20 6-2013 - breinwave - nationale voorraaddag - de impact van cloud in de supply chain


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Breinwave heeft de workshop 'De impact van de cloud in de supply chain' verzorgd tijdens de Nationale Voorraaddag 2013.

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20 6-2013 - breinwave - nationale voorraaddag - de impact van cloud in de supply chain

  1. 1. De Impact van Cloud in de Supply Chain Peter de Haas peter.dehaas@breinwave.nl @dehaaspeter Nationale Voorraaddag
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. http://www.peterdehaas.net/ http://nl.linkedin.com/in/peterdehaas http://www.twitter.com/dehaaspeter http://www.facebook.com/dehaaspeter
  4. 4. Introductie
  5. 5. Abecon groep
  6. 6. Bedrijf in verbinding Klantinzicht Social
  7. 7. Het fundament onder Breinwave
  8. 8. SocialMobility mobile apps will be downloaded in 2012 = 91%of organizations expect to spend on mobile devices in 2012 1/2of companies expect to use internal social network apps in 2012 2.7zettabytes in 2012 >80%of new apps in 2012 will be distributed/ deployed on clouds 32%of businesses are likely to invest in BI and analytics in 2012 from infrastructure to application platforms The strategic focus in the cloud will shift in 2012In 2012, mobile devices will outship PCs by more than 2:1 and generate more revenue than PCs for the first time 85BILLION Social networking will follow not just people but also appliances, devices and products 34%of CIOs say technology as a service (cloud) will have the most profound effect on the CIO role in the future 2/3of mobile apps developed in 2012 will integrate with analytics offerings 49%of CIOs rank BI as the top project priority for 2012 Big dataCloud 4 megatrends die dit decennium domineren
  9. 9. Industrie trends
  10. 10. Gartner Hypecycle
  11. 11. Gartner Hypecycle
  12. 12. Gartner Hypecycle
  13. 13. De „nieuwe‟ CIO 1 2 3 4
  14. 14. Microsoft Datacenters
  15. 15. Cloud computing taxonomy Traditional IT IaaS PaaS Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Youmanage Managedbyvendor Managedbyvendor Youmanage Youmanage Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data SaaS Managedbyvendor Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data
  16. 16. Een manier om naar „Cloud‟ te kijken
  17. 17. Usage Compute Time Average Inactivity Period Compute Time Average Usage Average Usage Compute Time Compute Time Average Usage Workload Patterns Optimal for Cloud
  18. 18. Microsoft Cloud Diensten Voorbeeld : Microsoft Platform
  19. 19. Centralized compute & storage, thin clients Optimized for efficiency due to high cost High upfront costs for hardware and software PCs and servers for distributed compute, storage, etc. Optimized for agility due to low cost Perpetual license for OS and application software Large DCs, commodity HW, scale-out, devices Order of magnitude better efficiency and agility Pay as you go, and only for what you use Generational Shift
  20. 20. Evolution on the past ten years Big Data Consumerization SelfService Social Mobile & Apps
  21. 21. The Role Of The CIO Is Evolving…
  22. 22. Business context • creativiteit, time to market, verbeteren en vernieuwen van het assortiment, organisatie “ever changing”, entrepeneurship, outputgericht, cultuur van individueel denken en initiatief Product Leadership • oplossingen voor 1 klant, bevoegdheden bij werknemers die het dichtste bij de klant zitten, co-creatie, selecteren van klanten, maatwerk, klant centraal cultuur Customer Intimacy • probleemloze levering, minste tijd, grootste gemak, hoge service, standaard/centrale processen en transacties Operational Excellence
  23. 23. Supply Chain Management
  24. 24. Supply Chain Management
  25. 25. Managing End-to-end Networks
  26. 26. Supply Chain – End-to-end Performance
  27. 27. Supply Chain – Traditional Definition Logistics, transportation, warehousing, …possibly purchasing ….[OPERATIONAL] 30 = Supply Chain
  28. 28. 31 Supply Chain – Future …An integrated focus on the global flow of goods-cash-information across the value chain [STRATEGIC] BUY MAKE MOVE SERVE PLAN SERVE & SELL MOVE MAKE BUY $
  29. 29. COMPUTING – a quick history An evolution …..increase in speed and ubiquity, decrease in costs 32 Punch card Mainframes Mini Computers PC Client-Server Cloud & MobileInternet
  30. 30. 33 1. Infrastructure Hardware, Data Centre 2. Middleware Integration 3. Development Tools, Code, Testing & Support 5. Business Process 4. Application On-premise, Licenses TRADITIONAL--ITDRIVEN END USER Infrastructure-as-a-Service IAAS Integration-as-a-Service Cloud Integration, Cloud EDI, SOA Development-as-a-Service Platform-as-a-Service, Open Source, SOA Business Process Outsource BPO, Managed Services, ITeS Software-as-a-Service Hosted Single/ Multi-tenant, Usage-based CLOUD--ENDUSERDRIVEN SPEEDYAFFORDABLEAGILE
  31. 31. eInvoicing E-Commerce Master Data & SKU Rationalization Multi-Channel Integration EDI & Web PO, Invoice, ASN Scan-based Trading SC Infrastruvure (ERP, WMS, etc)
  32. 32. Verleden Heden Toekomst 35
  33. 33. Bedrijf in verbinding Klantinzicht Social
  34. 34. Zeer snelle adoptie
  35. 35. Evolutie van Enterprise Communicatie
  36. 36. Shift van Email en IM naar Social
  37. 37. Waarde toegevoegd door inzet van Social Technologieën op gebied van samenwerken vs andere voordelen
  38. 38. Voordelen door intern gebruik van Web 2.0 toepassingen
  39. 39. Verbetering van communicatie en samenwerking kan leiden tot 20-25% productiviteitsverbetering
  40. 40. ?
  41. 41. Integratie – ERP Centric
  42. 42. BizTalk Server
  43. 43. Windows Azure
  44. 44. Active Directory SharePoint SQL Server Windows Azure
  45. 45. BizTalk Server Service Bus Integration Service Partners Windows Azure
  46. 46. Architectuur Klant specifiek Architectuur Framework Customer Lifecycle Cloud Cloud Workshop Cloud Analyse Cloud Business Case Cloud Projectenkalender Oplossingen:  Social  CRM  Bedrijf in Verbinding o BI o Portals o Webshops o Mobiel o Integratie Resultaten • Visie • Oplossingsrichting • ISTsituatie • Doelstellingen • Eisen en wensen • SOLLsituatie • IT Roadmap • Business Case • Detailoplossing • ProjectenKalender • Gevalideerde oplossing • Geïmplementeerde oplossing • Beheerde oplossing • SolutionWorkshop • Inspiratieover de mogelijkhedenvan nieuwe technologie • Gerichtop verbeteren van bedrijfsprocessen • Met vertegenwoordigers van de IT- en de business organisatie • Infrastructuur Optimalisatie Analyse van (delen van) de ICT omgeving o Infrastructuur o Processen o Organisatie • Gewenste ICT omgeving o Infrastructuur o Processen o Organisatie • ICT volwassenheids- model • Financiëlebusiness case • In detail uitgewerkte klantoplossing • Prioriteiten,planning en budget en afgestemd op eventuele andere (ICT) projecten in uw organisatie • Proofof Concept metfocus op functionele en technologische aansluiting van de oplossing. • Validatievan de eisen en wensen uw organisatie • Implementatieen uitrol,van de uitgewerkte oplossing. • Organisatorisch, Technisch en/of Functioneelbeheer (opdelen) van de uitgewerkte oplossing 3Breinwave Architectuur Workshop Documentatie mensen|processen|technologie Fase BeheerImplementatie Proof of Concept OplossingAdviesInventarisatieInspiratie Flexibele Aanpak
  47. 47. http://www.breinwave.nl http://www.linkedin.com/company/breinwave @breinwave
  48. 48. We respect your privacy You know ‘where’ data resides, ‘who’ can access it, and ‘what’ we do with it Compliance with World Class Industry standards verified by 3rd parties Independently Verified Your Privacy Matters Leadership in Transparency Excellence in Cutting edge security practices Relentless on Security Cohesive Process Combining 4 Pillars
  49. 49. At Microsoft, our strategy is to consistently set a “high bar” around privacy practices that support global standards for data handling and transfer No Advertising No advertising products out of Customer Data No scanning of email or documents to build analytics or mine data Data Portability Office 365 Customer Data belongs to the customer Customers can export their data at any time No Mingling Choices to keep Office 365 Customer Data separate from consumer services
  50. 50. Where is Data Stored? Clear Data Maps and Geographic boundary information provided „Ship To‟ address determines Data Center Location Who accesses and What is accessed? Core Customer Data accessed only for troubleshooting and malware prevention purposes Core Customer Data access limited to key personnel on an exception basis How to get notified? Microsoft notifies you of changes in data center locations At Microsoft, our strategy is to consistently set a “high bar” around privacy practices that support global standards for data handling and transfer
  51. 51. ISO27001 ISO27001 is one of the best security benchmarks available across the world. Office 365 first major business productivity public cloud service to implement rigorous ISO security controls on physical, logical, process and management EU Model Clauses Office 365 is the first major business productivity public cloud service provider willing to sign EU Model Clauses with all customers. EU Model Clauses a set of stringent European Union wide data protection requirements Data Processing Agreement Address privacy, security and handling of Customer Data Going above and beyond the EU Model Clauses to address additional requirements from individual EU member states Enables customers to comply with their local regulations We are the first and only major cloud based productivity to offer the following:
  52. 52. US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA is a U.S. law that requires HIPAA covered entities to meet certain privacy and security standards with respect to individually identifiable health information. Microsoft is offering to sign the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for any Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customer. The BAA helps enables our customers to comply with HIPAA concerning protected health information. EU Safe Harbor EU generally prohibits personal data from crossing borders into other countries except under circumstances in which the transfer has been legitimated by a recognized mechanism, such as the "Safe Harbor" certification. Microsoft was first certified under the Safe Harbor program in 2001, and we recertify compliance with the Safe Harbor Principles every twelve months. Comply with additional industry leading standards
  53. 53. SECURITY MANAGEMENT NETWORK PERIMETER INTERNAL NETWORK HOST APPLICATION DATA USER FACILITY Threat and vulnerability management, monitoring, and response Edge routers, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning Dual-factor authentication, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning Access control and monitoring, anti-malware, patch and configuration management Secure engineering (SDL), access control and monitoring, anti- malware Access control and monitoring, file/data integrity Account management, training and awareness, screening Physical controls, video surveillance, access control
  54. 54. View your project progress in a single view on the team site.
  55. 55. Share directly from your Office Applications Share documents with customers and partners from SkyDrive Pro
  56. 56. Follow people, documents, sites and tags Post updates to let your colleagues know what you're working on Get updates from social sites right inside contact cards