both the main font for the name is effective product and the ancillary texts at developing his star image; means that customers get a we wanted him to seem consistent star image and will sophisticated and sensitive learn to recognise Benjamin while also quite clearly indie, much easier. and this font works well.
  4. 4. More synergy is created through Benjamin holding the book from the video in the image on the front cover. It is one of the most recognisable props in the video and therefore people will notice it more. The book is the key symbol in the video which portrays the whole narrative. We used it to represent the artist’s past relationship which recently ended. The way he looks at the book in both the video and the front cover is quite similar; it is a look of regret and remembering. This look links the 2 products together.